Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Mother Dear

Happy Happy birthday to the Matriarch our our family...We got to celebrate all day with my mother. For lunch we got together with a group of ladies at church at a small Italian restaurant in town and then dinner we headed to Olive Garden. I just realized we had two Italian meals. It was a nice day and I cant believe how good baby boy did at both places. 
 Here is a picture of us at Olive Garden. Baby boy was so enthralled with the little girl sitter behind him that he spent most of his time turning around and looking at her and then turning back. I loved this picture because he turned his head to the waiter who had the camera when he called for him. Its not the best picture but it works and documents her special day.

We tried two different desserts and it was very tasty. I have tried to stay away from sweets but I splurged today and it was worth it. YUMMY...can you believe this lady is 55...I CANT!!! 

Again, Happy birthday to my mother...You are one of a kind


A lady that I worked with was baptized last month. About 8 months ago she and my boss went to Nebraska for an audit and they had a free day. They had the option of going to the zoo or going to the church historical site of winter quarters. She decided to head to winter quarters and this is where she was first introduced to the gospel. She got to see the temple and my boss talked to her about the family and other things about the gospel. She and her husband started taking the missionary lessons about the same time I had baby boy. They came along way and I was so happy to be able to be there for their special day

I absolutely love the way that she is looking at her husband. They had an amazing relationship and a wonderful family and I am so happy for them to start making their way to an eternal family
Teddy and Grandpa


Teddy Loves his Daddy...he cries when he leaves and has such a big smile when he gets home. Yesterday my husband said that his little boy was the best thing that has happened to him and he is everything that he dreamed he would be. I agree...this little boy is such a ray of sunshine 
 Matching Hats, I guess not matching but HATS 

My husband plays in a softball league with a few people from work. He would leave Tuesday evenings and baby and I would just sit at home, so one night I told him we were going to go with him and it has become a tradition. Every Tuesday night we head up to Orlando, sometimes grabbing a quite bite before or after. Teddy made some friends at the ball fields too, I mentioned them in an earlier post. I love this picture because Teddy is wearing his baseball sleeper. He does pretty good at the games. Last week it was raining so hard, we got to stand in the dugout. Their team is not great, but they try and I think have a good time. I always say at the end, its just a game
 One day my mother brought a baguette home for baby boy to suck on, someone had said that they did that for their child. Well Teddy did not do too good...he would bit off big pieces and then choke on it. He was so sad when you took it away...sometimes I stay close by and let him try it out. This picture we sent to my mom saying thank you.

Teddy loves standing on the couch and Sam plays peakaboo with him. Then grabs him and throws him up in the air. He comes down with a big smile and I know he is saying in his head, do it again, do it again. Again, he LOVES HIS DADDY

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I have loved using instagram as of late...I love taking pictures in general but then I get to pick which boarder to use and what not; it just makes it fun. Here are the most recent pictures using instagram
 My shopping buddy
 Movie Going Lover
 Yes its a pink pacifier...only one my mother had at her house...notice its upside down, he does not usually take a pacifier, he just likes to chew on it and take it in and out...anything sometimes to keep a little boy busy
 Glistening eyes
Air drying... he has such a bad rash that I let him go about his business sometimes just butt naked...
Waiting for the doctor on the table...he was very squirmy...but we were able to get some medication for his ended up being a yeast rash...and they gave me a medication for his cough and congestion glad that I brought him in
 Spiky hair at the doctors office
 Helping Ampa in the Yard...or just day he will be more helpful 
 Fortune Cookie...WHEN WILL THIS HAPPEN...I hope soon
Soaking up the sun@the parental's 
Happy Birthday Mother
Sneaky boy...he is getting very curious and getting into everything... gotta love it
This Sunday we all matched...I wore pink and green, Teddy wore blue and green and my husband had a pink tie...we did not get a picture with him because he had already changed...but here I am with my happy, sweet big boy
 One day baby boy was so sad...I tried to hold him but he wanted down but then I put him down and he cried too...someone told me that they use to give their kids pickles when they were sad and I think he is teething as well. So I gave it to him and he did not know what to think. He started sucking and bit off a big piece so I had to take the piece out of his mouth and just watch him. He soon got really sad with it and turned into below:


His sadness continued until we headed to my husbands baseball game where he fell asleep in the car but it was short lived because he woke up still sad and whiny...I thin he was just having an off day, we are all allowed those once in a while. 

