Sunday, August 3, 2014

April-Last month in FL

April was a bittersweet month...My husband left the first week of the month and then it was really a big blur that I can only remember bits and pieces about; but I have pictures and then can recall the craziness...
My sweet big 2 year old!!! Teddy is such a lovable child 
Macy started rolling over to her tummy and then getting back over and scooting on her back; I would find her in the funniest places, she would never do it in front of anyone though; I would be in my office and come out to find her across the floor, but when I moved her back, she would stay in the same place until I left the room; such a funny little thing
General Conference was spent going through things; Ashlee came over and we listened and worked; Sunday we went to my parents house and Teddy spent the morning in the office watching something on the computer
We spent some time taking walks and stopping at the lake front
The kids did okay in the stroller; Teddy did fine just watching something on my phone or the ducks, Macy was the one who had a more difficult time.
I don't know why I find this picture so funny; Teddy has such a cute little personality. He is always coming up with creative things to do and I think he was pretending to be a bear, wearing the cap he wore for Halloween when he was a baby; I don't think he head has grown, haha, its always been HUGE!!!
I put Macy in the big crib one time to sleep; she did okay...but did not sleep as long as she normally does
This boy is always mischievous and somehow finds the candy...I had left some swedish fish in the diaper bag and he found it...a little while later I came out of my office to find both kids sacked out
We tried to go to the park in the evenings, it was most of the time very nice
I knew that before we moved, I would have to give back the car seat that we had been using for Macy; it was so very sweet of the family to let us barrow it for the year; she definitely would still fit in the smaller carrier, but I knew we would need to get her a new sear before we left. I tried her out in Teddy's seat one day...she did okay, but was not all too thrilled; and it was harder on me as well...I am use to just bringing in the carrier with her in it, but now have to carry her in whenever I stop or go somewhere; I used the smaller carrier until the day we left!!!
Teddy loves getting out and helping push
So the week before her birthday (the week after Sam left); Macy started this army scoot on her tummy; my life got a little bit more complicated since she was becoming more mobile. I thank God everyday that she was slow in the crawling department because it was so hard to get my work and anything done with her getting into everything; I am so grateful she did not start this at 6 months, and waited until 12 =)
I had to put up the baby gate...she would scoot right off the step and face plant!!!
Ashlee was heading up to Charlotte to visit my sister and her family and we knew that since she was going to miss Macy's actual birthday, we held a small one before she left...Macy loved digging into the cake!!! I think it looks the same as Teddy's #1 did

Her real birthday was a few days later; my sister in law had given me this onsie at Thanksgiving when we were in Texas; it was 12 months of course and she still fits in her 3 months ones, it was big...but very cute...

My LITTLE BIG 1 year Old!!! CRAZY
We had about 70 people or more over for Teddy's birthday and Macy's was the complete opposite...we had invited the Munns over for some cupcakes but the older kids had church youth night, so it was just sweet little Lillie and Heather that came over. My friend Kelly was also here from Utah visiting and she and I got a pedicure earlier in the day and then she stayed for the celebration
I made some yummy homemade cupcakes and frosting; they turned out rather well if I do say so myself!!!
Lillie has loved Macy from day one; I have so many cute pictures of the two of them; it was only fitting that she was the one to come and help celebrate!!!
I LOVE THIS SWEET LITTLE MISS-I feel so extremely blessed to have her in our lives; she has brought much joy and also much anticipation with her health, but she seems to be on the mend and I am grateful

While we got our house all set to sell, we moved over to my parents; I brought my computer stuff and set up work there; Teddy was in heaven!!!

I LOVE THESE TWO!!!-they are my life
My mom was so very helpful!!! -we are going to MISS AHME SO SO SO BADLY
Getting in their last Ahma/Ahme-they have no idea that their world is about to change!!!
Ashlee was in Charlotte, so we decided to go to the singles ward with my parents

We were missing Daddy but know that "Because of Him" (Christ)-we are a forever family!!!
12 MONTH CHECKUP-and shots!!!!
Little did she know she was getting poked soon!!!

