Thursday, November 15, 2012

One Year Photo Shoot

When my sister Lindsay was here I asked if she could take some one year old photos of Teddy...she did an amazing job...I cant believe that is has been over a year since this boy joined our family...

A Walk down Memory Lane

9 months pregnant with my little man
Awaiting his arrival

First time meeting my little man
First family picture
Love at first sight
first diaper change
Napping and Bonding
First time in car seat

first bath
first time on a plane
first time being sick
first time in the bumbo
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first time holding head up
first time meeting Santa
first time eating cereal
first time in a high chair 
first time semi sitting up
first time holding his bottle
first Easter
first birthday

And now one year old photo shoot!!!

Thank you again to my amazing sister...Teddy was really not in the best mood to shoot some pictures but she was able to capture him in these shots

So while she was taking his pictures, we decided to see if he would sit in the water...I remembered getting into the water while she was taking my prenatal photos...and it turned out really cool

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE THIS is to another year

End of October

When my sister got back into town we headed to Green Meadows Farm one is a place in Kissimmee, its kinda like a big petting zoo...there are certain animals that you just get to look at but some you can go in and pet and try to catch. I was happy to be able to get a duck and chicken for Benton to hold. 

Baby ducks...Teddy was not sure what to think
I wish I had a picture of Teddy falling asleep, after this picture was taken on the hayride, he just clonked out in my lap, he was so tired...he also loved ridding in this wagon instead of being held all the time...d

We were all exahsted on the way home...Benton fell asleep with his head on my head and not on my shoulder...I was so tired too that I got to shut my eyes as well. 

So Teddy for a week was not feeling good...he was just not himself and would just cry all the time. He had had a cold for a while but no fever so I was just not sure. One day I drove him to the hospital where my friend Wende works and she came out and checked his ears and said they looked fine. That evening he had a high fever and was rubbing his the next morning I made an appointment to see the doctor. I had been putting it off because I had wanted to change pediatricians to one closer to our home, but this time I decided it was time to take him in...they checked him out and said that he did have fluid in both ears, Wende said they sometimes say that even if they don't...she said that there is a chance that the fluid could have come on that fast but not sure. They prescribed him an antibiotic and steroid and we came home. That night he started getting a rash on his bottom and it was around his face too...I did not know if he was having an allergic reaction to the medication or something else. He was having a hard time drinking and was acting not himself, poor kid...

 The next morning, my husband left the house a little before 5...I had been up most of the night with baby and was tired but it always wakes me up when he gets up to get ready...he has been driving up to a different course this month and its farther away so that is why he is getting up so so early...since I was already awake I decided to start working and try and get things done before Teddy woke it was 5:15 and I got a call from my husband...he said he had a flat tire...I was so annoyed because the car does not have a jack for some reason. So I had to wake Teddy up and then drive up there, he had gotten about 45 minutes down the the time I got up there I got out and wanted to help get the spare on but he said he needed to be at work right then and left the car on the side of the road and I drove him the rest of the 20 minutes to was a long morning...and it was not over yet. I had told Wende that I would take Gardner to school that morning as well...the lines were hideously long and again the left turn only let a few people in at a not cool. When she dropped him off I had her look at his rash, she said it looked like chicken pox or something, was not sure at the after I got Garnder to school I met my father back at my house and we headed up to get my husbands car fixed for him. We changed the tire, drove to a tire place, got a new tired and then dropped the car back off at my husband. My nephew Benton was with us the whole time along with Teddy...on the way home they both fell asleep in the cute...after getting back from the rire ordeal, we got ready and headed to an association of mothers luncheon; it was at a sweet older ladies home. At the lunch, Teddy was being crazy and would not take his bottle or eat anything, it was like he forgot how to eat...since he would not sit still and only wanted my mother, we just left and I took him on a car ride. I had to go get some lab work done after the lunch, so my sister watched Teddy at my house...his rash was getting worse and we realized that is was hand, foot, mouth disease. He had sores in his mouth and the back of his throat, that was keeping it hard to have anything. I would give him fluid from a syringe. With hand foot and mouth, you just have to let it run its we were quarantined inside for a week and was so not fun, especially for a little boy who loves being outside and around other people...he was finally getting better by the end of the month and that meant he would be able to go to the trunk or treat at the church and go out on Halloween =)
someone say let them suck on a popsicle and so I was super messy but he did an ok job...I have not given one to him since, it was just hard to clean up the big mess...I really needs to get organized


 The past two Halloweens we were in Charlotte visiting the Harts...this year would have been awesome, but we stayed him...My mother, tiff and her family were suppose to fly out the Sunday before Halloween but their flight was cancelled from the Hurricane that was on the east coast, so they got to stay a few more days...Last year I forgot his costume at home but we tried to deck him out anyway...this Halloween I let my husband decide on the costume. He choose a lion and boy did he make a cute lion. We had a trunk or treat at the church the night before thanksgiving...there was also a soup potluck and some desserts...The primary had been in charge of it, so I was glad when it was over. Tiffani and Dan and baby Josie went down to the keys for two days since their flight was cancelled, so my mom brought the kids around to the different cars and they had a fun time going up and getting the candy. The next night we went to our friends neighborhood and since they live in Qutar and other places for the last 4 years they had never been trick or treating, they liked it but got tired after a little while. We definitely got a ton of candy
For Halloween we tried to get Zoe into something feminine, like a princess...but no, she wanted to be captain america, notice her pink croks that she is wearing...They loved going door to door asking for some candy, by the end of the night our pumpkins were full. My husband did not want to go out with us that night so he stayed home and I told him to pass out the candy...when I got home we had had only two kids come out and SO MUCH candy left over...we have been munching for a while...its packing on now, no bueno...but I have an excuse for looking fat =/ well sorta...more in the ackward phase, but o well
Cutest little lion EVER...he was having such a good time

We had to say goodbye to the Bates a few days later. Teddy enjoyed being able to play the last few days with the kids...he had been sick before and we were not able to go over...he loved watching them and wanted to get in on some of the action...he is such a big boy

Zoe loved Teddy...she would just smother him with love and was so fun to watch, because sometimes he would just start crying when she even came near...she would yell "Teddy" every time we came fun

I love this mom said they were both sitting up in the wagon and she slowly got him to lie down and would stroke his face...she said a little after she took the picture he had had enough and wanted out...cousin

So sad to say goodbye to this little miss...I wish I was rich and could fly over and visit them...maybe sometime but probably not...hope they can come back soon...thanks for a fun 6 weeks