Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Week Of Christmas


Well Monday the 24th...I had to work a little and then pack and get ready to leave. My flight was not until 8 in the around 4 my parents and brother and sister picked us up and we went to have a bite to eat. While we were eating I checked the flight status and it said it was delayed for 2 Teddy and I just went with them while they did some visits. Sam F came along and was Santa...Teddy for the third time did not like Santa and screamed. He even watched Sam get ready and was still not happy...this was just not our my father then drove us to the airport. We checked in and get through security without any hiccups. We had to wait a while longer at the gate but got on the plane and on our way by 10:30...the flight was ok, but it was not great. Lucky the two girls sitting next to us were so good with Teddy and laughed with him and that was nice
Waiting to check in at the counter and waiting for the flight...he wet through everything but lucky ahma gave him these cute Christmas jammies before we headed to the airport...they were nice and cozy for the flight

Well we finally arrived in Texas past 1 am and waiting for our luggage. Lucky daddy and Grandpa Phillips were there and we had the cool baggage claim to keep Teddy occupied. We got my suitcase and then proceeded to leave before we realized that we did not have his carseat. We waited and nothing...we checked oversize luggage area but nothing...we waited some more and nothing...there was a gentleman there but he really was not helping, he kept saying you have to wait, you have to wait. We then realized that my brother in law had insisted that they take his van to the airport that had my nephews car seat in we finally got the gentleman to let us fill out a claims report and we headed home. Teddy fell asleep on the way and by the time we got to my in laws home at 3:30am, he was wide awake and mama was tired. He was not cranky, just curious to be in a different environment. We turned on the TV for him and we just played in the bedroom. He finally fell asleep around 6am and then was up before 8. It was gearing up to be a long day!!!

TUESDAY "Christmas"

So I guess we technically arrived in Texas on Christmas and I did not really get any sleep but I also we excited for the days events...
After finally falling asleep on Christmas morning...he was king of the bed, kicking  off both mama and daddy and taking the head position. I was just happy that he was asleep and was fine laying at the foot of the bed and trying to catch some shuteye of my own...
So Teddy's cousin Liam who is 3 and a half was there and he got a train table for Christmas. He was a good sharer but did not like it when Teddy would put the car on the train track, he said "no, the car goes on the road, only trains on the track" Needless to say Teddy did not understand and only wanted to put the car on the track...haha
Happily playing together...thanks Liam for sharing
Teddy got semi into opening his presents but would get preoccupied by what he had just opened that we had to get him back on track every time...he sure got some fun things...
He liked playing with the styrofoam  peanuts too...and he liked playing his new trick of moving his head to the side and side staring at cute
This is Teddy holding the sonogram picture of his new baby sister. We waited until Christmas morning to open up the gender of our baby. I was so sure that we were having a boy that it came as a complete shock when I opened up the picture to see has not yet sunk in that our little bundle will be a little lady!!!
Yes, you can see that it was 20 degrees in McKinney on Christmas started raining around 10 am and it turned to snow around noon
As the rain began to turn to snow, I thought that it would just lightly snow and nothing would stick but I was wrong
It started to come down even more and the ground started to turn white!!!
It started to stick!!!
And Teddy was able to have his first white winter wonderland Christmas. Lucky we got him this coat...made him look like the michellen tire man but he did not seem to mind the cold and he thought the snow was cool
My inlaws asked me to make two items for our meal and they turned out good...I made a raspberry pretzel salad and some au gratin potatoes. Yummy
My brother Tanner had my husbands name for Christmas and this year all he wanted was some Oklahoma Sooner he got this polo and then he gave this sleeper to Teddy...I am not the biggest fan, well I really do not have a team that I follow, although I like BYU to do well. But I am fine with them having OU stuff!!!


We ate at a hamburger joint called Scotty P's for lunch on Wednesday before my husbands brothers family had to head home. It was good, I got a blue cheese burger and some fries, my husband got the mushroom burger and we got Teddy some grilled chicken strips that were good too!!! Thanks so Sam's parents for treating us to a wonderful meal
Look what finally came...we were able to go shopping later in the day too...we headed to the outlets but it was CROWDED and husband was able to return a shirt at nike and get a pair of basketball shoes and then I ran into gap and grab a few things on clearance for Teddy. I got him some cute pants, a sweatshirt and a hat...he was styling. We met his parents at a movie that evening. I told them that Teddy was not at the best age to go to a theater and probably not last through a movie but they got me a ticket so I could be part of the night. We were seeing Les Miserables and it was one that I had wanted to see so I was hoping that baby would do good...but alas it was not meant to be...Teddy was extremely tired and I thought that he would go down but he did not. We were sitting at the top of the theater in the corner so I was able to stand up for a bit but ultimately ended up walking the halls for two hours...I went back in for a bit but this movie is one that you need to see all the way through and not miss bits and pieces, my husband wanted to take turns coming in and out, but that would just not work. He did fine just roaming the halls and everyone that passed just loved him and he was being very socialable. There was a couple waiting for a movie that just ate him up as we walked back and forth, the lady asked if she could hold him and he went right up to her with his arms out...haha, my kid just loves people and loves being the center of attention. There were tons of theater employees walking the halls and one manager came up to me and gave me a free ticket to come back sometimes to see the movie. That was very nice of them, my in laws loved the movie and I think so did my husband and his brothers...I will have to go sometime


Thursday morning we got up early and ate breakfast with my husbands parents and then we packed up and got in the car to drive down to Houston for the day: We have friends that joined our church a few years ago in Florida that moved to Texas this past June. We thought it would be fun to see them. So we worked it out to drive down
We are all was a 4 and a half hour drive...Teddy did great
We Love the Halls...and Teddy loved them, especially the boys!!!

