Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This Time Around-Selfies

So when I found out we were expecting again I found all these cute things in pinterest that I thought would be fun to track the progression of this pregnancy. Yeah, I am totally not that creative and just did not really ever decide I wanted to take the time to do although the two below are cute, I documented a little different...with Selfies...and most of them are in my bathroom or bedroom with a disaster behind them...maybe by the next one I will be ready to be more creative, or I might just be too tired with two kiddos to even care 

I took a pregnancy test around the third week of August and it came back negative; part of me was sad and part of me was ok with it because my child was not even one then the next week I took another test and it came back positive. All I could do was cry, both tears of joy and tears of o my heck, how am I going to do this. I am not the type of person that is readily willing to then go tell the world. I did not even want to tell my husband. I decided I would take a picture of the test and then a picture of the test and a picture of me and I would just leave it be for the time being. I forgot to delete the picture of my phone, I had planned on emailing it to myself and then making sure they were erased...but I did not do that and I went over to my parents house and my sister was looking through some pictures of Teddy and came across the pregnancy test. I was actually happy that she knew now and she has always been supportive. So now that she knew I also had to decided how to tell my husband. 
 So I like the clear blue test that actually says not pregnant or pregnant. There is just something in the words instead of the plus or I had bought a pack of two the first time around and I had used one when it was negative and then the other for when I found out. I decided to buy another pack and do something with that to tell my husband. I knew that he would be coming home from work so I got Teddy down for bed and then took the test...and it came back with an error...I was like, no way...that was my only chance to do it before he got home...he called and said he was running a few minutes behind and so I chugged as much water as I could and was able to get the second test to work. While I was at the store I also bought my husband two things that he had been needing...some hair gel and some toothpaste. I put those in separate bags and then in a third bag put the pregnancy test. When he got home I told him about the day and then said I bought him a few things. I handed him the bag with the toothpaste and he was like, thanks...then I gave him the bag with the hair gel and he was like, thanks...haha...then I gave him the back with the test in it and he opened it and was just shocked...he said he thought it was a toothbrush when he first felt it but low and behold it was a little "pregnant" test that said we were having another kid. He jumped up and down and I think cried again like the last time...and so that began the journey that brings me to today...that was August 24th and today is March 19th...crazy how fast time seems like yesterday and and a year at the same time...I cant believe it
First pictures...we had just come back from taking a walk
I am obsessed with taking pictures though, most of the time if I do not like it I can delete it, which is so nice with this digital this is more for me to have a track of everything...
 First doctors visit at 12 weeks. I did not have my first ultrasound until 21 weeks last time around and this time we got to see the sweet baby of ours earlier was so surreal
12 and 14 Weeks-Hello Second Trimester!!! 
16 and 18 Weeks
 20 and 22 Weeks 
26 Weeks-I definitely think I gained more weight in my backside then the front for the first half of the pregnancy but she started to come and go around this time
  Goodbye Second Trimester: 
28 Weeks-up until this point my little lady was ridding my back like crazy...around 28 weeks she started to make her appearance known in my belly!!! 
 I did fine for my glucose test with Teddy but this time around it made me so sick to my tummy...The rest of the day I just had ginger ale and Zyrtec for my headache and still had a cold!!!
29 Week- around this time last pregnancy I started to swell BIG TIME...and I felt it coming on again...I tried to drink as much as I could and keep my feet up...I had the compression socks from last time but they are not as tight anymore, need to get some new ones
Cant leave out my little man...or should I say big man...Teddy came with me to a slew of doctors appointments just because I knew they were only going to be checking the measuring and what not; everyone ate him up...he is such a stud
 30 Weeks- baby started getting very active around this time. I would lie down and love feeling her squirming all around. 

 31 Weeks
32 Weeks-well hello there!!!
33 Weeks
34 Weeks
So yesterday I went out to eat with a friend and decided I would go shopping after...I just hit up a few stores but really did not buy anything, although I could have...I think all I got was a sweater and some pajamas for Teddy...I always need to get him something too!!! So They had these reserved parking for expectant mothers parking spaces at this shopping was so nice...I have decided that these little signs should be more places...especially at the Hospital...haha...I went to my 34 week appointment today and it was scheduled at the hospital. The doctor has an office inside the I got there and there was NO parking...and they were doing construction which made it hard to get in and out. I found some open spaces but there was a big STOP sign on a barricade and it said for valet I parked in another section and had to practically speed walk because I was running late. I have to remember that with a toddler, the early appointments are hard. I had a friend from church watch Teddy and that was so nice, I have a hard time asking people to watch him because he is at the crazy age where he has to be watched every second, but she said it was I walked up to the front and the valet said, FREE...haha, I had no idea...I would not have been able to wait in the long line of cars and make it to the appointment, but I will remember that. It took a long time at the office today, they had something come up and I just waited a while...I had brought a fill in puzzle to do and it ended up being very uneventful. Her heartbeat looked good and although I can feel and see swelling, not too many others including the doctor can...its there but not as bad as before. Part of me wants the swelling so I can get her here earlier but then again part of me will be fine with her baking until she is ready. The only thing that bothered me last time was the carpel tunnel in my hands, I can deal with the swelling but I cannot deal with I hope it stays away...
Dr. Appointment at 34.5 weeks-this is the first selfie that is not really in my bathroom; its still a bathroom mirror but does not have my messy room behind me...Cant believe that I could meet my little lady in 5 or less seems like an eternity but it will be here before I know it...and I have tons that I need to get done too...I also need to mentally prepare to be a mother of two...It will be an adventure!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Since Then

