Sunday, October 27, 2013


I now cannot believe that she is six months old; she is a little gem and I love having her as part of our family; she is learning new things every day. I want her though to stay little for as long as possible!!!

1 month, 2 month, 2 month, 4 month 5 month and 6 month

My days are long; I wake up and dread having to go sit at the computer and work, but it’s what I have to do for now; I am grateful that I have the opportunity to work from home and be with the kids. It’s interesting because most of the time my days seem like weeks and my weeks seem like days;  sometimes while I am working I pray so hard that they day will be over and then the day is over and the week is over and I pray to bring me back to that day; I have been a little uptight lately and I really need to find a way to enjoy the ride; I am truly blessed and some days my head is up in a dark cloud and I cannot see, my goal for the remainder of the year is to try and have more gratitude and try and get more organized; it’s going to take work and effort but it is worth it 
Seeing this makes my heart happy; they are going to be such good friends.

I just hope that I can be the mommy they need me to be

Birthday Month

I decided to join our church’s team for the Orlando Heart Walk 2013; I brought the kids along and walked with them in a double stroller that I was able to barrow from a friend.  I had to wake the kids up at 5:30 in order to get to the place in time for the walk; getting up there and parked was crazy, it was so packed and crowded and it did not go away; they stated the walker all at once and there was way too many people; I was tip toing the whole way; they definitely next year need to stagger the starts and people who want to run, jog and walk need to go at different times or something. I had followed some friends up and they went to breakfast after; we decided to join along. Teddy fell asleep by 11 on the way home but luckily transferred to his bed and slept a little while longer; they kids did so good and I am so grateful
My little boy turned two on September 17th; we had planned on having a birthday party but as time got closer it just did not pan out and we just celebrated as our family; my mom’s sisters were in town and so they were off site seeing so it really was just the 4 of us; we went out to eat, stopped at a few stores and finally found him his present, a cowboy hat…he is obsessed with anything having to do with horses and cowboys and he loves his Teddy bear, he has just come to realize when we say hi Teddy, we are talking to him and not his stuffed Teddy...he likes to go up to people and say, Hi im Teddy…so so fun.  I am grateful for my Teddy, he is such a delightful boy; he is such a little sponge; he loves to sing and play with his toys, he loves the bubble guppies, peppa pig, dora the explorer and anything to do with trains and cowboys/rodeos, he loves cows/bulls, horses, pigs and all the farm animals, he loves dinosaurs and turtles, he loves golf; he loves momm's high heels, he loves the tupperware cupboard and making messes and helping mommy mow the lawn, he loves ice cream, he loves hats in general but absolutely loves daddy's hats, he loves happy meals, he loves being a big brother to his little sister May May and he has a best friend named Gardner "Gar Gar", who is six and probably does not like Teddy as much as Teddy likes him, but its fun to see them interact...Gardner is a born teacher and Teddy is a born learner, they make a great pair... I just love my big boys, little personality and cannot imagine life without him


Teddy had his two year appointment the same day that Macy had her 4 month appointment; he is probably the only little boy that squeals for joy to be at the doctors because of the toys and the books in the waiting area; they have a train table and other fun trucks and things to play with. They called us back and he did not want to go, he never does; I brought the baby back and came to get Teddy and I could not find him, he had crawled underneath the train table and was hiding. He had a hard time getting on the scale for weight and measurement, but we were finally about to get it done; they only had to listen and check him out and then they let him go play out front while we waited on shots for Macy. She did good and only cried for a little bit; I gave her some Tylenol in her bottle on the way home and they helped the day.