Thursday, November 5, 2015

End of April, CTS and Release Surgery

27 Weeks
Around 28 weeks my hands started hurting and continued to get worse and worse as the weeks went on. I had carpal tunnel again and by 31 weeks it was wearing me out; I was not sleeping and could not find anything that would help the pain. I tried so many different things and nothing seemed to work (KT Tape, all different kinds of ointments, ice/hot, and more) my legs had started to swell as well, so I made an appointment with my doctor to see what I could do. 
They gave me a referral to a hand specialist and I got an appointment with them a week later. I met with Dr. Green on Monday April 27th. I let him know what was going on and it was becoming hard for me to do daily things. I did not think could make it 8 more weeks and be then go through labor and postpartum (the pain did not go away for 2 weeks after I had the other kids). 
He told me that doing steroid or cortisone treatments were not safe for pregnancy, so I only had two options, I could use some braces and suck it up in essence or I could have the carpal tunnel release surgery. I told him that I could not make it the rest of the pregnancy with how things were going so I opted for the surgery. They scheduled it for the following Friday May 1st
31 Weeks
A little side note was that I had gotten tickets to go to Florida with just the kids and I on May 4th; this was before all the carpal tunnel stuff. I decided that it might be best to keep the tickets and if there was some way I could make it to Florida, I could recover there. 

After I made the decision to do the surgery I had a lot of second guessing and questioning. I talked to my sister Tiffani and she told me that she had done acupuncture with her pregnancies and it was something I could look into; it was something that I looked into but did not have the finances to start and possibly keep it up until the baby comes. I went over to my mom’s sister’s house that Wednesday and talked with her about some of the things she does. She uses acupuncture and some herbal medicine; she gave me some ointments that she uses as well to try. She had a massage person actually give my hands a massage and it felt good while she was doing it but they still hurt so badly after. I left even more conflicted on to what to do. I wanted the pain to just be gone. After talking to my husband and having another sleepless night, being up crying my pretty little eyes out (or weeping as Sam says), I decided to go ahead with the surgery and then try and make it to Florida a few days later.  

Thursday I had gotten tickets to the Payson Temple Open House; it was suppse to be a family thing but Sam ended up not going; Teddy was so excited to get his church clothes on but that was short lived; he fell asleep in the car for a few minutes and when he woke up, he was upset and wanted to go home. I had already driven halfway there, so I decided to go forward. It was hideous at the beginning. I dragged him up to the chapel and he actually bit me as we were walking through the doors. I sat down on a chair and tried to talk to him but he became un-consolable; I somehow got him calmed down enough to walk to one of the rooms where they were walking a movie about the temple. I carried him to the room and the kids did really well during the video. We then walked over to the Temple and had a tour. It went great; once we got through the doors the kids I think felt the spirit of the building and enjoyed going room to room.   
 Beautiful Building; i'm glad that we went; it was hard but I think in the end, the kids got the picture that I love the Temple and how special it is 
My little brother picked me up at 5 am on Friday the 1st of May. The surgery was scheduled at Orem Community; I got there and got all settled. They were only doing local anesthesia not general, since it’s safer for a pregnant person. I remember them wheeling me in and I can remember the doctor starting on my right hand; I felt a lot of pressure, it was not intense pain but I was worried I was going to be this aware the whole time. The moment I had that thought, it went away and I drifted off and then remember waking up in the recovery room. The moment I woke up I noticed that the carpal tunnel pain was gone and I was so happy; that happiness subsided 20 minutes later when the big pain medication wore off and my hands where the incision were started to hurt. It was still a different pain, it was a bearable pain; in contrast to the unbearable pain from before. I had a regular nurse and also an OB nurse monitoring me. The regular nurse said I was good to go, so they called Sam and let him know that he could come get me; right after that, the OB nurse came in and said they need to hook me up to a machine and when they did so, she noticed that I was having regular contractions; they gave me a medicine to stop them, it seemed to be working but they needed to monitor me for a while longer. Sam was already on his way to he took the kids to a park while we waited; the contractions stopped and we were able to go home. The pain was getting stronger so I took some medicine and rested. I had to keep my hands up as much as I could; Sam had to keep reminding me. The rest of the day I just say around; it was so nice to be able to get some sleep. My hands hurt but like I said, I was able to sleep and that was heavenly. 
 Im a hot

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