Sunday, July 13, 2014


I will back track back to last year after General Conference we felt like something needed to change; my husband was working over 80 hours a week and we were not seeing the compensation for his efforts; the golf course that he was the head pro at was on target to make over $50,000 or more in revenue in 2013 than they had in 2012; the company promised him a raise after the new year and we were holding out until we knew what the would be. After the beginning of the year, the numbers came in and they had indeed reached their projected goal for 2013 and surpassed it but after careful planning the company came back and offered him a .03 cent raise...A BIG SLAP IN THE FACE; and we knew we needed to get away from CGM...the first thought was to go back to school; it was something that we had talked about earlier and something we wished we would have done when we first got married 5 years ago. We decided that BYU Idaho was the place we needed to be. So in the end of January with only a week away from the deadline for the spring and fall terms, we got everything submitted and waited. We felt very strongly that this was the course we were suppose to take. Well, guess it was husband did not get in; his GPA was just under what it needed to be to be admitted; it was the next we went back to the drawing board; there was gentleman in our ward that had a son in law that worked for a construction company and were looking at hiring a salesman; we submitted our information but did not hear back from them and then another opportunity came; my husband has really wanted to get into the sales rep side of the golf industry; he had been on the pro shop/course side for 5 years. He had applied to a position with Wilson Staff in 2013 and it came down to him and another guy and he was beat out; he always told me that you had to know someone to get into the industry and it was difficulty. He found an opening with a company called Oxford Golf and submitted his resume. He was called by one of the sales reps in Orlando and he told him that he was applying to his brothers company; my husband told me this was his in and he really wanted to take it. I was and am still very nervous about the whole thing but it made him very happy. So he accepted the position with Oxford Golf; to be the representative of the Rocky Mountain Territory (Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Colorado)
So, he left April 3rd and headed to Atlanta for a training and then headed our west to Utah!!!  My moms sister Wendy offered to have him stay at their house and we took them up on the offer. The kids and I were going to stay back in Florida until he got his footing and we got everything wrapped up at home. We decided that we were going to sell our house we were living in but keep our little house because we had a good tenant in there. We discussed probably heading out to Utah in June!!!.
 Skyping for the first time...Teddy was so sad when it was done; when thinking about my husband leaving before us for a little while, I kept thinking that it would be okay but I never thought about the kids and their feelings, only that I felt we could do the end it was okay!!!


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Feb and March

After a few weeks Macy was in the hospital she started to feel better and even start sitting up...
 This is Teddy at sip n dip-donuts...yum
My bestie Wende's birthday-year 3...and we can never leave out Gardner and Teddy...even though he is 6 and Teddy is 2, they love each other
 Had to get a new pillow, since I left my favorite pillow at the hospital...thanks to my brother in law Dan for a gift card to bed bath and beyond for Christmas like 3 years ago =)
 Playing outside 
Big Girl!!!
 Jessica's farewell party; she will make a great missionary in the Ogden Utah mission
 Just lounging around-and playing
I got to see my mission presidents son perform with his group; Hudson Lights 
Teddy is obsessed with dinosaurs and not wearing pants (when we are at home or out in our yard), and most of the time shirts too, glad I got a picture with a shirt on, haha
 Ear Pierce-over Christmas break, baby King got her ear pierced and it was something I was thinking about doing with May...we finally did it one Friday evening...Teddy waited patiently!!!  
Macy loves aunt Ashlee...After getting ear pierced, we went over and had some Rita's  =)
 First time turning over at night
The second weekend in March I went shopping with the kids and was driving home when I had a feeling to text my friend Wende; she told me that she was at the hospital with her husband who had a heart attack; he is only 45 but the family has a history of heart health; I remembered the feeling a year and a half ago when my father had the same thing happen. He was at the hospital in St. Cloud just like my father and was going to be transferred to have a cath, the same thing that happened with my father. I brought her a smoothie and asked if there was anything I could do...she said she would let me know. Life is so fragile and you never know what is going to happen. Sunday morning she called and asked if I would go with her for the surgery, I was a little nervous because I had told another friend I would sub her Primary class at church; I texted around and found a sweet lady in the ward to cover the class and my sister offered to watch the kiddos for me. I was very grateful for their help; we got the the hospital and opened up the cath lab waiting room and it was dark and dreary; we turned on the lights and used the phone to talk to someone about seeing Dan before his surgery. They told Wende that he was already back in surgery and she freaked out;  I say freak out but that is not the best word to use, she was nervous because she did not get to talk to him before him going in. Someone had given her some food and I left to get a spoon for her; I got back to her balling in the room and for a moment I thought he had died on the table but he was okay; I felt bad for leaving but it was okay. We waited and waited...we called it the "room from hell". He was finally done and we were able to go back to see them; their embrace was magical and I am grateful to have been able to see them reunited.
We left the hospital after he had been transferred to ICU recovery and I told her if she needed anything to let me know. She later went back to the hospital but Gardner did not want to go, I think he was in a little denial and needed some time. We brought him back to my parents house and he and teddy had a nice afternoon
Monday we picked G up from school and got some balloons and brought them to the hospital; I love these boys, they are so very special to me...I am grateful that God was able to spare Dan's life and he was some more time in mortality to be with his sweet wife and family. 
Macy had her followup appointment with the Gastrointestinal Doctor in the middle of March, she had gained a little weight and seemed to be doing okay with the medication. I had to bring teddy with me to the appt, and it was in Orlando at 8am; so we had to leave out house before 7, they were tired but we made it **teddy did pee through his diaper in the waiting room, it was looked like he had peed through underwear, it was embarrassing and crazy but hey, whatev!!!

