Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ward Summer Social

We had our Summer Ward Party last week and this year we rented a huge inflatable water slid that we set up by the pavilion. We had a pot luck with hot dogs and we had a nice turn out. I decided that I would take Teddy down the slide even though I did not have my swimming suit on. 
 Nathan also took Stella down and both of the kids did not enjoy it. Teddy got over it faster but she is older and did not like it at all...
 Here we are at the bottom and since its so far away you cannot see baby boys look at the next picture to see the terror on his face...
 He got over it pretty fast and I even went down again. He freaked out again but was ok within a little bit

 TEDDY LOVES POPPIE...he could just chill with him all day long!! 
 After the party we stopped at 7-11 and got a slurpee...SO SO YUMMY 
He loves looking at my dad while in the you can see his top teeth, sorta!!!

Independence Day

The 4th of July this year started like any other husband had to work and my office was closed but since Sam was gone, I decided to put in a few hours at work and do some cleaning. Later on in the day we headed over to my parents house. We had singed up to feed the missionaries so we decided to cook the food at their house and let my parents and Ashlee eat too...We made Hawaiian rice bowls and had some patrioric items as well...we had blue jello with some cool whip and fruit (blueberries, strawberries and raspberries) and a cake decorated like a flag
The Meal!!! 
The Cake...I found a recipe on pinterest...I made a french vanilla cake and backed it...I made some french vanilla pudding with half milk and half coconut milk...when the cake was done I poked holes in it and then poured the pudding on top and let it seep through...We then covered it with cool whip and decorated with with blueberries, strawberries and raspberries to represent the american was very tasty...I think I need to poke the holes a little bigger next time and let it sit a little longer

 We tried to dress in red white and had the perfect outfit...I was missing the red but got in the blue and white...he was being such a happy boy
 We went to spider man after dinner and it was pretty good. Baby boy did ok. We waited till the move started to give him his bottle and he drank it in lightning speed and wanted to sit mom brought him down and was standing in the isle with him. I heard him cry a few minutes later and went down. He had almost fallen asleep but a woman walked by and started talking to him and when she walked out the door he freaked...its funny that he did not even know this lady but got so sad when she left...I think it is when a door opens and shuts and he does not get to go, he gets so sad...he calmed down after a little while and fell asleep for the rest of the movie 

I splurged and ate some peanut butter m&m's and it was yummy!!! Publix had a bye one get one free deal so we bought a bag of peanut and a bag of peanut butter. I had my husband hide them when we got home and I have not searched the house yet for them...YAY

Up Too!!!

Teeth is what we have been up has been drooling so bad for the past few months but he did not break any top teeth until this week and poor boy had 4 teeth come in in two days...lets just say our nights were miserable...but now he has such cute chomper... =) 
 His normal sleep position...
 How he slept when he did sleep the few nights he was getting his new teeth...he did not let go of his bottle for anything...the picture on the left shows his sweaty little head, that's what happens when you cry for hours, you get all sweaty!!!
 When I do not hear baby boy when I am at my desk, I know he is up to something. One day I came into the bedroom to find this. He found his puffs in the diaper bag and was chowing down...he was so happy

 Baby boy has started to sit and watch a show for a few minutes. So darling

 One day he crawled behind the couch and got stuck...what a curious little lad


My father the handy man who can build anything build these jewelry organization things for my mothers drawers...I cannot believe that he did it, he is so amazing. He also build her another wall hanger thing for her necklaces as well...I will have to take a picture sometime because it is so cool
I am in LOVE with the Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuit crackers...I have to be careful or I could down a box of these like that!!
 This was how baby spend the days he was teething, with a fever on my lap or sleeping on the living room floor...I am so glad that those few days are over. I know it will happen again and I am glad we survived the first go around.