We had a garage sale and did rather well; we sold our bed frame that was in the mater room and bought a smaller one that made the room look bigger-?not sure why I had not thought of that when we first moved in? My parents were so very helpful in getting the house to what it needed to be; we got awesome stuff at TJMaxx, Bed Bath and Beyond and ever found something at ended up being more than I thought we could do though it made me sad that we were leaving it where I would have loved to have it!!! For a while we were contemplating keeping the house along with the smaller house, but we had such a headache with our first tenants and I really did not want to go through that again, so we decided to keep the small house since we have a good tenant in there now and then go through with the sale of this house; and let me tell you what...that was the BEST DECISION!!!
New Carpet!!! and Paint!!!-for the purple bedroom and the master bedroom
(I love seeing the dresser and chest of drawers-that we picked up on the side of the road for free, and then my sister and my dad helped spray paint this beautiful antique white-love the way everything came together)
Master bath and guest bedroom
Kitchen and living room
~When my husband left in the beginning of April, my plan was to get the house ready and go through with the sale and be out to Utah by June; my father had said we would probably have 2 weeks of showing the house and then could take 6 weeks to close; I was trying to get as much time at home as I could; part of me was still reeling with the fact that we were moving across the country to the unknown and I was going to miss the security of safeness that I have felt the last 5 years...but looking back with the way things happened, I have to believe that something good will come out of our move!!! We listed the house on Tuesday April 22 and by noon that day we had a cash offer on our home; my father had a real estate agent in mind that had some potential buyers and they loved the house and put an offer; we accepted and learned that the house would close in a week; I was thrown into a whirlwind of realizing that what I thought would be another 6 weeks in Florida could not only be one week; I called Sam and we set the things in motion for him to fly home that Friday April 25th and then we would spend the weekend packing up the remaining stuff and get everything in line and then head out the following week. The kids were so excited to have him back, sweet Macy somehow fell in love with him through Skype and could not leave his side when he got back; for the first year she did not take to him but I loved seeing her just want to be with him, it was very sweet!!! Teddy just loved having his daddy back. We were able to spend the weekend getting everything done; we got the truck Tuesday morning and loaded it all up before the closing that afternoon. We closed on the house and said goodbye to 948 Whisler Court; it was a miracle we got the house to begin with 2 years ago and a miracle we were able to sell it so soon and get some profit that will be able to help sustain our little family with our move and starting up a business!!! I am very very extremely grateful to my parents for their hard work and help with the house and the kids and my emotional/mental state, I could not ask for better support
The kids with Daddy; they sure to LOVE HIM!!!
 Loading up the truck!!!-it was so real, my anxiety was running so high but everything happened so fast that I did not have time to stop and think about what was going on; I just had to roll with it~it has since hit me but that is for another time!!!

At first I was going to drive the truck out with Sam and then my mom or my sister would fly the kids out and meet us; but then my mom ended up going out to Dubai to visit my sister and her family and Ashlee was not able to take off work and I could not take the time off work as well; so Sam started the trek out to Utah for the second time in one month; I am very grateful for his willingness to complete the task even though it was difficult and probably something that was daunting; he headed out Wednesday morning!!! and we booked tickets for Saturday; my father was kind enough to offer to fly out with me to help with the kids and I took him up on that offer...we had to saw goodbye to so many dear people, we have called Saint Cloud home for the last 5 years, but it has been my home since I was 11, of course I went to school and served a mission but home was always still there; now being married and having my own family, we now get to start a new place to call home; I will always call Saint Cloud my home but for now, its going to be Utah!!!
 Saying bye to our besties; Gardner has been such a wonder friend to Teddy the last two years; he probably gets on his nerves but he has been so patient and kid and even though they are 4 years apart; they still are friends and I am so so grateful...and I had to say goodbye to my bestie as well; I do not have too many friends but Wende has been my rock and support the past per years; I vaguely knew their family before she was called to be the Primary President and somehow she picked me to be her first counselor; it was something that was heavenly sent and I will always be forever grateful for her love and support!!!
This was the night before we left; we had to go to the store to get a new car seat for Macy but also had to stop for one last hug from Garnder and Wende!!!