Saturday, November 7, 2015


Friday during the day Macy kept complaining that her ears hurt and Saturday morning, was not acting like herself. We decided to take her to the instant care to get her ears checked out; if she did have an ear infection, I wanted to get antibiotics in her system as soon as possible. I could not drive, so Sam took us and then he helped Teddy get ready for soccer; the doctor said her ears looked okay, so that was good. I was glad we got them checked. Sam picked us up and he took both the kids to soccer and let me sleep. It was very nice. 
Saturday evening we were getting ready for bed; I got the kids out of the bath and brushed Macy’s teeth and brought her into the bedroom to change into jammies. Sam came and helped Teddy brush her teeth. As I was helping Macy get ready, I got up and tripped; as I was falling I let out a cry and Sam came into the room to check. Teddy started to get off the stool he was on and as he did, he slipped as well and fell right on his face. He landed on his chin and it started bleeding heavily. 
We decided it needed to be looked at, so he left to bring him to the emergency room. It ended up needing stitches; they did not get home until 1 am. It was a crazy day
 Sunday and Monday were uneventful. Monday night we went with Sam to his softball game and then he drove us to the airport. I was relying on him to help me bring out bags into the airport. He hurt his hamstring during the game and we were a sight at the airport; me with my bandages on both my hands, teddy with stitches in his chin and then Sam limping while trying to carry our bags. The kids were great in the airport and we made it on the plane.

There was a nice gentleman that sat next to us and that was nice. The kids did okay; teddy slept most of the way and Macy did some; she wanted to lie on the floor the whole time, so that was hard, but we made it.
It was such a relief to see my mom at the end of the terminal waiting for us.
Playing at the neighbors play place and handing with Ampa
I love the smiles on all 4 of these people
Wende and Gardner came over a few times...the kids loved playing...and Teddy loved peeing outside...The boys picked up playing where they left off...I love that Gardner is so nice with Teddy even though he is so much older. Teddy is learning to play better with the older kids as well and I love that
Morning Bike Rides
They loved riding and eating fruit snacks
My dad had a Young Single Adult activity planned at Cocoa Beach and we decided to go
The kids were hot and cold, they would not really go near the water but they had a nice time
I was fortunate to be in Florida for Mothers Day this year and it was great. I love this picture of Macy and my mom...and Teddy looking so damper as well
At first Teddy was excited to go to class but it did not last long. He cried outside the door until we just took him home
With my parentals 
Teddy getting his stitches out by aunt ashlee...and this was a regular occurrence for Macy; she would cry and cry for my mom whenever she left
We went to the Brevard Zoo one day and had a great time.
Macy was more brave than Teddy but I think by the end they both had a nice time
I love Teddy's timid face
The whole gang
The kids and I
I LOVE THIS LITTLE FACE...she went out on the boat but Teddy would was so nice to take my bandages off for a little while and let them breath. They had said not to take them off but I did
On the Lake...with Ampa
It was fun to be in Florida for my friend Lauren's Baby Shower; PJ and Lauren are pregnant with their first little baby; a little girl. A few years ago , we were talking at Wende's house about babies and she was concerned about hormones and not being able to get pregnant, but she was able to and it made me do do happy. They called us a while back and had told us about having a baby and we told them that we were too. They are due August and us July; so crazy that we had been talking about it and then we were preggo together. =)
I love these two
We went over to the Munns Pool one day...most of the kids can swim but Teddy was still hesitant. He put on his life jacket and went out with the other kids though and loved it. Macy was content on sitting on the chair and not getting in the water
We met my friend Linnea at the park one day; it was great to catch up...its always a staple when we come to Florida to meet up
Macy's feet got so dirty at the part; I just had to take a picture
We called Lillie on our last night there to see if she would come swimming with us again...she and Teddy went in the water and Macy played on the side. We then went over to the Sager's place. We had gone to their house the first day we were there and they had a mama pig that was pregnant and expecting babies any day. The pig had the babies the day before we left. It was fun to go over and see
The last night, but parents and the kids sat on the couch and sang songs, it was a nice site
Saying bye is always hard. I also made this shot record to show a different birthday for Macy, so that she could travel on my lap; I did not have the money to pay a full ticket for her. Lucky it worked out and I will try and not do that again.
Bye Bye to Ahma and boo

Our two weeks in Florida went way too fast; I had to work while I was there but it was also nice. My mom washed me hair in the sink a few times and I had help with the kids as well.

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