Our friends the Munns gave us this high chair. I had been feeding baby in a little seat similar to the bumbo on top of the table and he was starting to get a little wiggly. He does pretty good in the chair and is starting to get good at picking things up with his hands...LOVE HIM

Beach Day

Last week I took half a day off and baby and I headed to the beach with my friend Wende and her son Gardner. It was so nice and a much needed break from work and very relaxing. I was nervous because last time I went to the beach was when my cousin was in town and baby boy did ok, but was not too thrilled. It ended up being ok; Teddy screamed when I sat on the beach as the waves came in but if I was standing up he was ok. We stood there talking for a bit and he fell asleep on Wende's shoulder. They own a time share at a resort and so we headed to the pool at the hotel for a little while after that and baby slept in the stroller for a bit and we just sat out and chilled =)

 On our way

Sleepy Boy

 in the water!!!
Baby has never worn a hat before, he would always just take it right off his head when we would put on he let me put it on and then he kept it on the whole time...he did such a good job. Thank you to the hat and for the water shirts that help keep this boy burn free and safe from the sun
Soaking up the rays... 
Me and my boy...LOVE HIM

Hide and Go Seek in Sunbeams

My husband subbed in for our Sunbeam Class today...we have two very shy kid and one no so shy kid who has a hard time in the singing and sharing time but loves class. The shy child was out of town and so it was just this one little boy. Sam had a hard time in the second hour (singing time) but I checked in on him in the third hour (classroom instruction) and they were having a blast. My husband is great at drawing, so he would draw something on a piece of paper and then the little boy would color it. He was cutting out paper images and playing some games. When I walked in our friend Porter was there too and they were playing hide and go seek in this tiny little room...Sam would hide behind the clock and PJ was behind the chair...Dakota would search and search and finally find them...haha...

 Then they decided to hide in the window...funny boys...we would dying laughing!!!
THANK YOU to SAM and PJ for helping out and giving Dakota a good time
Teddy also came early with me...I did not change him out of his pajamas before I left so I did it at the church but here he was helping me set up the chairs!!! such a big boy!!!


Why would the title of my post be poop and why would I even want to talk about it when it was not what I was sitting down to blog about in the first place; well this is more for me and not for anyone else but this seems to be my blog as of late...journal entries and things to remember down the road. The last week has been filled with more poop then I could have ever imagined...and I KNOW THIS IS THE CASE FOR ALL MOTHERS OUT THERE; I AM NO DIFFERENT...and not all of it is from baby boy...last night as we were leaving my parents house there were splotches of little poop all over their back patio. I could not fathom what it could be until two little ducks waddled up and started banging on the door with their beaks, do ducks have beaks, not sure what they are called but my mother has been feeding them in the mornings and whenever. They are not the normally ones that we have seen before but they always seem hungry and now they are pooping all over and its rather annoying; she left out of town on Friday and they miss her. I can handle little boy but these ducks better get a move on it or something bad might happen. I doubt I could ever do anything but its still frustrating. Ok, so now back to baby boy...does anyone else have a husband who gags and throws up if he has to change a dirty diaper; poor guy tries so hard; I try and make him do it as much as possible though to toughen him up and he does the best he can. 

So as I sit here I think I could be doing so many other things; cleaning my house, writing our primary program, making breakfast, straightening my hair for church but no I am blogging about poop; the sewage of the body and that is exactly what it is. No matter how many times I take the trash out and make sure my house is sprayed down with air freshener the poop smell lingers; even when I have washed my hands a hundred times, I still feel like they reak; anybody know of something that takes the smell away...yesterday we bought the next size diaper baby is growing up and no matter how many times I write about all the crazy things, I am crazy in love with him and would not change one single thing about him or what had happened since he joined our family almost 10 months ago and that is the the real reason I wanted to post today, not the poop; I wanted to post about how fast time flies. The poop was just a tangent that I wanted to remember for the future. 

On Thursday my mother had taken the car that has his big boy car seat in it and I needed to run an errand so I took his baby carrier out and put him in it...I was so amazed how big he looked...I had to take a picture...and I found a picture on my phone of him at 1 day old leaving the hospital and two days old at his first doctors appointment. I cannot hardly remember him ever being this small but looking at pictures makes me realize that he was. Also of people ask me how much he weighed at birth because he is such a big lad now but he was perfectly normal at 7 pounds and 9 ounces...he even lost weight at the begining and got under 7 but once he started eating he did not stop and has not...his weight had stayed around the same for the last little while and that makes me happy...I miss this little boy but love the big boy he is becoming.