Saturday, November 19, 2011


I put on this camouflage outfit on little boy today and I found this little visor as well...Our house was really cold so I put on these socks too...he looked so cute...he is getting so chunky

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I went back to work after two weeks...It was the first of the month and I wanted to do my reports...I have worked with these properties for over a year and I did not want someone coming in and changing things up and disrupting my flow...I wish I did not have to work and I could hold my little man all day long but I have to do what I have to do for my little family right now. Maybe someday when we have more kiddos running around I wont have to but for now, I will do my best to support my family.
I had to find a way to feed baby boy and still work, that is where my chin came in handy...if I was reading a document I was fine holding the bottle with my hand but at times I had to click or type, I would just prop the bottle with my chin...I have gotten pretty good at it!!!
The day of Teddy's blessing he got a cough and congesting and started wheezing...My sister is a nurse and checked his lungs and she said they sounded fine and since he did not have a fever they really could not do anything for him, his is too small for medication. He did not feel good the whole week and many days all he wanted me to do was hold him. It made work a little hard but many times I just walked away and spent some time with him. I love this picture...he had been crying and I turned him around and started singing to him...I looked at the reflection on the computer screen and saw this...I had to take a picture...SO SO PRECIOUS!!!

2 Months

OK, I cannot believe how BIG this boy is getting. I still call him little but I am starting to say little big guy!!! He weighed 12 pounds at his appointment and has such scrumptious cheeks...It amazes me how fast time is flying by!!!

He is starting to slobber all the time. I have to keep a bib on most of the day

This was us one morning at 2 am...he still has his days and nights mixed around. It is great that I can get some work done during the day, but I get so tired as well.

We try and get some tummy time in during the day...he does not like it most of the time, but he is getting stronger...I had to include the picture on the changing mat because this is one place where he LOVES to be. He could be screaming and we lie him down on this mat and he stops...for a little boy who hates getting his diaper changed, I am suprised he loves lying on the diaper changing mat =)...

I cant believe my little big boy has been here for a whole two months...TIME FLIES!!!

Phillips Visit

While my husbands parents were here, we left little boy with my sister and mother and headed to the golf course. I really did not want to go and leave my little man but I wanted to be supportive and I know he was in good hands. We had breakfast at Sweet Mama's and the headed out to play a round!!! Last time I played with my husband it was a miserable experience; today was ok...better but not great! I love sports and am pretty good at the ones I play; golf is something that I can be good at and can stink at. One shot is perfect and goes far and the next can be a blooper like a foot in front of me and then sometimes I miss altogether. I will have to keep practicing. We did play 18 holes which was so long and time consuming and I was super sore at nights end but I am glad I was able to be supportive

It was very nice of Grandpa and Grandma Phillips to come for Teddy's is Ama and Grandma and Teddy...he is LOVED by so many people!!!
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Friday, November 18, 2011


We blessed Teddy at church two Sunday's ago. It was a very special day. Thank You to my sister Lindsay for letting Teddy borrow a blessing outfit. There were many ladies in the ward that let me look at their little boys outfits and in the end I choose a little nit one that my nephew Gavin wore on his special day.
My husband gave a very sweet blessing. I can only remember two things about it. He blessed our little boy to be happy and to serve. My friend Renee wrote the blessing down, I just do not know where it ended up; I am going to have to find it!!!
So nice to have Ashlee here!!!
My husbands parents came into town for the blessing. It was very nice to have them here

The Jazzies came all the way from the ranch to support us and baby Teddy...we invited Erik to be in the circle...the others that participated were of course my husband and his father, my father, Richard Danley, Joseph Snider, Scott Sager and Nathan Schmoe (our awesome diligent home teacher) was a special day!!!


