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SHE'S HERE: The Birth Story of Sally Jane

SO HERE’S THE BIRTH STORY-I do not recall much of the details from the middle of the day but I do remember getting there and then the active labor and birth =)  I love love love birthing babies; I have loved the births of Teddy and Macy and now I get to add that I loved the birth of Sally as well. I love the whole experience; I love the anticipation, the excitement, the vulnerability, the whole process. If I could be pregnant and birth babies for a living, I would do **some pictures might show a little bit of skin**

June 15, 2015-I could not really sleep the night before, I was anxious and apprehensive. I was worried that when I called the hospital the next morning they would be too busy and we would not be able to come in. For Teddy and Macy, when I called they said to come right in but for some reason I felt Utah might be a little different; and that proved to be correct. I called them around 6 am and they said they were very busy and to call them back in an hour or so. It was one LONG hour; I finally called them back at 7 and they said we could come in; I was so happy to hear that. We finished getting ready and headed to the hospital. We got to the fifth floor and there was someone at the reception desk already, so they asked us to sit in the waiting room for a few minutes. Finally it was our turn; the nurse that checked us in name was Sheri, it was spelt the same way as my mom; thought that was cool. 
We made it to our room around 7:45 and got gowned up and ready to start the day. Our nurse was Mylinda and she was very nice; she checked me and I was still at a 2, where I had been at the doctor the previous week…I had a feeling it might be a long day but was hopeful that this baby girl would come fast. It ended up being a long day of not much progress; so there is not much to write about, as I really cannot remember at what points or at what times I progressed in dilation.
My mom had Teddy and Macy and she ended up meeting my sister Tiffani at a store, and then they went to lunch and then went to BYU to pick up my nephew at a football camp; they met up with my brother’s wife and went to the rec center to swim and then my mom took the kids home for naps. That was around 2 or so. I do not remember what time I decided to have the epidural but it was sometime between
There was little progress all day, around 5, my mom dropped the kids off at my friend Cintia’s house, it was so nice of her to watch the kids for me. She and Tiff came to be with us at the hospital.  Around 6, I was still at a 5 and I did not think this baby would ever come. We started taking guesses at 6:30 when we thought baby girl would get here and what her weight would be. My sister Ashlee was on the phone at this time, so she was in on the guessing. I don't like guessing but ended up adding my time and weight too. Sam started with guessing 7:25 (6 pounds 9 ounces) , Tiffani said 8:26 (5 pounds 14 ounces), my mom said 9:04 (6 pounds even), I said 10:00 (6 pounds 6 ounces)and Ashlee guessed 10;10 (6 pounds 3 ounces).

Around 7:30 the nurse brought in this medicine ball thing that they call a peanut; it looks line one and they have you lie on your side and put the ball between your legs and its support to help the baby descend in the birth canal. She checked me right before I got on the ball and I was to a 5.5; I was mentally gearing up for a few more hours.
Around 7:40, Tiff decides she was going to go and get something to eat. She left and about a minute later, I started feeling tons of pressure and was not sure what to do. My epidural had never really picked back up since the first time it had wore off; so I was very uncomfortable. I told Sam that I was feeling different but was not sure what it was. He asked if I wanted him to get the nurse and I told him no; I felt like I was overreacting. About a minute later, I told him the pain was getting worse and had so much pressure that he said he was going to go get her. She came in about 7:45 and checked me and had the crazed look on her face; she told me I was complete and ready and she was going to go get the doctor. I could not believe what she was saying, I had been a little over a 5 not to long ago and now we were ready to meet our little girl. We called Tiff who was just getting into her car; so she came back up. The nurse came back into the room and said that my doctor had gone home since we all thought baby girl was not going to make her appearance for a few hours. She lives in Spanish Fork and was heading back. I was told I needed to keep on my side with my legs down since she was ready to come; the pressure was increasing by the minute and I could feel a lot more than I had with the other two. With Teddy, they had diminished my epidural by 25% and I was comfortable with his birth; with Macy, I had hit the juice button on the epidural about 15 minutes before she came, so I could not feel anything at all; I told myself to push like I had with Teddy and she came out. For this baby, I could feel less than 50% more like 25% but the edge was still diminished; I am so grateful I had at least that. Being on the Pitocin had really intensified the contractions and anything I had helped. I am not the kids of person that knows how to relax and get inside my own head, like others when they go unmediated, so again I was grateful the edge was off and I had just enough to be able to concentrate on keeping this baby inside of me until my doctor got there.  There was an intern doctor that came in and talked to us while we waited; I think they set him in there just in case something happened and I could not hold her in, lol.

After what felt like FOREVER, my doctor got there…it was actually around 8:15, so it had been 30 minutes since the nurse had checked me and told me I was complete and ready. I was so glad to see her and it only took a minute to set everything up, the intern doctor had had everything ready. I started pushing around 8:17 and she was born after 2 big pushed and one little one to get her shoulders out.
 Here she is coming out...the first picture shows the intern doctor and the second shows more of my doctor. And you can see my sweet awesome nurse in the back ground; it was the second nurse for the day and I cannot remember her name, but she was great.  
 My young AWESOME doctor. I took a risk going for a younger doctor (who is actually younger than me) but in the end it was a good decision. I very much liked Dr. Andrews and the experience with the women's center at Valley OBGYN
  The time was 8:18
After a long day, I was so happy she was here. I love love giving birth, the exhilaration of labor and delivery, is something I could do over and over again. I was happy that my mom and sister were there to witness this miracle. Baby girl was three weeks early, so all our guesses were that she would be in the 6 pound range; both my other kids had been 2 weeks early and 7.9 and 7.4; at first glance I thought she looked smaller than my other kids but she ended up weighing more than Macy (I must either grow big babies or my due date was wrong) she weighed in at 7 pounds 7 ounces and 19 inches long (the same as Teddy and Macy :) 
After a few minutes, she started having a little trouble breathing, so they brought up a NICU nurse and we watched as she put this tube down her throat and pumped up a ton for fluid. It amazed me how calm the nurse was as we were watching kinda freaking out. She started doing a ton better once all the fluid was out of her lungs and that meant she got to stay with us and not go down to the NICU
 Giving he a little bottle  
First bow
Sally with Mommy and Daddy

My mom and sister left to grab some dinner and we went down to the nursery. They brought me to my recovery room while Sam stayed with Sally while they cleaned her up. 
When I got back to the room, I was in a lot of pain, I had asked for some medicine but it did not seem to help ease. I realized I had to use the restroom and I felt if I could have a bowel movement I would possible feel better. I told the nurse this and she said that she would need to help me and bring in another nurse as well. I told her I was feeling okay enough to go but she said it was policy. Another nurse finally came and they helped me to the bathroom. It was a little awkward with my main nurse standing in the bathroom door while I was trying to use the restroom; I finally asked if I could just use the throne in peace. She again said it was policy that the first time using the bathroom they had to be there and watch or whatever; I knew that I would not be able to get comfortable with her there so I told her I was done, she helped me back to my bed and then left. I waited a few minutes and then go up and walked back to the bathroom and did my business in peace and it was exactly what I needed. 

Sam and Sally made it back to the room and then came Tiff and my mom. They stayed for a little while and when they left, it was just me and the baby. It was at this time that I was able to reflect upon the events of the day and relish in the fact that I now was a mother of three and had just brought to this world a new precious little girl. I definitely had fears but also excitement; this little soul was mine and she made me happy. 
 me and my little girl 

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