Sunday, November 22, 2015

Siblings Meet

As my mom was leaving the hospital she mentioned that I could take something to help me sleep. She asked the nurse to see if they could ask my doctor. I ended up getting to take an ambien. Sam left to go back home too and I sent Sally to the nursery for the night. This is one perk about delivering a baby in Utah and since I was not exclusively breastfeeding I was able to know that she was being taken care of and held while I slept. I was able to get a goods night rest. 

Tuesday morning was fun. Teddy and Macy were able to come and meet their new sister; Teddy was very precious with her and Macy was a sweet rough, lol 
Meeting Sally for the first time. 
Love at first site for this little buddy
.Happy Daddy
Happy Grandma
Taylor, Anne, Tiffani and the kids came down from Heber to visit in the was a lot of people, but I enjoyed introducing them to Sally and they all loved her 
 Uncle Marshall stopped by and got to feed her; it was nice of him to take a moment to come  
 Just some randoms at the hospital...chunky cheeks
 She looked different to me each time I looked at her. It was weird. Teddy and Macy looked alike at birth but Sally looked different; has her own little look

We had a few other people come visit the hospital but I did not take any pictures =(. Allen, Cintia and Ezra came by and so did my friend Jana.

Tuesday night, I took another Ambien and let Sally go to the nursery again. We were able to get the go ahead to head home around 1 on Wednesday. We had been waiting all morning for my doctor to authorize the release but no one could get a hold of her; come to find out they had gotten the release the night before but just skipped over it for some reason. Anywho, it was a great stay. I had awesome nurses, awesome doctor and an overall good experience.
 Going home outfit 


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