Sunday, March 23, 2014


At the beginning of the year our mutual night moved to Wednesday and so Sam is able to play softball more regularly again; the kids and I go to the games if they are at 6:45 and sometimes at 7:45, but if his game is at 8:45 we do not go, too late. One Tuesday night, I took the kids to Target earlier in the evening and made it home around 8, Teddy had not napped so I put him down at 8:30, it took him a while to fall asleep but finally closed his eyes around 9; I was getting ready to put Macy down when my sister called and said that Sam Fernley (another member of the team) has called and said that a base runner had ran into Sam (my husband) and he had passed out and was showing signs of a concussion, so they were taking him by ambulance to the hospital. I could not believe it, the one night I was getting the kids down and planning on hitting the sac early. Lucky I have family here, my parents came over and my mother stayed with the kids and my father drove me up to the hospital. It was crazy walking through the hospital, there were so many people in the ER waiting…since Sam had a head injury and he was brought in my ambulance, they had him already back. He was in the trauma bay; by the time we got there, he had already had a ct scan and we were waiting for the results. He was not very coherent at this time and all he wanted to do was sleep. We just sat and waited for a little while, but then something crazy happened. A lot of doctors and other personal started coming into the room- when I picture a trauma room I think about the show ER and how they had two separate rooms where they would bring the trauma patients, well this hospital just had this trauma bay-with 5 little cubicles that could be divided by a curtain. A nurse came to my father and I and asked up to leave to bay, that a very sick patient was being brought it. So we left and waited for over an hour. When we first left we overhead them talking about how they were air flighting a person in. We stood out in the bullpen area and just watched the flow and go of the ER; it was busy busy. We were finally let back in to be with Sam; at this time he was more alert and they said the ct scan had come back okay; they just wanted to observe him for a while longer. Sam then recounted what had happened; he must have been aware enough to hear what had been going on right next to him (the next cubical, divided by just the curtain). He said the gentleman they had brought in had been hit by a semi-truck, he had had a pulse on the helicopter but had died at the hospital. It was freaking me out hear it, it would have scared me to have someone die right next to me, but he seemed fine. I could not believe that that had happened; over the next few hours he progressed and we were able to go home. The doctor said when they first brought him in, they thought he would have to stay longer with how out of it he was, but he came too. I am glad that we did not have to stay any longer. We got home by 3am…he went to bed but I was not that that tired and I knew I was not going to be getting much sleep because the baby was going to wake up in a bit to feed anyway. I did get about an hour of sleep before she was ready and then got a little bit after; my work was nice to let me come in a little late. Sheesh, is all I can say!!!


At Target the night of Sam concussion I bought Teddy some boots…I did not realize how expensive they were until we checked out but he is in love with them…he wears them constantly and has some shoes to go to the garden with Ahme now =)

First Month of the Year

January fly by…that is all I can say...
Here is the happening from the first month of the year!!!

The first Friday of January I needed to go to the store to get a few things but the day got away from me, so we ended up waiting until Sam got home and went later in the evening. We ended up in the sport section and was looking at some of the electronic cars; my niece Harper got a little 4wheeler for Christmas and Teddy loved going on it too; so we thought when the time was right we would get one for him too…we saw this car that was on sale and it looked like something he would like; we bought it on the spur of the moment and it ended up being a HIT…we went out to my parents to assemble it and he was so so happy when he came out into the garage to see it all put together. He got the hang of it real fast and has loved it ever since.
Teddy has always been obsessed with cowboys and horses, but he has recently become obsessed with tutu’s…don’t ask me where he gets it but he loves dressing in his sisters tutu and dancing…one day he ended up being a ballerina cowboy; I love this kid so much.
 Teddy and his best bud Gardner...he use to call him Gar Gar, but has recently started using his full name, it is so cute!!!  I am so grateful for G man, he has been so nice to Teddy; he is 4 years older than him but treats him so nice...WE LOVE G!!!
So this is a game called political challenge; we got it a while back at once upon a child and I was not that keen on playing it when he first got it because I thought it was a game where you had to know politics and answer questions-but it is not like that. Its actually a nice game and we have played it a few times. You can start at the local level, move to state and then to national; we have only played the national level because of time restraints but maybe someday we can do the lower races. The game is like a political race, you are either democrat or republican, you roll a dice and move around the board, you make money and then can buy campaigns and then once you buy certain things that each state is involved in, then you earn that state and once you get a certain number of votes then you win...its hard to explain but its a game that I ended up liking even though I did not think I would.
   Teddy loves his sister; sometimes we all snuggle together =)
Baba’s are also a staple at our house. Macy has recently began being more independent and trying to hold her bottle; she cannot go very long but loves to try.

My mom and dad let us go out to dinner and to a movie on Friday evening. We had a Darden gift card and wanted to go to Longhorn but it ended up being over an hour wait, so we decided to go to Red Lobster. 

 It was a nice evening, so we sat outside.
 I loved their cheese biscuits, my husband and wanted a steak and they had that and I got a bowl of soup
We then went to the Hunger Games, Catching Fire…it was good.
 And to top of the evening was Sweet Cupcakes...this lady has won the show cupcake wars three times!!! YUMMY-my husband is not the biggest fan of cupcakes but I wanted them. They have mini ones that are the perfect size to get 4 in a little box and try different ones. I normally get the plain jane (vanilla/vanilla), chocolate pudding (yellow/vanilla), chocolate mousse (chocolate/vanilla) and then a random new one =)
 I got these pictures from my mom while we were out. I am so grateful that they are always in good hands
I decided I wanted to see if I could get a gym membership; the Gold’s Gym in town has kid care. It was a bust, I sent twice and both times the kids did not do good; Macy is at the stage where she only wants to be held and Teddy gets overstimulated if there are too many kids around; I got to do a cycling class that was awesome, maybe in the future it’s something I will be able to do more.
This sign was bearing down on my during the cycling class-Pain is temporary-quitting lasts forever.  Now that I had to quit, it makes me sad but I hope in the future I will be able to do more!!!

Life at our house is always an adventure!!! Teddy is very mischievous sometimes, but such is the life of an active 2 year old!!! I have to be so careful with pens and markers...lucky he draws on himself than my furniture and walls =) 
 I heard him calling out my name on day saying he was stuck-little did I know he was really really stuck!!!
 I sure do love this kid so tremendously!!!
 He loves taking Macy's pacifier
 He sometimes loves eating with us!!!

 One night but dad watched Macy while I went over to a friends house for a presentation. I came back to this!!! so so sweet...thanks Dad-Sam watched Teddy!!!

 Teaching his sis how to Golf!!!

 Temple day!!!

 Ashlee's birthday!!!-We went the the cheesecake factory this year for Ashlee's birthday-Jose watched Teddy at my parents house-it was very nice of him!!!
Avocado Egg rolls and Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes-with some Nachos
 The ladies!!!
 Happy Birthday Ashlee-three years in a row we have done something with you and the kiddos...First Year Teddy was 4 months and we went to Charley's and got steaks, last year we went to Pei Wei and this year was glad for a day to celebrate Ashlee. We love Aunt Ash!
 Can't forget Josh and Teddy-who had a blast