Saturday, December 29, 2012

ITS A...

Well folks...there you have it...our little bundle of pink will be joining our family around April 25th. I was 100% it was a boy so opening up our envelope and seeing girl was a shock to me. It has definitely sunk in now and I am not exactly sure what to think...because I had totally convinced myself that the baby was a boy. I am nervous that I am not sure how to raise a little girl but excited at the same time. AND THE BEST THING IS WE DO NOT have to go back and forth on a name, hopefully, haha...he said he would not change his I am going to hold him on it!!! Yay

Week Before!!!


The week before Christmas was a busy one... It all started Monday the 17th wit all my reports due to the state. I had some stinker proprieties this month but was able to get the majority of them sent in. 

 I have come to love the Talenti family likes the sea salt caramel but I am not a fan...they were buy one get one free at Publix this week so I went all out and I think tried almost every one. The first picked was the chocolate peanut butter cup and the peppermint bark; but I went back and got the regular mint, double chocolate, belgin chocolate, tehitian vanilla and probably some other but I cant remember now but they were so yummy and I definitely splurged
  This is probably his favorite thing to do...get into my wallet... seriously...I am not sure how all that fit in there to begin with. I need to clean it out and he helped me


There are some people that I had noticed on facebook that were heading to Sea World during the holidays and I wanted to go one more time before the end of the year before our pass expired. So I ended up heding up there with some friends who took their grandchildren. It ended up being a fun day...We headed to the pets ahoy show, the dolphin show, the walrus show and finally the nativity show. Teddy did fantastic and just loved being out of the house
 I brought the jogging stroller because its easier to push...yay...Teddy zonked out during the dolphin show, it was entertaining but he was so tired.
 The three munchkins before the pets ahoy show...we were never able to get a shot of all three of them looking. Teddy had fun with Ezra and Lottie boy does not like carousels...he sat and was fine until it started going and then totally freaked out...I was holding onto him so tight, he wanted down...
This picture shows pure terror as he is looking down...and I was laughing...poor kid

 We got to go down and look at the whales in their was really cool. They are magnificent creatures.  A man came down and told me to put my hands on the screen and move them and they made a squeaking sound and the whales came over and just swam right was so cool. There is a great picture on the still camera that I will try and find and post sometime...
 I was so glad that I got these two pictures...Teddy was in heaven...he could have stayed down there forever


Teddy had his 15 month appointment on Wednesday. This was his first well check up at the new office and it was very nice. He weighed in at 28 pounds...I was for sure he was 30 but I am glad he only gained one pound from his 15 month appointment. He is still in the 90th percentile for weight...but the big shocker that made me so happy was he grew 4 inches since his year appointment three months ago...he was 29 inches and now he 33...yay...maybe he is going to be tall like Taylor...either way, he is a solid boy and is such a bundle of love

 He got stuck in the stroller at my parents office...he was being so funny!!! 

 We had to say goodbye to husband went home to Texas about 5 days before us...I stayed home to help out at a wedding recerption for a friend...Teddy got into the car and just cried and cried for his daddy...if it was only a few days I might have sent him with my husband but since it was a little longer, I kept him with me...I definitely would have loved to have my husband experience the solo flight, but that's ok

 We went back to my parents and there was a present waiting for Teddy from my sister Tiffani that lives over in Dubai...when she was here in October she said she wanted to get Teddy something for his birthday but then we never got she said this present was for his birthday and Christmas combined. Teddy saw the box and went over and took off the bow and was not really interested in unwrapping until we started helping him and then he went to ended up being this amazing bike that you can push...Teddy was in HEAVEN...he was so so happy as you can tell...I need a robot to push him around all day... =)


Well I do not have a picture from Thursday but I had my doctors appointment and I had the ultrsound that informed us what the gender of our baby was. I brought a piece of paper and was just going to have her check boy or girl but the tech said that she could just print out a picture with the gender written on it. I was only slightly tempted to peak but of course did not. I left the doctors office with two to bring to Texas with me and one to leave home in Florida. When I got home I ended up wrapping them in a box and putting one under the tree at my parents and then I put the other on under the seat in my car so I would not be tempted to open it and take a peak...when people found out I had the gender in my possession they was ask if I was dying and I was fine, I have waited 22 weeks, I can wait 5 more days...we had a dinner party that night at a friends house and my parents watched Teddy for me. It was very nice of them


I had to get some work done on Friday even though it was my day Teddy had to fend for himself with playing with his toys...So I hear some paper ripping and came in to see him unwrapping my Christmas was ok though, I was able to see the gift that my sister in law Annie gave me. It was a willow tre stature that is so pretty, I love it...
Naughty Boy
We went to the church Friday night for a special Christmas program. It was called "A Night in Bethlehem" and it ended up being very nice.  We even dressed up in the attire...I am not sure if it was as well attended as they would have wanted but there was a good amount of people that did come. They had a presentation inside and then a live nativity outside and then a music program as well...Teddy did not last the whole time but he did pretty good.


