Friday, April 27, 2012

Poor Boy

Ok, so in January baby boy got sick with a cough and congestion that lasted 4 weeks and the congestion never really went away, when I went in for his 6 month appointment, the doctor told me he probably had allergies and there is really nothing you can do for someone that small. He has never really had a fever, just is clogged up. So this past week he got sick again and it has been miserable. He cant breath and coughs and it makes me so sad but it also has made him a snuggle bug at times and I love that. Along with breaking another tooth and going through a growth spurt he had been so hot and cold. Let me show you how. I will add a description at the bottom of the pictures.  
 After being a snuggle bug he fell asleep in my arms and stayed for a little while. Since I was working I decided to move in to his crib...he slept for 10 minutes in his crib and woke up coughing and screaming. I guess its better if he is propped up and why he did so good on my lap.
 So I brought him back to be with me but now he just wanted down. I put all the toys around him but all he wanted to do was go to the bedroom; I like to keep an eye on him so I went and got him and brought him back to the living room. HE WAS SO MAD, as you can see below.
 It seems like I am hurting his feelings, he is becoming so sensitive. When its just me and him in the house and I leave the room he starts to cry and when I move him back to a more safe area he cries. I do no think he has separation anxiety because he is not like this all the time, just when its the two of us. When we are out and about he still loves going to anybody as long as they are standing or have toys or food, so that is good

I also blockaded his favorite spots. He loves to go over and dump out the diapers and eat them, he loves going into the bedroom and dumping out my dirty clothes, which is not bad but I cannot see him when he does that. He loves going for the electrical wires and when I block them he gets no matter what I do he wants to go for the things he cant have, which is typical. We get so cooked up in the house and so he does a good job with what we have and I am so grateful that he is such an easy going, sensitive little boy. I hope he gets over this cold and allergies soon, if not we will find out what we can do...any suggestions are more then welcome. We have tried vicks vapor rub on the feet, humidifier and a few other little things. My friend Brooke suggested the Salt Room; its a form of Halotherapy/Salt Therapy.

 We went today and it seems to have helped a little but; I will let you know!!!

Month 7

O MY GOODNESS, TIME PLEASE SLOW DOWN...I cannot believe that baby boy is 7 months. 

 One night I woke up and had to use the restroom, I look in baby boys crib and he was awake just laying there...once he saw me awake he started moving and crying. I decided I was going to go first and then come back and hold him. I walked into the bathroom but something told me to go back, baby boy had grabbed the sides of the pack and play and was propelling himself over. I still had it in the upper position. I had to lower it and that made me sad too, he is just growing up so fast. He does not like being down in the crib but he is getting use to it. I also do not like it either but I am getting use to it too.
He seems to be getting longer too...he has pretty long legs but his torso is short...its really funny...we are just hoping he grows as tall as uncle Taylor
 We have our first tooth...I was at lunch and my friend was like, I think he has a tooth and sure enough there it was just popping through...YAY
Baby boy has crawling down but has had a hard time sitting up, his head is so large that he just falls forward...the other day I was sitting at my desk and looked over and he had gotten himself into the sitting position and was doing quite well. He now side sits alot and will sit for a few minutes ...

Birthday Boy

Last year on my husbands birthday we were on a cruise and in Mexico. This year we were home, although I think he wished we were on a cruise somewhere and had their amazing food. I made him pancakes and eggs...he would have loves some bacon and sausage but I cannot handle the smell and it gives me a headache even thinking about it, yuck. I feel bad for him because he loves it but I am also keeping the arteries unclogged too. 

Sam wanted to go out to eat at Chili's and we invited my father and Ashlee to come, my mother was out of town. We had a nice time, we ended up going to Dairy Queen for dessert and he opened his presents there. The whole night we kept saying we need to take a picture and we never did, so we took one at home with baby boy holding the chocolate malt, just wishing he could eat it. Happy Birthday to my big main man


Ok, so I have seemed to just be taking pictures left and right and I cannot get enough of them. I will sit and look at them and then do it over and over again. I just love seeing a baby sacked out; I sneak in his room while he is sleeping to take some snap shots
This is picture has a story. I was so busy at work one day and it was  when baby boy had first started to crawl around . He was tired but just kept crying. I kept saying ok baby, I will be right there. I know neglect, but I was finishing up an email and some other things. Whenever I hear him stop crying, I know he is into something he should not be into but this time I looked over and saw that he had just sacked darling...and he sleeps sometimes with his feet crossed, love least I know he can sooth himself to sleep 

