Friday, February 17, 2012

Birthday Girl

My sister Ashlee's birthday was the 31st of January. My father wanted to make it special for her. So we went out to Charley's steakhouse in Orlando. It is a very nice place...a steak is a steak for me and it was pricey but I am glad we were able to make it a nice outing for her.
The Steaks!!!
The Gang...A little dark!!! Baby boy was sleeping when we got there, I tried to keep him up before so he would sleep through dinner...but no, he woke up soon after we got there and we all took turns standing by the table holding him. He absolutely loves being held standing up, he is so content to snuggle and cuddle if you are standing and he knows the second her sit down and he starts to cry =(
YUMMY CAKE for the Birthday Girl. I got a key lime pie as well and it was delish
Baby boy was enthralled by the candle
We came home to the door step being overcome by gifts and treats. Thank You for all who made the day special for Ashlee

Baby Boy loves Aunt Ashlee...He is a little concerned about sitting down in the picture...but at least he is not screaming...I am known for using the names of a person and telling what I like about them or a word that describes them...

Here is mine this year:





Plus a million other sister is one of a grateful for her help this last little while...everyone needs an Ashlee around and I am just lucky she is my sister!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Company Retreat

We decided as a company to not have a Christmas party and do a retreat in January or February...we ended up going on a cruise...Spouses were invited to come along so we left our 4 month year old at home and set sail. I cried on the way leaving him but ended up having a good time.
Day One, just leaving
We ended up going jet skiing in the ocean. The water was so crystal clear, it was breathtaking. Whenever we go jet skiing on our lake I always go and try and find waves and jump them out here it was crazy and way too big, I tried to avoid them. We had a good time.
We walked around a bit around Atlantis. A few years ago we went on a cruise as a family and we got to go inside the hotel and look at some aquariums and things but now they make you pay or be staying at the hotel, so we just walked around and headed back to the ship.
With the many cruises we have been on, its always fun to see what the stateroom attendants do with the towels. We walked in and saw this little thing hanging from the ceiling; notice its holding our remote. Cute
Our company...we had a nice time!!! I enjoyed the day at CoCo Cay, the private island and just being able to sit and read and relax. I was thinking about baby boy the whole time but I knew he was in good hands with my sister. Thank You to my sister and father for taking the time to help us out!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Month 4

Baby Boy is getting so big...he has thunder thighs and a monster head...they said if it grows any bigger in the next 2 months we might need to get it checked out. I just think he has a big head but if there is something going on I would like to know, so we will have to see. My little man is so so happy except when he is hungry and beyond tired. He smiles and giggles and ooos and awwws and is just so so so cute!!
Tummy Time, he can hold his big head up pretty well
Teddy loves his teddy bear. A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday morning I got him all ready and wanted to do so myself. Lately, I get him looking all cute and have no time for me. This Sunday I at least wanted to wear my hair down and put some makeup on but he was being extra clingy so I put him in his bouncy chair, strapped him in and gave him his teddy. He sat there for 10 minutes and let me get ready.
He had his 4 month shots and was not too happy for the afternoon. He screamed while they gave him the shots but he stopped when I held him after but he wanted me to hold him the rest of the day. I needed to get some work done so I was holding him and he was not too happy, he seemed hungry. So I laid him on his changing pad and went to make a bottle and came back to this, he has fallen asleep and was sacked out, maybe he was just so tired.
Baby boy and I go on a walk most days. I try to go around noon after he has had a bottle and he normally clonks out during our outing. I try and run some but I am still not in the best of shape. I have lost most of the baby weight that I had gained but I still needed to get in shape. We normally go 2- 4 miles a day and I can usually switched on and off in intervals running. This is my super awesome zooper stroller that has been so wonderful but I was starting to see some wear and tear because of using it so often and running and everything. I was able to barrow a jogging stroller from a lady at church and now it is so much easier. I hope to get out more and maybe do a 5K in the next few months. I had been training for a half marathon when I got pregnant and we will see if I ever get back up to that par
RICE CEREAL...we got to try out some rice cereal with out little man. Actually I have been putting some cereal in his bottle for a little while now, they said it should help with his acid reflux but it has not made that big of a difference, he still spits up a ton...but its all good. Baby boy LOVED the rice cereal and could not get enough he finally got mad that we were not going fast enough. He had a hard time after the first few times but he has since started getting the hang of it. I have tried some green beans and peas mixed in and he has liked that as well. The first night after having the rice cereal he slept 9
Baby boy can sit up pretty well so I put him in this little thing once in a while. He still cannot touch the ground so he cant go anywhere but he loves listening to the music and it gives me a break for a little bit...
Loving me some CHEEKS
Our good friend Summer was able to adopt a cute little boy in November. They named him Layton...we had a baby shower for her and we got some cute pictures of the boys. Teddy boy had been sleeping and so we sat him down and he immediately layed his head on Layton's shoulder, it was so cute.
He then woke up and we got a cute picture of the both of them. I wish I had the other funny picture that happened after this. Teddy got hungry and grabbed Layton's arm and starting sucking on it. It was so cute!!!

Baby boy cannot keep his hands away from his face. I have to keep socks on his hands most of the time because he chokes himself, he is so darling.