Monday, October 1, 2012

Round Two Squared

Well our first round two was the purchase of our second home...
so in this post you will find out about our second round two purchase...

So for the last three years I have driven the little light blue 1993 Toyota Carolla that I drove in high school...and it has 280,000 miles and is still going somewhat strong. My husband has been driving the Mitsubishi Mirage that I before my mission. He has put on some good miles and has not been as tender as I was on the car...I think sometimes he thought he was driving a truck (his dream car) but instead was in my little we let a family at church barrow my car and so we were down to just his car and also my parents lent us one of theirs when it was needed. Well we had to say goodbye to our little blue is officially dead...I bought this car before my mission out in Utah and it has served me and my family well...I bought it with 68,000 miles and it had over 200,000 last took me from Rexburg to Provo, a million times, well probably 100 and it has gone from Utah to Texas to Florida and back to Texas and so on. It was a good little car and we sold it to a mechanic that is going to try and fix it up nice for his son; so hopefully he can get it to work and it can get a few more good year...with that said, my car was still with the family from church so we were without a car, my parents let us drive one of there's in the day and I just hitched rides when I needed to go somewhere, the perks of working from home. Well we knew that we could not purchase a new car until the close of our home so we waited and waited and waited...and finally this past week we moved into our home and we went car shopping. My father found this awesome deal and I purchased my second car...see below

He called me up and said that the Chevy dealership in town had a little blue 2009 Hyndai Accent that was a good little deal, so went and test drove it and it was nice but a little small and was not power window or locks. In the long run that is not too important but it is a nice convenience so I looked over and saw a little was a Ford Escape and I fell in love. It was a great price but the dealership would not finance because of the year of the I ended up going over to the credit union and getting pre-approved over there and then decided that I would try and get the dealership to come down to the price that I was approved for...I gave them the price I could pay and asked them if they could match that, the gentleman came back and said "do you always get what you want" was an interesting statement that I have thought about since then but in my mind, I just said a quick prayer of gratitude and headed to the bank to finalize everything. There were some hiccups along the way and it ended up being a long and tiring day but by the end I was able to drive home in this nice affordable for our family right now car...It is leather interior and drives very nice...and I bet Teddy loves being up higher and looking out the window. So we also got my car back and so now my husband has a little car to get him to work and back and we have a family car to get us everywhere we need to go. Overall I feel extremely blessed 

On a side note: one of the most frustrating things about purchasing this car was getting the auto insurance switched. I have been paying a lot for my husband and myself; he has gotten two tickets in the past two years and that caused it to be high but also our age. My father has 4 cars on his plan and we have 1 and we pay over 600 more on our premium...I was amazed when we sat down and looked at the numbers. I called around and got some different quotes and decided on a different company. So I then proceeded to give my drivers licence number to the agent on the phone and she then told me that my driving record shows an at fault accident in June of 2010 on my report. I was appalled because I have never gotten a ticket or been in an accident yet, here it is showing on my record. I also think that that might have been the cause of our insurance being so I got a number to call and I have ordered the report and hope to be able to dispute it soon; because it should not be on there and I would like to begin paying less. ok, that was more for me to read about later; but make note people that sometimes weird things that did not happen can turn up on your auto report