They gave us a fun Christmas present , our first clothes for the little lady joining our family in a few fun


Friday I was able to drive up to Oklahoma and visit my friend Dawna...I met her while I was serving on my mission. Even though she lives in Oklahoma she is part of my husbands was only an hour drive and Teddy fell asleep on the way and was such a good little boy
We at at a Chinese resturante and then had some frozen was cold but yummy...there are so many different frozen yogurt places that have popped up in the last few years...this place is called Cherry Berry and it was really good 
So in Durant where my friend lives the gas was 2.94 at the Walmart I decided to get it there...then a few miles down the road I had to stop again at another Walmart because my husband wanted me to check and see if they had any Oklahoma Sooner shirts...and gas was 2.84...dang, should have waited...haha


Saturday morning I had to keep Teddy occupied in the room because he woke up early and I did not want to go down and wake up those that were sleeping on the couch. We turned on the TV and just tried to keep occupied. Lucky there was a ball in the room and he also loved getting into the suitcase and just chilling.

I found this cute hat at Target and just had to buy it...he is getting better at keeping on hats and he looks so cute

My husbands father had a hat as well and I had to take a picture with both of them, matching!!!
 So before we left for Texas we tried to get a family picture taken but we were just not able to do I contacted our friend Liz to see if she had any time and would be able to snap a few shots of us. She Saturday we went and visited their family and then headed out and took a few pictures. It was cold and Teddy did not cooperate but I think we got a few shots that would work. We at least got one of him doing his silly smile that my mom will love. She has wanted a shot of that blown up in her house and I think we got one that will work. After she showed us the new house they are building and should move into in the next month. It was very beautiful. This is us outside the new place!!!

Saturday night late I went to the store with my husbands mother...Teddy sat in the cart like this for the whole time =)


Sunday we went to the first two hours of church and then headed home. Church was at 11 and we spent the two hours in the hall walking around. Baby was so week our church starts at 1pm and its not going to be pretty. This past year church was at 9 and it ended at noon...Teddy fell asleep almost every Sunday in the car on the way home or when we got least by 12:30-12:45 and slept until at least 2 or now that church is not even going to start until 1, its going to wreck havoc on this kid...we shall see what happens. This Sunday was no exception and he fell asleep on the way home. I had wanted to go visit a friend and thought it would be a good time so he could sleep in the car...he slept the 45 minutes to her house and then we had a nice visit and he did ok
My friend Eden had a dog...she had him in the bedroom when we first walked in but he heard the dog bark and all he started saying doggie doggie over and I had her get it out...he was so cute...the dog was more active then those that we had been would come over and jump on him and start to lick his face...Teddy would then try to lick it with his tongue. He would also bend down and be so gently and try and pet it. So CUTE!!! I forgot to mention when visiting the Leighton's on Saturday they had a great dane that was HUGE...but so friendly...Teddy got to meet his fair share of dogs on this trip. I am not a pet person and will never get a dog but he does like visiting people that have if you have a dog, we might be visiting to get his dog fix


Our flight was at 3:50 pm on Monday the 31st. That morning we got up and helped clean a little. We went to the store and returned one of the presents that would not fit in our luggage and then we came back and packed. We were ready by 12:30 and decided to leave about 1:30...I checked our flight status and it said it was delayed until about 30 minutes...we got all ready and realized we left Teddy's stroller in the trunk of his fathers car and he was at work 30 minuets away. We thought about just carrying him through the airport but ended up meeting his father halfway and I am glad we did. We got the the airport and I checked the flight status and it said it was now at we checked in just in the nick of time and made it to security. We bought a little sandwich and made it to the gate. When we got there, there were not too many people there so we thought it might be a not full flight but we then realized that they had already started boarding. I had to buy the tickets separately because my husband flew out before us...but we were able to get on the same flight home. The lady at the ticket counter said she would try and get us seats together but she said she was not able to...but we were close...we looked at the tickets and saw we were in seats 1 and 2...which are the big seats. Spirit airlines technically does not have first class but they have big that was nice. We boarded the plane and there was someone sitting in my seat...I was scared for a minute but he was trying to sneak up to sit in the front and had to move. The gentleman next to me noticed that we were together and let my husband take his seat next to me and they just switched...that was so nice...the flight went bye fast...Teddy was awake the whole time but he did good. The last hour I had on a movie for was nice that were were able to relax on the way home..
Since there was so much room at our feet, Teddy was able to go down and walk and roam a little... =)
 Well it happened AGAIN...we got to Orlando and no car seat. My husband in Dallas mentioned that he might just carry the seat to the place and gate check it but we both were like, it can't happen...but it did. We waited to make a claim and got a loner carseat and were on our way. So annoying that it happened twice. Over all I am glad we were able to head to Texas and spend some time with my husbands family. We definitely had our ups and downs but Teddy loved seeing his Grandpa and Grandma Phillips and they just ate him up...Along with his brothers too!!!