We made it though his game and came home and he got his bottle and finally calmed down; it was pretty late
SACKED baby boy does not stay still at night, he moves all around just like his father. I normally find him in an odd position and tonight he had his face like this!!!
Baby boy was getting too big for his newborn car seat so we transferred him to his big boy seat. It was a sad day, he is getting so big and I just cant stand it. I am a newborn type of person and probably will always be, my husband on the other hand loves this stage and wants him to start walking and getting more personality and what not. Not that I do not like this stage, it is fun too and I do love seeing him learn and grow and he just brings happiness to a time that could not be. He is the reason why I wake up and why I am alive, I love you baby boy and am so happy you are here.
I LOVE the Pajamas from old navy and gap that are little shirt and pants...I finally found one his size at the store. He looks so big in this picture


This was the first time on the lake for my little guy...he was fine with the life jacket...and even on the jet ski for a minute...but then realized and kinda freaked out. I Just need to get him use to it because there will be many more days like this ahead...and I am not sure at what age I will throw him on the tube or on the skis but it will be sooner then later...but I wont traumatize him, I promise
 He is so cute 

Me and my little guy
  Get me off!!! 

I hope he will get use to it soon...

8 Months

My I cannot believe have fast time is boy is 8 months old and is growing bigger every day. He is very mobile and loves to crawl to places where he knows he is not suppose to be. The door to his bedroom does not latch wen you shut it and he knows that if he pushes on it, it will open. I sometimes will be working and will not hear anything and look around the corner and see him pushing open the door, crawl in and then shut the door. I think he likes it when I come over and make a big deal and sat no no and bring him back out. Its a game to him and he gets my attention. 

 Such a big sitter uper!!!
 This is his actual 8 month day...

 This is what I wake up to most mornings...I will be working at my desk and hear him awake and when I go in, he is normally standing up with his big eyes watching the door anticipating my arrival. He smiles and gets so happy. I usually lie down on the bed with him for a few minutes and play and then we come out for a bottle and food...and then on with our day

 Baby is consistently getting more independent and wanting to do things on his own. He likes to take his own bottle. For the first little while he would only last 2 or so ounces and then want me to takeover but he is up to doing it all by himself most of the time. There are the select times where he still wants to be a baby and let me know; I am more then welcome; he is growing up so fast.
 Baby has been teething and a friend said that she use to freeze licorice and then let her kids suck on them. So we tried it one day during dinner...MESSY but one happy boy
 These are baby boys friends at my husbands baseball games. I get out of the car and start walking towards the bleachers and they come running screaming Teddy Teddy...they tend to smother him at times but that's ok
 First time sitting in a shopping cart...I think now I need to invest in one of those things you sit them down in that covers the front of the cart. I did sanitize it before I put him in...and I am missing his socks, I normally have them on him but he hates them
 At my parents house he loves to play in the family room with the toys but he also loves to climb up on the couch and then try to peek his head over and watch those in the kitchen. He has not yet figured out that he can crawl around the couch and reach us...he will just watch and then sometimes whine a little that he cannot be part of the action...he will also sit and watch something for a few minutes, its not very long but sometimes when I look over I think its so cute
 Baby boy has been going to movies since he was a week old...he is still pretty good...we always sit in the back of the theater and have to stand up at time but most of the time he falls asleep and is the bestest little guy. Its nice when we go with my family because there are at least 5 people to hold him and we all take turns...if not, my back breaks...he is a big boy

My curious little boy is always going into the bedroom as I mentioned above and loves to dump out the keeps him occupied and that is sometimes all I need.

It has been such a joy to have him in our lives; we love seeing him grow and learn new things. He is for the most part a happy boy who loves to smile and loves people. He is very sensitive at times and when its he and I at home during the day, he screams bloody murder if I leave the room and he is watching. He is so sweet and loving and a dream come true