Well January and February are gone in the blink of an eye...Just thought I would recap a little of what has happened since the new year
Teddy just being Teddy
 After the new year our church time changed from 9 to 1...and boy was I not excited about it. After church got over at 12 last year, Teddy would almost always fall asleep on the way home and sleep till at least 2 or now, not even starting until 1 was going to be a challenge. The first Sunday, church was crazy and he was so tired and the time we got home and to my parents house it was 5:30 and we had dinner and just hung around. He was so ready for bed by before 7 but I wanted to try and keep him up as late as possible and pray he would sleep all night...haha...well this was our trick, my moms phone. He will sit and watch Peppa Pig for who knows how was out life saver this evening...I hope this year he adjusts to the schedule and church becomes a little better
My sister Lindsay and her kids came to visit for the new year  and we were able to go to Universal studios one day all was a chilly morning but turned into a great day. We somehow bypassed the long wait at Harry Potter world and go onto the ride within 30 minutes. I should not have ridden it but wanted to at least do it once. Last time my husband and I went to Universal with my friend Brittany and her husband, the ride broke down and we waited for like 2 hours and never got on. It was definitely not what I expected and made me pretty nauseous, haha. The whole day I was so tempted to go no the big rides but for babies sake, of course would not do it. Overall it was a long but fun day...thank you to a gentleman at our church who go us in
Teddy is definitely a little daddy's boy...he follows his dad day he had to go up into the attic to put some stuff away and Teddy decided he would just climb the ladder and follow, who knows how far he would have gone, but I intervened and kept him to only a few steps. He is such a little dare day he also go into the laundry hamper and pulled daddy's shirt all the way cute!!!

My little kindred sister Joy invited us to her 7th birthday was a barbie party...Teddy got to play with the Ken barbie and have pizza and be the center of attention. Joys big brother Jose, LOVES can see him holding him int he bottom picture. My mom also help him a lot that day, he is getting heavy and my sciatic and back have been hurting some, I could also hear him getting sick too...his nose had been running constantly, he had a small cough and he wanted to be grateful for their help!!!

That night we were getting ready for bed and Teddy started coughing a lot. I put him down early and decided I would try and hit the sac early as well but I had to work on church stuff and did not go down until past midnight. Well at 1:30 I hear him cough and then start choking, it was different then I had ever heard to I ran into his room and picked him up, just in time to have his throw up over my shoulder and then all over me...poor kid... he could not catch his breath and was just having such a hard time. I contemplated taking him into the ER if he did not start breathing better but he finally was able to and I ended up staying up with him all night.

Here is is drinking his ba-ba at who knows what time it was, between 2-8 in the morning...
I also put him in the tub and he just sat like this for at least 30 minutes
It was Sunday and both my husband and I had responsibilities at church, so he went for the first hour and  came home and then I went for the final two hours. I was tired!!!
 We went to my parents later that evening for dinner and Teddy just clung to my mom the whole night and finally fell asleep in her arms. He had started wheezing by this time and I decided that I would take him into the doctor in the sister Ashlee checked his lungs and there was some wheezing there too. In the past it had only been nasally but this time it was deeper.

