Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Sam started driving the truck to Utah Wednesday April 30th and then my father, the kids and I headed out Saturday May 3rd.
Driving to the airport, this kid had no idea that we were heading to our new home
Our flights went good, I am very grateful that my father was with us, Teddy had a meltdown on the first flight, we had a layover in Dallas and then made it to Utah, the second leg was much better and both kids slept :)
Macy and my Dad
 OUR NEW HOME-I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills (HOPEFULLY)

My dad rented a car so that he could get around and our car was there already so we had transportation too... My dad stayed with my brother Taylor and his family and I stayed Saturday and Sunday with my Aunt Wendy and her family. They were so kind to let Sam stay with them the three weeks he was in Utah before we got there.
Teddy had fun playing with Levy, I think they are going to be good friends...We also went to a Mexican restaurant in Heber the first night we were there and I got this GINORMOUS burrito...I could only eat a little bit of it, but it was good!!!

Monday May 5th we moved into our new apartment/condo, it is located in Pleasant Grove. My cousin Jace and his family came to help us unload our truck and some missionaries that had served in Florida came and helped too; we are grateful for the help...we were able to get it done in good time. When we pulled up to the complex there was a huge semi-truck already parked in the spot where we had staked out, the people that were moving in above us, had actually moved from Florida too...crazy
 Lucy and Macy and the movers
So the first few weeks in Utah went so so slow...the kids and I had a hard time adjusting and we had colds and were not feeling great; Macy spend many nights on the bed with me and I did not get much sleep. We did not have a bed for Teddy, so he slept on a mattress in his room the first night, but did not make it and came and slept on my floor-we got a bed fast!!!

Teddy threw up multiple times a week (I am not sure if it was because he was anxious or sick or what, but it was NASTY and annoying).
I learned when I worked in a dental office and a kid threw up everywhere that I could handle it if I could not smell it, so I stuffed stuff up my nose and went to work. Daddy spend many times in the bath, I hope that it does not come back for a long time!!!
I am in love with the child when he sleeps, not only because its quiet in my house for a few minutes but he also gets into the funniest positions
The first day we went to the park, there was a lady and her two kids there; teddy hit the girl when she would not play with him and he threw a rock at the little boy; I was mortified and knew that I would be spending more time inside until he learned to behave

Sometimes when daddy came with us, we ventured to the parks...but it seemed that everyone would leave when we got there...maybe I was being superstitious but it just always felt that way =(

I liked it when it was just us at the park though...and I like my little family~~
We have this weird slide at the smaller seems to be a down slide but you cant really go down, so maybe it was put in the park to help kids climb up...whatever the case, its just weird 
My friend Becca came down to PG to visit, it was great to see her and she is always so nice with the kids, they love her...and Teddy loves that its Gardner's sister. He talked about his missing friend Gardner a lot!!!
Teddy is still in love with his Teddy bear and Macy started pulling her self up to stand; she was not 100% healthy most of the first month but seemed to get better by the end

On Memorial Day Weekend Saturday-we decided to go to a University of Utah baseball game. They were playing Stanford (who my husband said was a good team ;) we got up to Salt Lake and it started raining, it seemed the game was still going to be played, so we got tickets and got inside only to find out that they called the game =(

We did not know what to do, so we checked the web and decided to hit up the Natural History Museum at the U. It was nice; teddy liked walking around; he was not all that interested in the history of it all but rather just quickly seeing everything.

We visited my grandpa Mackay and Mamo-one perk of living in Utah is that there is family still close by...he is smitten by Macy
For the first time in a long time I had to bye jam/jelly from the store; it was just not the same as my moms homemade jam...I was at the grocery store one day and found no cook freezer jam pectin; I made some strawberry jam and all was right, haha!!!
NURSERY was very very hard the first month; Teddy just threw the biggest fit/tantrum every week that we did not last very long; I did not go for a few weeks when Macy was sick and most of the Sunday's Sam and Teddy came home early, this kids has serious anxiety like is mama
FIRST (or now third) SUNDAY DINNER-I brought an appetizer, these yummy pizza rolls
At Aunt Julies house; she has done a monthly meal for the last 10 or so years; its nice to be able to not have to cook a meal and spend time with family; Teddy gets to see family and learn to play with the kids.

Teddy got to be the candle blower outer for the family members who were not there...he felt so special to get to do that!!!