We headed to Charlotte Again for Halloween this year...I cant believe that a year has come and gone. Last Halloween we were here and never in my wildest dreams would I think that I would have a child in one year, are some pictures from our trip!!!
Teddy meeting his cousins Braden and Gavin for the first time. The boys absolutely loved Teddy and wanted to hold and kiss him all day long. One morning they brought me their stuffed animals and wanted Teddy to have them for a while. They got their animals at build a bear so they came with names. Braden's is Bunny Big Ears and Gavin's is Sweet Velvet Teddy, so cute!!!
Our Bishop's family moved a couple of months ago to North Carolina and it happens to be about 5 minutes from my sister and they are in the same ward at church. We got to have lunch with them at Chick fil A and then we took the girls to Walmart and to a movie. I have missed my sweet Joy so much and it was fun to be able to see their wonderful family, here and on Sunday.
So I bought this Teddy bear outfit for our little guy to wear on Halloween...when it came we tried it on but it was HUGE, 0-6 months...and someone else had given us this cow outfit, so I decided to bring them both and maybe wear one for the trunk or treat and one on Halloween. Well he did not get to wear either of them because I left them in Florida. I was so
bummed...We were driving to the airport and I realized I left them in the computer room at the house. My husband was going to overnight the outfits to us but it would have cost more to send them then the actual outfit...I am just glad that we were able to take some pictures before we went, or I guess I could have taken some after...We improvised on the actual Halloween night
Sister Forte gave me this cute little Halloween onsie and so I just put it on him. It was super cold so he was just going to be bundled up and in the stroller, so I was fine with that. My sisters community had a pizza party before the kids went out trick or treating and my nephew took off his fake mustache so he could eat and we put it on Teddy...he looked so cute...It was fun to go out for a bit, all I wanted was some peanut butter m&m's and at the end of the day, I did get one. I also had one almond snicker bar, I usually do not like snickers but I really like the almond one. I had a butterfinger and a reeces and that was it, I tried to be extra careful this trip and I have been trying very hard to loose this baby weight =) This trip was so fun, the Harts are such great hosts and it is just a fun tradition that we have been able to do for two years in a row...I wonder where next year will bring us!!!


I just had to add these pictures that I came across, some of them have already been used but I just had to create a little collage of FIRSTS...First Visit to the Doctor, First Diaper Change, First Bath, First time in carseat and in the car, fist time watching a football game, first time being swaddled and first plane ride...I bet there will be many more firsts in the next little while and then I guess throughout life!!!


This little boy loves to be swaddled...from day one this is his favorite position and I have a professional swaddler in the house. Ashlee does it do good, must be back from working in the mother baby department at hospitals. I can never do it as good as she does but I try my best. She usually does it before he goes to bed but after feeding him and changing his diaper I can never get it to be like hers...but I am getting better at it...these pictures are from the first night home and now...he loves to be in the fetal position!!!

One Month

Little Boy

What a Joy it has been to have Teddy in our lives. This little boy is so precious and is LOVED by so many. In our household there are five adults to this one boy and he is spoiled...he does not know how lucky he is and I do not know how lucky I am to have him!!!
HE LOVES THIS LITTLE CHAIR...thank you to Lisa Sager, a lady from church, who has given me so many things...starting with my maternity clothes, then baby clothes and so many fun gadgets...we are so grateful for their generosity and the generosity of so many people!!! The middle picture is the first day we were home and I made sure to strap him in, but I soon realized that he was too small to go anywhere and he has not been strapped in since...probably soon though!!! probably notice the lower right hand picture and how his blanket is pink, well I came upstairs one night to this...Ashlee said she could not find a blanket so she let him barrow hers, he seemed to like it...I think its attractive when a guy wears a pink shirt but I think we wont be taking him out with the blanket anytime, it will be used at the house.
Little boy helped me out at work, he would lie on my lap and be so perfect while I would get my things done...he loves sleeping on his fathers belly and he has gone out to eat and to the movies more then any other little lad

Bath #1 in the actual bath was not the best experience, it was not the first time having a bath but he hated it in the sink too...this little boy does not like to be naked...Bath #2 was better but he still looks freaked out.

This is my all time favorite picture. I woke up one morning and looked down and saw my little guy with his hands like this. He was totally out, I guess he was dreaming of me picking him up.
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