 The baby whisper...our good friend Eric Jacobsen and Teddy have become best friends. Whenever he is around Teddy will only go to him and no one else, not even me...we were over at their house general conference weekend and we were getting ready to go and he was in his car seat crying, Eric took him out and he stopped and snuggled right was the cutest thing. He needs to come over more often
 This is one of his favorite spots...he is able to see me working and also see his toys and the TV if he wants to watch something. He has passed the just laying there stage, it lasted a few days but it was fun to see him just chill!!!
 Ok, so every Wednesday morning I have a work meeting from 9:30 till whenever it gets over. I try to time my morning that I put him down for his nap around that time. He usually is tired by then. One day I forgot about my meeting and had just put him down and realized that I had to use my cell phone to call into the meeting and it was in his room with music trying to get him to sleep. So I took the phone and he was not happy so I brought him out with me. I take our notes at our meeting so I was not able to keep him on my lap, so I put him in his walker and turned around to find him sucking on our broom end, sanitary, I do not think so but it kept him quiet and I was able to get through it...of course I had to take pictures...he was so happy

 He is chill sometimes and will just sit there, I cant keep him on the couch because he will come right off...lucky when Daddy comes home he can chill with him!!!

More sleeping baby. He is going over to his tummy more and more, not sure if that is ok but I move him to his back and he just goes right back over
 I put him down one morning and went to make a bottle and came back to this...he normally rolls over and is crawling and into everything but this day he was just chilling watching the boob tube... and same below...he does not do this very often...but can give me a few minute break sometimes

 We went out with the Browns to a movie and Ashlee met us there...I did not feed baby boy until we the movie started and a miracle happened...he fell asleep and slept the whole time. We went to a movie a few weeks ago and he totally was awake and squirmy, so it was nice.
 We went and got some Gelato afterwards and it was super yummy!!!

Most days we go on a walk/jog down to the lakefront. Somedays we go just 2 miles and some we go 4, just depends on how the day goes. He normally falls asleep during the walk and then I keep him in the stroller outside until he wakes up. I will just keep the door open and I can sit at my desk and still be able to see him. This day, I did not realize that he was awake until I looked outside and saw him wide eyed just sitting there. He normally makes some noise but this day he was super quiet, so I do not know how long he had been sitting there...he stayed for a while longer and let me finish up a few things, it was so nice. 
This is my favorite picture. Every Sunday is different but baby boy normally falls asleep in the middle of Sacrament meeting while I am walking him in the hall but this day he was sitting in my moms arms playing with her necklace and his eyes got really heavy, she started bouncing him a little and he gradually just closed his eyes and relaxed and fell asleep, it was so so so funny...he was still holding her necklace. We have a hard time not laughing at some of the things he does...he is such a good boy and I am so happy he is my son


Happy Easter...the Easter Bunny came to our house in the form of a baby...haha, he was being so cute Easter morning and I just had to take some pictures...For the past 32 years my family has matched on Easter...I wish I had some of the other years to show a few...I will try and find some. We had a nice day, I had sharing time in Primary and we talked about the cool material things that the kids got but also the most important part of Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

 Our Little boy was not cooperating
 My beautiful family!!!


Month 6

My main man at 6 months: he is becoming very independent, he likes to hold his own bottle but just for a minute...he sees his food and he gets so excited he cant contain himself and just lurches forward and grabs...

He loves sleeping on Ama's couch and he is looking so big

He loves holy balls...I guess that sounds weird but he loves anything with holes in them so he can hold on...this one he got from uncle Preston for Christmas!!!

 Birthday Lunch for Wende Howes...She is a nurse and Teddy loves her, maybe its all the attention she gives to him

 Cleaning out the Primary Closet; Gardner and I were having too much fun and not enough work...its hard, we have SO MUCH STUFF its not even funny

 My cousin Adam and his family came into town for their spring break and we headed one day to the beach with them. I brought the bumbo and baby boy did pretty good, I looked over one time and he had bent over and grabbed a handful of sand and was eating away. The only times he got mad was when I took the sand away, which was all the time. =( but we had a nice time!!!

 We spent the actual 6 months of life at sea world...I got a year pass and now we can go anytime

 These are so fun outfits that Ama brought back from Qatar!!! 

 He LOVES his Johnny Jump Up and whenever he knows I am putting him in it, his legs start moving!!!
These last 6 months have been filled with love, laughter and learning. I think God knew what he was doing sending me a baby boy at this time; he was not in my planning/time table but he was in Gods. I am so grateful for this little lad and all he has done for me. I LOVE YOU BABY BOY