Friday, January 2, 2015

We Blinked-August and September

Sam left the first Sunday in August for a big trip to Arizona…he was gone for almost the whole month and the days seemed long with the time seemed to go fast; I tried to keep the kids occupied after my work day.
Going to the Park and Library for reading time
We went to the Bean Museum on the BYU campus; its just a little free place to go and see stuffed animals and then we also went to a live animal show that ended up being a little different than I expected but was cool and I think the kids liked it. We then went to the BYU creamery to have some ice cream...yum
I decided to brave going to my cousins Garrett’s wedding all by myself. My mom was supposed to be coming to the wedding but my sister Tiffani had her baby in Dubai and so my mother went out for that. We were going to stay in a hotel but it was so dang expensive, I almost brought a tent and we would just camp there at the site by the highway but in the end we were able to find a place to stay with my Aunt Robyn’s husbands side of the family; I was very grateful for this little families offer to let us come and stay in their home. We had a nice time; my cousin Grace offered to watch my kids if I wanted to go in for the sealing and I took her up on it. They did a good job and it was just nice to get out of town for a quick trip. We stopped on the way home to visit my friend Kelly in Logan, it was her birthday and wanted to sing, haha
 So grateful for my cousin Allison's son Mason-he and Teddy got along great and played and played
 Going on uncle Scott's shoulders
 Playing with Uncle Brian

 Gloria's for Lunch-and first time sitting in the back of a truck at the farm for Teddy
 My sister Tiffani had her 4th child…Little Arthur Walt Bates…Welcome

We have met an awesome family in our complex…the Glenn’s…they have a little boy Teddy’s age; she served in the nursery with me  at church for a little while and they invited us to the Discovery museum in Salt Lake. We went and the kids had a blast; my husband actually came home the day before we went…so he was able to come along.
The Glenn’s also invited us to an Owls Games; we had been wanting to go since the games are included in our pass of all pass, but they had free tickets to we decided to go. They day of the game Sam started not feeling well, it is pretty miserable about our house when he gets sick; I feel like I am taking care of three kids at that time :/ so I decided to bring the kids by myself to the game…and it went okay, I was glad that I went and got them out. The following week we used our pass to go to another game
 Running the bases
The whole month of July and August my Grandma Mamo started to fade; she would have a good day and then a bad day; this went on for a few weeks and on Sunday August 24th she passed away. I think she was waiting for my mother to finish her trip in Dubai and be able to come out to Utah for her funeral. Her funeral was held on Saturday the 30th; it was very sweet. I feel bad for my grandpa who has now outlived two wives. He is such a strong man. My parents flew out, Lindsay and baby Elle and Ashlee came too. Tiffani would have come if she had a passport for her new little one. My family was here over Labor day, they did some things together in Heber with Taylor and his family during the day, but we met them in Park City that evening. We did the alpine slide and had some dinner, nice to all be together

 Randoms-Macy has been working with an origination here called Kids on the Move, she was referred to the program by our pediatrician. She was accepted into the program and we have been having a physical therapist come out to the house and work with her on her gross motor skills...she has roam between a table and chair and continues to climb on the couch but she will not use her legs to walk...but she is coming along just fine in my book and I am so grateful
 Playing with cousins
 First time for Macy in the bottom of the shopping cart car
 Macy started to stand in the middle or the room or in the sidewalk, but would not take any steps...but I find this as a great step in her progress...I love her
 Teddy's random sleeping
 New soccer jersey from Dubai and Macy hated the car wash
We were able to go to the Ogden Temple Open house the first week in September, it was very nice. Teddy was not feeling 100% and I took him to the doctor later that day because he kept saying his mouth hurt and I realized that strep has been going around and instead of throat he was saying mouth; low and behold it was strep; I opted for the penicillin shot instead of the 10 days of antibiotics and I am glad I did. Macy started not feeling well a few days later but she tested negative for the strep; they said that hand foot and mouth was going around; she was not showing any symptoms that Teddy had showed when he had that, so I was not too concerned and she ended up not having it, yay
The second weekend in September we headed to Vegas to visit my husband’s best friend from growing up Nathan. He is in the army and he and his wife have been in Japan for the last 2 years and are just moving back to the states; her parents are from Vegas and they had a baby right after they moved; his friend was going back east to his new assigned base so we wanted to see them before he left. The drive down went okay; the kids were hot and cold…we made it to our hotel room late Friday. We visited Sam’s FHE sister Ashleigh and her new husband Daniel for lunch and then went and visited Nathan and his wife Alina and their new little baby Brenden. It was nice to see them get to catch up.
 Playing in the hotel room
 Pink box donuts...yum
I got a groupon for the Heber Creeper a few months ago and forgot about it until it was almost too late; we were able to get tickets for the Monday night train and we had a nice time; I am not the biggest fan of the slow moving trains but the kids seemed to like it
 Teddy turned three on September 17th…I CANNOT believe that I have a three year old. I am so in love with this kid; he tries my patience at times but then at other times, just amazes me at the things he says and does. He loves his daddy and at times loves his sister; he is the most happy when he wakes up in the mornings. I cannot imagine life without his presence
My work was having a training sometime in September; they happened to schedule it on the same weekend as my friend Becca’s wedding. Becca’s mom Wende is my best friend from Florida and her little brother Garnder is Teddy’s little bestie. I did not want to go to Florida when they were coming here. I was able to get permission to not come. The Glenn’s watched the kids while Sam and I went to the family dinner the night before the wedding and I went to the temple by myself the morning of the wedding. All of us went to the reception and I am so glad that we were able to be there.  Becca was so kind when she got home from her mission last year, she would come over and help watch my kids while I worked and it was a good time for all of us.
 The Howes went to a BYU football game while they were here and Gardner did not want to be there, so she called to see if he could come to our house and play; they had a blast...

My parents came to visit in September again; my mom flew in the first of the week and stayed with us a night, spending a night with her sisters and then stayed with us one more night. She let Sam and i go out to eat and she also took Teddy birthday shopping, so fun. We picked up my father from the airport on Friday and then they went up to spend the rest of their trip in Heber with Taylor and his family; we were not able to see them again but glad that we got to spend a little time with them.
A family in our ward owns a little farm that they open in the fall-we went there with the Glenn’s and had a nice time. Ezra and Teddy played and played; they have a little slide that Sam and Teddy went down; Teddy was too scared at first to go by himself but after he say Ezra do it, he did it and loved it and the boys just played their little hearts out. I love them. We also went to Allan's work fall festival and that was fun too
 Randoms-vising my grandpa and getting suckers...we try to go every Tuesday around the same time and stay for a few minutes
 Playing with Ezra
 My crazies
 My mischievous little girl
 Getting caught
 Well check up and playing at Classic slides
 Buffalo Wild Wings
 Sam's cousins football game
 Playing with my friend from Florida and her fun