Sunday, March 1, 2015

We Blinked-October

In the beginning of October, we were playing at our friends house and Teddy ended up landing on Macy and she seemed okay for a little while but then started throwing up and acting funny. We were not sure how he landed on her, but it looked like he had folded her in half…we were worried that she had hit her head…we monitored her for a little while but when she would not stop throwing up, I took her to the ER; they ran a few tests and they all came back okay; she threw up twice in the room there so they kept us for a few hours to monitor her and gave her some medicine; not sure what really happened or if she just got a tummy bug that came on fast or something but we were home within 4 hours and that was that. I got a new scrub shirt because mine was destroyed by puke; so that was cool
 Macy turned 18 Months in October and she started to take some steps and saying a few words…our goal was by 18 months and she did it…YAY
 We had an initial appointment for Teddy at an ENT (earn, nose and throat doctor)…they said his nose seems clear and fine but I filled out an information sheet on sleep apnea and all things pointed to him having it; at the end of the visit, we shceudled to do a sleep study up and Primary Children’s but the doctor told me to monitor him the next two nights and if he showed some of the signs and symptoms of the apnea, they could bypass the study and preform and adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy. I went into his room about an hour and a half after he went down the night we got home and sure enough, he would have bouts of stopping breathing and then starting again; sometimes at least 10 or more second in between. It was a little scary…but glad I was able to tell the doctor and just schedule the surgery for November   
We went to Cornbelly’s the Saturday night before Halloween; we met up with Sam’s brother’s family; Cornbelly’s is a fall festival thing at Thanksgiving Point; there were tons of things for Jackson and Teddy to do and Lyla and Macy had fun too; we did not do the corn maze by foot but rode a tractor…the kids got to play and we got to see some pigs race, lol…it ended up being a lot colder than we thought, so by the end we were all freezing and ready but we were glad we were able to see Marshall and Sara and the kids and spend some time with cousins =)

This year for Halloween, Teddy was Captain America and Macy was a little owl…we had gotten Teddy’s costume back when my mom was here in August; but it took me a while to get Macy’s…I had seen the owl costume at Khols but was not sure I wanted to pay as much as it was. I went back the week of Halloween and they were all half off; I was able to find her size…yay. We hung out that night with our friends the Glenn’s…we went to their work place and went trick or treating in the cubicles and then went to her parents neighborhood. It was so fun. Teddy and Ezra had a blast. Sam was out of town; he had gone to Kansas to see his little brother play in his senior night soccer game at Baker University; so it was just me and the kids; it was so nice to have someone to go with. Our ward Halloween party was the night after Halloween on Nov 1st…a little odd but it turned out nice and the kids got to trunk or treat as well…it was a chilly and windy night so it was short and sweet =) We stopped by Julie and Cliff's on the way home and they were was a good night!!!
 Trying out beds at IKEA
 O TEDDY (trying the udies again :/)
 DMV-getting a new license...went at the worst time and the worst day but got it done
 Just Macy being a big girl-and with Aunt Robyn
 Nursery singing time...Macy is so small but wont go to the JR nursery, o well...I like having her with me...Lucky I am in there and its not a fight each week to get her to go while I go to class...guess this will be my place for a while
 Playing just Dance
 So we had some plastic gloves from somewhere...and I blew them up and Sam drew faces on look like a guy with a mohawk...lets just say someone was super happy and someone was super scared =( It was beyond scared, she was just hysterical...lets just say they did not last long 
 Movie and Popcorn
 Mommy time
 and last but not least...tumbleweed time...we were driving home one sign and a huge tumble week came into the road and we ran into first I had no idea what it was, lol