Monday, November 2, 2015

March...Baby Update

At 23 weeks I had my anatomy can to check out baby girl; everything was progressing as it should...and I loved getting out and having a few hours to myself. Our days get long with me working and it being cold out and being cooked up in the house. It was fun to see the little girl growing in my belly. My blood pressure was high when they first checked, so I had to sit in a chair for 30 minutes before I went back to get the ultrasound; they came back and rechecked the blood pressure and it had gone down a little so they were okay with letting me go and get the sonogram. The ultrasound technician took a while to go over everything and the doctor came in and did the same thing...she looked good and that made me happy

23 Weeks...I did not have a huge belly; but I had gained alot of weight EVERYWHERE =(
 My sister Tiffani has lived in Dubai for the last 7 years and she and her family moved back to the states in March...they spent some time in Florida and then headed out to Utah. It was fun to meet her littlest baby boy Arthur; I had not met him and he was so cute. It was fun to see her other kids. We got to see them on a Saturday for a hour or so, its never long enough but we were lucky to have them stop by
We went to the Lehi Rec Center a few times and Ezra and his mommy came along one time; the kids had a good time
Sleeping kids are so cute 
 I somehow banged my head on the car door and it hurt for a week; I got a bruise on my forehead too; battle-wound 
Just Teddy being Teddy 
 My little cowboys 
WE GOT A VAN...we were selling out car we bought last year...and found this great deal.  
 Teddy became obsessed with cowboys and bull riding. We found this helmet at  Play it Again sports; he wore it for a few days =)...also the kids in the new van, they loved it
 Just Macy before church and after church...she put on the other nursery leaders shoes over her shoes, it was very cute...I tried to do a high pony tail in her hair; it worked out okay but by the end was kinda sloppy; I hope her hair grows a little faster and gets thicker; her hair is so thin right now
 Just playing at the park with his helmet  
ST PATRICK'S DAY; I made the kids green eggs and ham and they liked it
 Teddy went through a little phase where he would fall asleep every day on the couch; he is wearing his cowboy shirt and he would always pair his it with his pajama pants; what a funny kid
 The month of March there was a place added to the pass of all passes called Jump On It; I decided I was going to take the kids there one Friday evening. Sam had been gone all week for work and I thought it was going to be something fun...and let me tell you what...they LOVED it!!! Also the kids were free, they have a free admission for kids under 4. This place had tons of trampolines and a foam put and some little animals to ride. It was definitely something that they enjoyed and we will go again. Teddy was riding the elephant like a horse :)
So my cousin came home from her mission to the Philippians at the end of March and I decided that I was going to go to her homecoming talk. I took the kids to our church and then headed up to West Jordan for her talk; Sam was out of town and had been for the week. They were having a gathering after the sacrament meeting, so I made a pasta salad and brought it with me. Let me tell you what, it was the WORST hour EVER...The kids were HIDEOUS  . It was not my finest hour; I lost my cool and felt so dumb. I cried and just wanted to dig a hole and climb in; it was one of those days where everyone came up to you afterwords and gave you the, sad, I've been there before, i'm sorry for you look. I was so glad when that hour was over. I was going to just take the kids and head home but we ended up going to the little gathering after and people came up to me there too; I really just wanted everyone to be quiet but whatever. The kids got their energy out and got to play and that was nice. My pasta salad got eaten and that made me happy; it really turned out good. The kids fell asleep on the way home and I was able to sit in front of our house for a little while and will be a day I will never forget even though I want to. I wonder how my family feels about having me and my kids at things; its nice to be supportive but we are always a little crazy. I always feel like my kids are much more crazy than everyone else. At least I try and go to things and what I guess that is all that matters
 Macy loved going and messing up our closet; getting down daddy's ties and wearing out shoes...Teddy just being Teddy
 I love just a sleeping kid...they are so peaceful when they sleep...even more so since my kids are crazy when they are awake =)
 Macy o Macy... 
 We found a place where Teddy was able to play soccer; it was not a league but a little fundamental class where he learned the game and then they did some scrimmage at the end; it was actually perfect for him...and Macy loved getting in on wearing the outfit and running around at times too. (the kids could wear whatever they wanted, but teddy loved wearing the soccer outfit that my sister Tiffani got him; and the same with macy)
Baby Update 26 WEEKS

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