Monday-my sister in law Annie had given us some tickets to a train close to where they lived. I called them over the weekend to reserve a spot but they were always busy; I left multiple messages and emailed a few times but never heard back. We decided to drive up and see if we could on; they were booked and we did not have time to wait for 3 hours for the next available train.
Teddy got to ride some ponies and we walked around a little; we got invited to go to my Aunt Robyn's house for a BBQ that evening and it was nice to spend some time with them; my cousin Krista has two little boys and Teddy had fun playing with them.
Tuesday May 27th, Macy woke up throwing up and was just not feeling well; she was very lethargic and just lying around; I finally decided to take her to a care now. 

We did not have health insurance so I was scared on what to do but knew that I needed to take her in
They said that she would need to go to the ER for fluids; 
We got there and they took some blood and gave her some fluids. They said her glucose was low and they would need to keep her overnight.
It was a long night but glad we were able to get her feeling a little better
We were released by noon the next day and I was happy to be heading home!!! I cannot believe that we had been in the hospital for the second time that year, but so glad it was not for a whole week like the last time
I was so grateful to Sam's brother Marshall and his wife Sara took Teddy to Seven Peaks the afternoon before and then let Teddy stay the night so Sam could be with Macy and I for the evening...They just dropped what they were doing and were so willing to help with whatever we needed...Teddy loves playing with his cousin Jaxon and their daughter Lyla is a doll!!!

Macy had a few more rough days but I was able to keep her hydrated with pedylite and were were lucky to not have to go back to the hospital for fluids

My husband is very creative with Teddy, this is a fishing poll and a kept him busy for all of 10 minutes and they were off on the next project. Sam is having a hard time adjusting to being a 24/7 dad. He is home more than he was before and all Teddy want to do is play with him all day long. He is use to coming home after work and having an hour or less of play time and then bed time, now its play, play and more play!!! 

Sam would play on Taylor's softball team when they needed a man; we loved when we would get a text message Monday afternoons that said they needed someone; it was a great way to get out of the house. Teddy is enthralled with his daddy and especially when his daddy plays baseball/softball.

Teddy's hair was getting super long; I LOVED IT...but we knew we needed to get it trimmed. We decided to go to a Kid Hair Cut place, we thought they would do a better job then us (Sam normally just shaves it). So I told the lady that I wanted it trimmed and to keep the length; she proceeded to shave the back and sides and keep the top long; IT LOOKED HIDEOUS and I cried. We had to shave the rest of it when we got home (such a waste of $20)...but he looks good!!!

We got a Pass of All Passes; which gets you into many different things here in Utah; we hope to use it often…
Macy got this cute swimming suit from my sister in law Annie-we had left ours in cute
The first month here we spent a lot of time with Sam’s brother and sister in law; Jaxon, Teddy, Lyla and Macy had fun getting to know each other better. We went to seven peaks, went hiking, golfing and hung around.


I got my own golf clubs...I love that we lived in FL for 5 years and went golfing a few times but never got clubs...I am happy to have some and we got a pretty good deal
This little one might be a a tab it of a drama queen!!!
We went to the driving range a few times and graham crackers were what kept Macy busy!!!
Teddy is in love my shows, she comes out with different ones on all the time!!! This kid cracks me up
This is Macy's favorite spot and the first month in Utah it was nice weather, she would sit out here most of the day!!!
On occasion I would find something missing and forgot to look out of the balcony; one day I found my shoes out there...funny girl!!! These kids also love their sippy cups and me a nice break while I work!!!
Macy is in love with shoes too...she just loves putting them on her hands and crawling with them...maybe she will like to use them to walk when she gets enough courage to try and use her feet, but at 13 months, she is very content still doing her army crawl
I love this kid...he is so creative; he came around the corner one day with a spoon and a ball on it, trying to balance it; with a trophy in his hand-he just makes me smile...he has been giving thumbs up alot too 
My Aunt Wendy invited us to go with them to a movie one afternoon; it was so sweet of her. Sam was out of town and I decided to brave it and go. We got some popcorn and suckers and lasted good the first 30 minutes or so but then it was a hassle, I think we ended up staying the whole movie but not sure I would do it again
At the end of the month we got a letter in the mail from the hospital, thanking Macy for letting them take care of her, it was very thoughtful

So the first month in Utah went okay; I miss home, I think I always will...but the more I think about it, the more I realize it was my crutch