Saturday morning it was so cold in our house. I had the heater on but baby's room and my room were still cold. I checked the vents and they were open...not sure why its like that. Teddy just hung out on my bed with me for a while and was just being a funny boy. I was able to get his smile on camera...that is rare as he only does it for a short time...His little toes were also cold...he definitely inherited the cold extremities from his mama...he body was warm but his poor hands and feet and nose were ice cold. I put on some of my trouser socks and he just walked around with them cute...I was able to get some cleaning and laundry done and had to do some work as well.


Sunday was a nice day as well. I did not have to do anything for primary and that was so nice. Teddy slept in and then had some breakfast while I got ready for church. After church and Teddy's nap I went over to my parents to help out. It was my fathers birthday and we were having some friends over...I was trying to wrap some gifts but Teddy wanted to be part of the action...Sam F was over and took him outside to play. Teddy loved it and spent a good deal of time out there just exploring.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

"Santa" and "Baby"

Well folks this year our Santa experience was not so pleasant. My husband was playing Santa at his golf course last weekend and so I decided to bring baby up there to meet him. We walked in the door and he immediately clung onto my arm with a death grip. My husband was saying ho ho ho and calling out his name and he headed for the door. It was so funny because Teddy loves everybody, he goes to anyone except the man in a red suit and white beard. My husband came and picked him up and he was so sad. I got it on video but turned it off because he started getting hysterical. My husband sat down and he started flailing and screaming. It was quite a scene. Lucky I went an hour before all the other kids arrived so there was no one but the people he worked with there in the background. So my husband took off the beard and revealed his face and although he still seemed uncomfortable he did not cry...he just sat there and stared after he put the beard back on. I will try and post the video if I can figure out how to get it onto my computer. 
This is a year ago when Teddy was 3 months old...below is this year at 15 months!!!
Not to happy about sitting on Santa's lap
Could not stop staring after he found out that Santa was in fact Daddy
This one is at our ward party where another gentleman in our ward played Santa.
I thought Teddy would do better with Ama, Mamma, Ash and Daddy cheering him on...but he cried again and just wanted to get down. He got a candy cane from the tree and was more content after that, but needless to say, this year was not his year. Lets see what next year brings. 
Daddy and Teddy at the ward party!!!
Teddy and Daddy at Burger King...his first crown...he wore it from inside to about here but then wanted it off...lucky I got this shot
After the ward party Teddy was so tired but we needed to bring something to my parents house. He sat on my moms lap and watched something on her phone. I love these moments. This kid could actually sit and watch whatever, its so cute!
We went caroling with my family a few nights last week and Teddy would wear the Santa hat as we left the car, while we sang and back to the car and then he immediately took it off once we were in the car. Lucky he kept it on when we got home to take a picture with Grandpa and cute!!! He loves his ahma and ampa

About 9 months ago I was walking in a store and on a whim bought a little girl sleeper. I put it in a bin and really forgot about it. When I found out that we were expecting I remembered that I had bought something but I did not know where I had put it. This week we were sitting on the couch and we let Teddy play in the garage...he came into the living room carrying the sleeper and would not put it down. It was so cute. I am not sure if he knows something that we don't know but either way, it was darling. I went back into the garage a little while later and found that he had opened the bin and pulled out a lot of clothes and this piece was the one that interested him. As I was putting it back in the bin I thought how fun it would be to have a little lady to fill it, but then I looked up to see 3 bins of Teddy's clothes from when he was little. This little boy had so much stuff...I saw his little blue car seat and a few other little boy things. From day one I have felt that this baby was going to be another boy. When I found out that Teddy was a boy I was sad but I have loved every minute of our time with him and would love to welcome another little boy too. I know or hope that they would be good friends. So either way, I felt at peace with what was so come. I have two sisters that had little boys first and then one sister had another boy and the other sister had a girl. So either way, it will be wonderful. 

20 Weeks...half way there!!!

This is the big week...well sorta the big week. I have my appointment scheduled for this upcoming Thursday. My husband leaves for Texas on Wednesday and I leave the following Monday. So this time next week I will have an envelope or box of something that has the gender of our baby in it...and then I will only have 2.5 days left before the Christmas day reveal!!! Cant wait!!! 

