Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Birthday

We headed out to the Ranch for my Birthday this year. The Jacobsens were nice enough to host our family. We had a nice meal and they made my favorite dessert a Texas Sheet Cake; it was DEEVINE...What fun company and what a great way to spend a birthday


I got these bracelets from my little munchkin friend Joy Forte.

The day after my birthday we headed to Kelly Park and this year it was super nice. One year ago we went up there and the weather was horrible and rainy. It was fun to spend a day of relaxing

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California Trip

I wish it was under happier circumstances that we were able to head to San Diego but we had to attend the funeral of my Grandpa Clark. Within a week of hearing that he was having a hard time he had passed on to the other side and I know that he is in a better place. Death still stings but it was nice to be able to go and attend the memorial service and praise the man that he was. My grandfather was a genuine man, he was loved by so many and his legacy will live on. Someone told me that mourning is the greatest sign or token of love so it was great to be able to be with family and friends who cherished my Grandfather as much as I didAshlee and I on the plane...FINALLY...on the way to the airport we got a call from Delta that told us that our place was having mechanical problems and it was delayed for 5 hours. We tried to inform them that we were heading to a funeral and needed to get there but they said there was nothing they could do. Lindsay was flying from Charlotte to Atlanta and then we were all suppose to be on the same flight to San Deigo, with this we were going to miss our connection. The airline did give us some meal vouchers and we got to have a nice breakfast. We did get on an earlier flight then we thought but did not make it to Atlanta for the connection. Thats ok, we got lunch in Atlant with out meal vouchers and then finally made it to San Deigo a few hours later then we should have, but we made it. My parents flight had been delayed as well so we came in close to each other and my Aunt picked up my sister so it all worked out.

On the way up to my cousins home we stopped by our old neighborhood and I wanted to get a picture in front of my childhood home. I do not remember much about San Diego but while I was there I was able to recall some things.My beautiful sisters and I. Everyone was wearing black the day of the funeral and I was wearing bright colors, my mother and I really stuck out

It was so nice to see my Grandmother

The graveside service was very sweet. My uncle and cousins are in the navy and air force and they were at the front of the pallbearers carrying the casket, they looked sharp. My father dedicated the grave and my uncle Brian sang a song. All who attended were able to take a blue carnation and throw it into the ground to be buried with my grandfather. It was very nice

All of us that were able to attend.This is a memory shadow box that I made for the funeral. I am not that creative but this turned out pretty nice. I do like the final creation

This is a picture collage that my sister Lindsay made, I think that I posted this before in a previous entry.

It would not be a trip to California without stopping at a donught shop. We woke up the day after the funeral and decided as a family to go to a waterpark for a fun day. I did not bring a swimming suit so we headed to Target so try and find one. On the way home we saw this little donut shop and just had to stop. I remember now that this was something that our family did alot while growing up. They have the best donuts in California, espically the maple bars. I ate way too many but it was so worth it. The weather was was over 100 degrees but no humid. Here we are in the lazy river
This is the swimming suit that I got, it is perfect. Here I am at 28 weeks

Here is the whole gang at Raging Waters

We could not leave the airport without getting a Jamba Juice...Razmatazz all the way!!!

Overall this was a very nice trip. My mother brought up something that is very special. Her mother passed away when she was a few weeks away from giving birth to my sister and she alway felt that her mom was up there guiding her way to earth. I feel that same way about my grandfather; he is up in heaven with out little guy and he is going to be up there guiding his way down to earth.

You will be missed Grandpa

Saturday, August 20, 2011