Saturday, October 31, 2015


Just pictures and their captions...
Teddy gave his first talk in Primary; I was so happy, he did great!!!
Teddy's sleep schedule was out of wack when we got back from Florida...he would wake up in the middle of the night, and I would be so tired, that I would put a show on for him; sometimes it was too bright, so he would sit in the dark with the TV on with Also the kids loved helping me make breakfast 
 The kids love there their Dad; even Ezra got in on the hand holding action 
 Aunt Robyn was so nice to take us to and from the airport; that I treated her to a late lunch at Sweet Tomatoes; it was very nice 
 Macy loves her princess dolls that she got at Disney; it was such a perfect little present to get...Teddy got some stuff as well =) The kids love holding hands and that is something that I love too
 We spent many an afternoon at the Glenn's house; these two played well 
 We loved visiting my Grandpa each week; and tried to get out of the house as much as we could; we liked to hit up the Provo Recreational Center; they had an awesome indoor pool and a place for the kids to play in the water; very awesome  
 Teddy got this Maverick outfit from my husbands parents a while ago and he wears it all the time...we also opened up a bin of grow into clothes that had some Tennis shoes from my sister and they were a little big but he wore them too. The kids also love wearing their dads shorts...they say they are clowns...I love them
 More fun at the Glenn's 
 Teddy and underwear were common in the new year; he was still having a hard time with going poop on the potty but started to get the pee down...May thought it was fun to wear underwear too
 Teddy would sit on the potty on select days and try and try to go, but nothing for a while
 Macy had hideous hair when she work was business in front and party in back...her hair is so thin that he just rats and looks crazy all the time; I have to completely water it down, put detangler spray and thick lotion to get it looking okay. Teddy at church with tons of stickers on his face. My kids love stickers and putting them all over their body =)
 MORE UNDERWEAR and a Wedgie  
The kids love wearing their daddy's shirts...I would find them like this alot...I put underwear on macy at times, and loved seeing her little butt crack
 We spent many a day at the park; the kids normally spent time in the dirt...alot of the other families in the complex would not let their kids play in the dirt, but me, I was like...anything to get out and get happy after being in the house with a working momma all day long...we normally went out on my lunch break and after lunch
 More playing out and many times Ezra came along...I love these friends 
 At the park and watching a movie with daddy
Plummer booty and jammies...most of the time we were in our jammies all day long, or at least until we decided to venture out...It was a mild winter but still cold...and it was just easier to keep them on as long as possible :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A NEW YEAR...January-Trip to Florida and Baby Gender

The first half of January got lost with my corrupted phone, LOL...just kidding; just all my pictures did. The first Sunday of 2015 means I have a sunbeam at church. Teddy was so cute and did great...he had fun
His face is cute, but ugh...look at that looks like he has a nest on the site of his head...I loved his long hair but this picture and that hair day 
We knew even before we moved that we would be heading back to Florida in January of 2015-well, really we knew that Sam was going to go but we decided to make it a family trip. Sam was going for the PGA show and we were going to tag along. I decided not to call it a vacation because I was working the whole trip and Sam was working some of the tip. Jet Blue started a non stop flight to Orlando in 2014 and we decided to try it out; the only thing is when you head to Orlando its a red eye and when you come back its a late night flight. I thought it was going to maybe be okay, since the kids might sleep; so we decided to do it. Sam had to be in Orlando the week of the 19th-23rd so he flew Saturday evening and got there Sunday morning. I was going to go with him on the same flight but we decided to come a few days later. The Friday before he left, we took the kids to chuck e cheese and they had so much fun; we had gone one time before while my parents were he for Thanksgiving. Teddy found a little girlfriend at the play area and they played the whole time, it was very cute. They even gave each other a hug and possible a kiss at the end of the evening =)
Kids on the little ride
Teddy and his little friend...he is so good at making friends wherever we are 
 I had to drop Sam off at the airport at 11pm; so when I got home the kids were sacked out. I ended up bring Macy up first and then Teddy and it worked out okay.
By morning they had both taken over my bed

I wanted to pay a little extra to find out the gender of our baby before we went but they said they could not do the ultrasound until 16 weeks and that was around the 21st; they said they could try and do it on the 20th. We made the appointment that afternoon and then flew home to Florida that evening. When driving to the appointment I had a feeling that this baby was going to be a boy; but we found out at the ultrasound that we were having another little girl. When we got to Florida I wrapped up a little princess and let Sam open it. I had talked to my mom and sister Ashlee on skype before our flight and they coerced the kids into telling them what the gender was. I was happy about having another girl and we really already had picked out a girl name that we liked, so that was nice. 

 I took the kids to Macy's for a doughnut after we were all packed, so we could pass some time. Our friend Allan took us to the airport, so nice
 At the Airport; everyone loved how they held hands and had their cute backpacks
 The flight was okay; they both actually slept alot of the way =) 
Fishing with Ahma
 Playing outside
Bike Rides with Ahma 
opening up the gender...A GIRL...I wrapped up a princess...but I sorta made a mistake when I put Cinderella instead of another princess; since her dress is blue; it threw him off a little...I was annoyed since I had it on video but o well
 Teddy's hair was pretty long...I had tried to give him a little hair cut myself and it was okay for a few weeks but then it looked hideous when it started growing out. We had a horrible experience in Utah with the girl just cutting all his hair off when I only wanted a trim, so I was always hesitant to go and get it cut again. So when my mom suggested it, I finally just said whatever. We went to a place in town and ended up being even more horrible than the Utah experience; the place we went was predominantly Puerto Recon (no offense to any one from Puerto Rico; I am just not the fan of their hair cuts); so again after saying I just wanted a trip; the guy buzzed and I mean like buzzed with no hair left, the sides of his hair and left the top long; he did try and blend it but it was just ridiculous. There is a family in our Ward in Utah that have 4 boys and their 2 middle kids have hair like this and boy, I always told my husband how dumb it looked; So now my son had the hideous haircut and I was not a happy camper; my poor mom had to put up with my whining for a little while (there may have been some tears) there was really nothing I could do; so I sucked it up
 It was so fun to see Lillie; she absolutely loves Macy and we missed her 
 Lillie again and story time with Ahma
Cute Macy and Softball game...Sam played in a softball game with his old team the Swamp was fun to go and see him play...we left Macy at it was just Teddy and I watching...I think Sam had fun 
A sweet girl from my parents branch got us into Disney World...we went on the best day and had such a blast...the kids did so good and we got to see most everything we wanted
 Teddy was so happy to get to see Mickey...if I would have changed anything it would have been to see Rapunzel; the kids were obsessed with her, but even without seeing her, it was the best day
 We got to be in Orlando for Ashlee's Birthday; we went out to eat at a restaurant and then went for cupcakes...I am so glad we were able to be there
 The kids were in heaven to get to ride some horses at the church ranch...I did not think Macy would like it but she loved it  
 We got to go to the temple the morning before we went home...a nice break
 We also got to take a quick ride around the was windy but fun
 Happy Kids 
  We love Ahma and Ampa  
 The whole crew
It was so hard to leave...but back to real life...those two weeks went way to fast