Sunday, December 2, 2012


It is said that butterflies in the stomach is a phenomenon characterized by the physical sensation of a "fluttery" feeling in the stomach. This sensation can be a physical sensation related to the body's fight or flight response or it can be an ineffable experience related to the psychology of nervousness and excitement. Some believe that this is caused by the release of adrenaline when one is nervous, which pulls blood away from the stomach and sends it to the muscles.

But this is not the reason for the butterflies in my stomach.

I almost forgot what it felt like until about a week ago but I brushed it off as gas…but then yesterday and today it has come and gone.

Today (which I wrote this on Saturday and now decided that I would actually post it on Sunday after much contemplation) I was having a stressful afternoon, I have had a constant headache for the last few weeks and today was particularly worse. I had work to do, my house needed cleaned, my baby needed my time and I had church obligations to complete. I just sat there contemplating what to do. I could hear my child in his room fighting with every fiber of his being taking his nap; I sat there and prayed he would close his little tired eyes and fall asleep; a few minutes later it was quiet and he had indeed surrendered to sleep and I thanked God for my sweet precious boy.

I then thought what to do next, should I unload the dishwasher and load it back again, should I sweep my floor, put away the laundry work on church stuff or possibly take a nap myself. I knew that taking a nap was not an option. I thought back to the previous Sunday when our friend was visiting us I had mentioned that I needed to find some balance and find a way to relax or something; I am not sure what I said but he said that meditation had helped him and his wife some and maybe I could give that a try. I have never really done it before and knew I would not be able to really do it today but I knew I needed to relax and just calm myself down.

The laundry, the dirty floor and the dishes would have to wait. I just needed a quiet moment. I put on some Zen and I sat at my desk and just closed my eyes for a moment. I tried to relax but I was not able to all the way; I was able to though have that moment to myself before I started to work on my lesson for church.

As I sat there I felt movement in my stomach, the little twitch, tickle or whatever you call it; I had read that you’re more likely to feel these early movements when you're sitting or lying quietly and that was exactly what I was doing. It was in that moment that I felt the sensation of butterflies fluttering and it has now been present all day.

What I thought was gas and hunger pains before, 
I could not deny now that it was the movement of the little child in my womb.

Yep, that’s right, we are having another baby. I will be 20 weeks along in a few days and I have been too busy to even think about it at times but now, I cannot believe that it is almost half way over already…I am not exactly sure how to describe how I feel now. I am nauseous 24/7 and it’s something that I am finally getting use to and I have had a constant headache that I cannot shake but other than that and being extremely tired I cannot complain. I have had a few moments when I have been close to passing out but have been able to catch myself, so that has been nice. I only passed out once while I pregnant with Teddy and I have just learned how my body reacts and before the darkness comes, I am able to sit down and breathe. 

So there you have it; not sure how things will pan out but I have to trust that its Gods will and there is a time and a purpose for everything.

I could have found out last week what we were having but we decided that we are going to wait; not wait until the end of pregnancy but wait until Christmas to open up the best gift, the reveal of the gender of our sweet baby. I decided I wanted to schedule the ultrasound as close to Christmas as I could instead of having to wait more then a month. So December 20th I will have the tech write down on a piece of paper what we are having and then we will open it on Christmas day; we will be spending the holidays in Texas this year, so we will make sure to have to papers, so we can leave one here for my family to open while we do it there. I hope that they will be patient and not peek beforehand...=) This will be the greatest gift this year, along with celebrating Christ’s birth and giving gratitude for my family and the bounteous blessings that I have received

I am truly blessed

Thursday, November 15, 2012

One Year Photo Shoot

When my sister Lindsay was here I asked if she could take some one year old photos of Teddy...she did an amazing job...I cant believe that is has been over a year since this boy joined our family...

A Walk down Memory Lane

9 months pregnant with my little man
Awaiting his arrival

First time meeting my little man
First family picture
Love at first sight
first diaper change
Napping and Bonding
First time in car seat

first bath
first time on a plane
first time being sick
first time in the bumbo
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first time holding head up
first time meeting Santa
first time eating cereal
first time in a high chair 
first time semi sitting up
first time holding his bottle
first Easter
first birthday

And now one year old photo shoot!!!

Thank you again to my amazing sister...Teddy was really not in the best mood to shoot some pictures but she was able to capture him in these shots

So while she was taking his pictures, we decided to see if he would sit in the water...I remembered getting into the water while she was taking my prenatal photos...and it turned out really cool

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE THIS is to another year