We decided to go bowling one Friday night; we paid for just Sam and I but ended up getting Teddy in the game too; our first lane did not work but we were happy when they switched us to a lane right next to a family that was using the kid helper thingie and they let us share, it was nice of them. Teddy had a nice time
Saint Patrick's Day!!! And 11 months for my Macy Girl!!!
That same day I took some pictures of Teddy, my little boy is not so little anymore!!!
We also bought a new car; 2013 Chevy we are signing the paperwork and below are the kids being patient while we waited!!!

We got a groupon to the Ice Skating Rink in Kissimmee, the town next to ours and we got to go one afternoon, while my mom watched the kids; it was fun!!!
Teddy had a blast one afternoon, when Jose came over and helped us mow our lawn; he had so much fun following him around with his own mower
 We got to go to the Church Ranch Rodeo; it was fun, Teddy loved it. Last year, Sam had to work and my parents were out of town, so I brought Teddy my myself, I was 8 months pregnant with Macy and it ended up being a cold night, we left early. This year we all got to go and it was warmer and a nice evening.
Macy ended up getting strep through near the end of March, this little lady just cannot catch a break; but it was nice to be able to snuggle with her; she most of the time wanted to be curled up with her dad
He hair is finally long enough for a pony!!!
We lost Teddy's teddy bear and could not find it for 4 days; I knew that it was at my parents was the last time I remembered him having it but we search their whole entire house and just could not find it. Day 4, I went over there determined to find it. We started at the top of the house and finally came to the living room. We gave up and sat on the couch for a few minutes and then we found him. Teddy had thrown him up above the TV where the eater bunnies were, from far away he could not be seen but upon closer look he was there...haha
The next morning I cam into his room and had the bear under my shirt and he immediately knew what is was; he kept saying 'teddy came home, teddy came home', 'thank you mommy, thank you' was so cute...priceless...the time will come when we might scale back on the Teddy bear, but not today; I was relieved to find it
Teddy hated the swing when he was little and is still sometimes scared of it, but Macy loves it...Teddy loves the slide though, always have and I think he always will
We got to spend another afternoon with Gardner and they played and the 'red park' which is Teddy's favorite!!!
My sweet girl is finally sitting up more and more; she still crashes real bad but is getting better; I have be right by here and put tons of pillows around, but it makes me happy to see her using her core more
My sister works at the Nemours Childrens Hospital in Orlando; she works in the pulmonary department with most children under 18 that have Cystic Fibrosis; they had the CF 5k in Orlando and Ash invited us to go.
We had a nice time; it was smaller than the Heart walk that we did in Sept of last year and nice to just get out
Teddy walked for a while but then got in the stroller and listened to some music, watched a show and ate some food...Macy fell asleep close to the end; they did great!!!

Walk Today, add tomorrows was a slogan of the race!!
After the race we headed to a birthday party for a little girl in our ward; they had a bounce house and some food; it started raining, which was not good for the kids to play outside, but we had a nice time playing inside
My friend Christine got us into Wild Florida one Monday morning; it was so nice to go...we had gone last year with PJ, but Teddy could go all the time!!!
 Macy spends alot of time on her tummy but she does not go any where yet; I know her i'm stuck on my tummy cry; she has started to use her legs to scoot when she is on her back...but nothing from her tummy yet
These kids are my life; I love them so much!!!
 This kid cracks me up; he loves golf and will always be wearing daddy's shows or using the clubs!!!
We also love going to the park; we have to go early or late since its getting hotter and we like to go when there are not that many people there; too many kids make teddy anxious and he sometimes freaks out =(
I just love spending my days with them; I sometimes wish I did not have to work and I could just smother them all day; but for now, I do what I have to do!!! February and March flew by...crazy!!!