Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mission Reunion, Easter and Birthdays

The first weekend in April was my mission reunion; and not just one...but two!!! It is very fun to have both my mission presidents live in Sandy Utah...The Thurston's reunion was being held a a chapel near their home from 5:00-8 and the Crockett's reunion was being held at their house from 5:30-8:30; it was so very fun to see both of them and catch up. 
 Teddy and Macy got cowboy hats from the Thurston's; he wore it for a few days straight
 The kids did very good; I could tell that Sam did not want to go, so I just brought the kids by myself
 Easter Sunday was also conference Sunday; the day before my Aunt Julie invited us over for a egg hunt and some food; we had something going on that evening, but we went over for the little hunt and they had a great time...we are grateful for my aunt and their invitation
 Ju Ju and Macy
 Eater Baskets...I cut it close, I always do...I ran to Walmart Saturday night at 11 pm...and I have to say their baskets turned out pretty good

There are times where these kids love each other and actually show it...when they hug, it makes me happy. Sunday evening, we went over to our friends the Glenn's; we headed over to her parents house and had another egg was just the three kids; so they got a lot of eggs and were very happy
I am part of our community yard sale group on facebook; and I normally just watch and see what people are selling; but one day, I hit the jackpot...we got the move Big Hero 6, for a couple bucks and a family in our ward was giving away their bunk beds...I asked Sam if it was something he wanted and we told them we were interested. I could not believe once we saw it that they were giving it away for free. We went and picked it up one afternoon and went on KSL to try and find some mattresses; we had looked at Sams, Walmart and other little stores but could not find anything in our price range. So we found a good deal up in Salt Lake and headed up there to get them. 
The mattresses fit but just barely in the van =) 
  I was not ready to take Macy out of her crib but when we got the bunk beds, we had do...Teddy was so excited to sleep on the top bunk until we got it all set and the first night, he got scared and decided not to...Macy on the other hand, really did well sleeping on the bottom
 Teddy started coughing real bad in the beginning of the month; it was mostly at night where he would just wake up and almost hack up a lung. I finally took him to the doctor and she listened to his lungs and said he was wheezing really bad. I got a prescription for albuterol and was told to give him breathing treatments daily until it got better. He started to do a little better; he would sometimes have an attack at night but I would do a treatment and it would help.
 Macy came with me to my 26 week appointment and Teddy just being teddy...he wore he soccer outfit all the time...this particular outfit he wore when he was 6 months old (granted it was huge on him) but it still fits him at 3 and a half =)
 Again, I love a sleeping child...and especially when they fall asleep doing 
 IT SNOWED in APRIL...WHAT!!! I was so annoyed but it did not last and the kids were able to get out and have one last hurrah...I cant believe that this little outfit still fit Macy...the kids lasted a few minutes and then we went inside =)
Since we moved to Utah, our TV was on an IKEA bookshelf...the one with holes for bins...when we got the bunk beds set up, we moved the shelf into the kids closet and tried to find a entertainment center/TV stand...we finally found something we thought would work on Amazon but it was way too short; the shelf had been so tall that this little thing was hard to watch TV on... so we decided to return it...before we put it back in the box, the kids got into the styrofoam and destroyed our living room; it was so so hard to clean up and something I don't want to do again
 Just hanging out in the pantry; little mischievous kiddos
 April 16th was Macy's 2nd Birthday; I cannot believe the difference a year made for this little lady. We had a little gathering for her on her birthday. We invited our family and some friends. Tanner was able to come and say hi and the Glenn's came and so did my aunt Julie, Uncle Cliff and Grandpa. It was simple and sweet and I cant believe my baby girl is 2
Uncle NER
Party Goers 
We went to Toys R Us the day after her birthday to try and find her a little kitchen set; and we were able to find something perfect to what we wanted to get for her; so so happy!!! She also loved getting to pick something out as well. She picked out a huge Olaf and I got her a little purse =)
 Sam's birthday is a week after Macy's; we kept it low key; we went to Chili's and then let the kids decide what to do next...they choose putt putt; and we had a nice time. My hands were not feeling great, so I just walked and watched; they had a nice time.

 Putt Putt and Teddy rode on the water with Daddy; he did not last long but nice to see him try

 Walking to Church 
 Love these Kids
 O this sleeping kid 
 We went to the jump place with my friend Brittany and her family to celebrate their son Ezra;s birthday. Her parents were in town, from was fun to see them
 My soccer Miss
 When we first moved, Teddy tried to play with Zane and Nate (my cousins) but he always seemed to get on their nerves; but after the first year, he started playing better and one Sunday he plated baseball with them and did really well..that made me happy 
 I LOVE this picture and this KID 
 AGAIN, this sleeping kid 
 I could not wake him up this day, even though we had to go somewhere, he was not budging
 I even got his clothes on but he soon fell asleep again =)
 We got him his first set of scriptures, he was so happy
 I got the kids kites and they loved going outside and flying them. The weather was getting warmer and I was in heaven.

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