The doctor could not get us in till the afternoon, so my morning consisted of him being in my office and just wanting me to hold him. He had been up again all night and had thrown up all over I was fine with whatever he wanted. There was a few times when he got down and went over and laid his head down on the changing pad but for the most part just hung around me
Before heading to the doctor we stopped at the office and Teddy was content to sit on Grandpa's lap while I worked on a few things...such a sweet little boy
 At the doctors they checked his oxygen and lungs and he still had the wheezing. His ears were clear though, so no bacteria infection, they said he probably had a virus and we would have to let it run its course. They gave him a breathing treatment, or at least we tried did not go too well and he screamed bloody murder the whole time...and then by the end he was breathing deeply that they were worried that he still was not getting as much oxygen as he should, but his levels were we left with some prescriptions and a new seal "doggie" nebulizer and a not so happy boy!!!
 The first breathing treatment at home was not great either...but he finally calmed down and has been doing okay since. I try to have something on the television or keep him occupied...he started feeling better the following days. I think he might have allergies or asthma or something because he really has had trouble with runny nose and colds since he was born.
The day after his appointment, he was still pretty clingy...and he was just playing around me and laid on the floor and was out...such a tired boy!!!
 It was so nice after he started feeling better, it took a good week to get back to his old self...Every morning if Teddy is awake when dad leaves for work, we have to go outside and wave bye but he is ok once we get inside. One night I went to a relief society activity and he cried when I left. It was so nice to be wanted, haha
 Some of my pens and highlighters started disappearing from my desk and I was perplexed for a little while until one day I came around the corner to this kid stuffing them down the paper towels. If you notice in the picture the top right paper towel has a hold in the plastic and he would go and put a pen or highlighter down. When I finally caught him and got all the stuff out, there were like 6 pens and 4 highlighters. What a mischievous kid!!! 
 Ashlee and I normally do something Friday nights because my husband works late. We usually just rent a red box and watch it at my parents. Teddy has done really well just playing and then when he gets board, we turn on an episode of Peppa Pig on the phone and he will sit and nice
 I have started letting Teddy feed himself for breakfast; I will make some oatmeal and put it in a bowl with a spoon and then some fruit as well. He loves strawberries but I think it gives him a bad diaper rash, so I usually stick to bananas...he now will go into the kitchen and reach up and say nana when he wants some
 We are getting a chick-fil-a in our town...YAY
 I am still putting him in his Christmas jammies, they are just so cute!!! Most nights I sneak into his room and watch him sleep for a minute or two, this night I had to take a picture!!!
 As I mentioned earlier, he had had a rough go at the diaper rash as of late...I have tried so many different things...and one day I just let him go around in his robe...
 But then he came into my office butt naked...haha...this little kid had a small little booty but has thunder thighs like his mama and daddy...he does have some arm muscles though...I LOVE THIS KID

Our dryer broker and his clothes started piling up...I finally did a load and went and dried it at my parents.  Their washer is actually broken, so we are a good team...I definitely was digging into the reserves
 I love taking pictures of him sleeping in his car seat, this day he fell asleep drinking his bottle and somehow got it turned upside down and was trying to such on the wrong was so funny!!! he was so out of it
 I will watch a friends little boy some days and it has been fun to see he and Teddy interact. Teddy is not use to sharing his toys and will sometimes steal something and run and try and hide it...he is learning how to share
 Bath time is fun as well, he will just sit and play, so nice!!!
 He is such a smart kid, he found some canisters in the kitchen and decided to try and stack them on the couch, guess worked...he was so proud of himself!!!
 Some nights he just will come into the living room and lie down as he plays with a toy...I love these moments
 We got invited to a birthday party and a playhouse where they had the inflatable slides and bounce houses...he was in heaven and was such a little dare devil, I decided I would help him get up the slide and then go down and see what he would...he followed suit and laughed the whole way...such a big boy
He is getting into everything lately, he takes after his mother at that age...he particularly loves Grandpa's desk at my parents house, noticed my dads drivers license on the desk, it was from 30 years ago...crazy what you can find in an old desk
One Sunday, he did not make it home after church. I do not like him to take a nap so late in the afternoon, but he was so tired. He has since started to fall asleep during the third hour of church, just on my shoulder...which is nice!!!

 He loves going to the office with me during the day to check the mail and run some errands after...most days Grandma and Grandpa are there and give him num num (food)...this day was a healthy smoothie!!! yum
 Most days after getting out of the bath, he will snuggle with me for at least a few minutes...I look forward to that everyday...and will let him do it as long as he lets me hold him
 He loves when its daddy that ready his bedtime story. I always ready his cuddle book at husband said I should change it up and do a different book every night, but its just our routine and I like it...this is my favorite book and it is perfect for talks about many different things you can cuddle but at the end of the day its nice to just cuddle a little Teddy Bear
 Sometimes I just let him sit in my chair and watch some videos...this one was actually at like 4 am one morning and I needed to go to the bathroom, haha!!!
 One day, I was driving home from running errands and decided to go to the park...he had such a fun time

 He spent some of his time watching these guys play volleyball...he wanted to play!!! Baller, just like mom and dad. He is obsessed with anything that has to do with balls!!! Love this Kid
 My sisters birthday was the end of January...and we went out to eat...I cant believe it has been a whole year ...I can remember going out last year as well...Teddy is so grown up...

Last year I took a picture of Ashlee blowing out her candles and then again this year...I LOVE IT
 We over to the Browns for dinner and to watch the Superbowl...Teddy had a blast!!!

Again, I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by!!! I am happy though as there are so many fun things that will be happening in the next few months...This year has been good to us, minus the sickness but overall we cant complain!!! I am grateful for each day I get to spend with Teddy and learning so much about parenthood and watching him grow, it is the best!!!