Sunday, August 12, 2012

Merry Day of Birth and Miscellaneous

Mary and I always get to celebrate our birthday's together...we got to go out to the Jacobsen's for their son Christian's missionary farewell talk and we got to have a birthday meal as wel;

 The whole crew...
The best chocolate chip cookies ever...
this time around they turned out amazing
 If baby boy could write in his car seat like this every day he would be in heaven...this was actually just in the parking lot of the church

A family picture after church 

Birthday Lunch


 So I had to work on my birthday all day and so did my husband. I did go to lunch with my parents but other then that baby and I stayed home. Tuesday nights we got to watch my husband play ball and we decided to go on my birthday as well but we also had a few things we needed to get done and we did not know how we would get it all taken care of. So right before we had to leave my husband came in and told me that he locked his keys in his car...we did not know what to do...he was out there for a while trying to get it and we finally found something that helped. The rod that curtains hang on...we got it inside and were able to get it open...Who needs a locksmith when you have us. So we ended up going back in and checking my husbands email and his game was cancelled. If we would not have locked the keys in the car we would have already been on our way and not been able to check the all works out. It ended up being a nice day

 My baby has a perfect round face...a complete circle
 Playing Wii Golf with daddy
We looked over one day and he was walking with his highchair...and he climbed the fireplace ledge and was just chilling...he is getting so big
 Again his favorite place to sack out at Grandma's 
 and like father like son!!!