Friday, December 30, 2011


Teddy Boy met Santa at our ward Christmas husband has been Santa the last two years in a row but this year we finally got someone else to do it. The older kids still call my husband Samta...our good friend PJ did it and was so good. Teddy was content, not happy or sad on his lap and he is grasping the candy cane for dear life. So happy that he liked it.
Don't you love his candy cane Christmas jammies...thank you to my mother!!!

The Human Swing

At the beginning of December we got to hang out with the Jacobsen kiddo while their parents went to Arizona. I had a buy one get one free ride on the sky coaster our at Old Town. I asked Katherine if she wanted to go on it with me and she said yes. I was so happy that someone else wanted to go. My husband has done it once and wont do it again and my mother did it last year.
Katherine and I pre swing!!!
Getting all ready!!!
The others rode the little coaster!!!
The whole gang!!!

As of Late

One day my parents called and wanted to stop by to visit.

Teddy loves Ama and he loves this cute outfit that my aunt Robyn gave him!!!
This was us one morning at 2 am...I had changed his diaper and he was happy as a fiddle but so wide awake. My little guy still has his nights and days mixed around. I have tried to keep him up more during the day but he sometimes just cant help it. I have also tried to take some peoples advice and let him cry at night after 2 hours of crying I finally gave in and fed him and just had to hold him =) least he is so cute, makes up for the lack of sleep. I love his hands in the picture...most of the time his hands are like this
One day I decided to try my fake glasses on Teddy...I was sitting at my desk and put them on him, they fit perfectly and he loved them. I then wanted to take a picture so I put him in the rocking chair and the glasses would not go on because they would hit the back of the chair. I angled him sideways and got them somewhat on, he is not the best photo taker, this one is cute of him yawning!!!

Baby Bjorn

I went on Babies R Us to look for a baby carrier. I got a moby wrap for my baby shower but my little guy has not really liked it. The baby bjorn was 69.99 online and I decided that I wanted one. I checked craigslist one morning and saw one for 15 bucks. I called the lady and she said she lives up north of Orlando but she had sent the carrier with her husband who works on OBT...I called my sister and she headed over there and got it for me. It smelled of smoke but I washed it and it is so perfect. He likes it and I am so happy!!!

4 Generations

It was so fun to have my Grandma Clark here for a visit. She got to meet Teddy, he loved her!!!
I LOVE THIS PICTURE. It is a 4 generation picture of two mothers and sons. There is my Grandma and my father (her son) and me and Teddy (my son)

So precious, priceless picture!!!

Introducing Juror 124

My husband had jury duty two weeks ago and he actaully got on a criminal case. It was interesting and fun to hear about what happened and how it all worked. I think it was something that he enjoyed

Family Visit

The week after we got back from Grandma Clark, Aunt Carol and my cousin and her family came to visit. We did some fun things and it was great to have them here. They have not come for a few years
We went to Disney...We started at the Wilderness Lodge and rode a boat to a few of the resorts and got to watch the fireworks and light show
We also got to go to the Luau at Universal. Our friends the Pokipalas are the people that put it on and they are always so welcoming. When we got there the dancers came out and brought some Christmas presents, they had a huge bag for had diapers and wipes in it. They are so so generous.
My husband and cousin and her husband got called up on stage to dance

The Lover and I
The Ladies
The Whole Group
We had wonderful food and good times...come back to visit soon!!!


I have been waiting for over 10 months to go skying. A few weeks ago when my cousins were here we decided to get the jet ski out. It was cold and windy but it was the only day that we could do it. I actually was not going to get in the water but I was driving the jet ski through the canal to our lake when I came across a tree that had been cut and was blocking the way. I hoped off the ski and onto a branch of the tree but it was not strong enough and I fell into the lake. It was not as cold as I thought it was and since I was already wet I decided to ski. It was very fun


My husband came with me to Teddy's doctor's appointment a few days after we got home from Texas. It was so cute...he was kinda cranky as we got there and I was filling out paperwork and getting things situated. I noticed that it got really quiet and turned around and he had sacked out. He gets so tired that he fights and then just cant hold on any CUTE!!!

Love my little big cheeks man!!!


This year we headed to Texas for Thanksgiving. My husbands family was supposedly all gathering but each week one person said they were not coming so it ended up being just my husbands parents and one of his brothers. Actually his great aunt came for the holiday as well. She was a great help to Teddy and he loved her

Teddy sacked out on the bed, his favorite spot in the chair and he loved to put his hand down my shirt
Aunt Marion

We got to visit the Leightons while we were they. I still cant believe that they now live in my husbands home town.
We got to eat at Texas Roadhouse as a whole group and met Dawna for Brames as well...I LOVE BRAMES and it was fun to have Dawna meet Teddy

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home Owners

The day before we left for Thanksgiving break we closed on our new was a LONG process and almost did not go through a few times but we were able to close and move some of our things over before we left

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Granulation and Silver Nitrate

Granulation and Silver Nitrate, those are two words that I never want to hear again…At my 6 weeks post OB check up, the nurse practitioner noticed that I had some granulation tissue built up…that made sense for how much I was still really really sore. I just thought that the stitches had not healed correctly or I was sitting too much for work, but it was painful all the time not just sitting or standing. She told me it was pretty much just scar tissue that had not healed and that she would need to cauterize/burn it off. It was actually quite painful, she put silver nitrate on it to get all the granulation tissue off, the silver nitrate cauterizes the unwanted tissue so new cells could grow and hopefully heal right. I had to schedule an appointment for the following week to do the treatment again and they said that I would just have to keep coming back until it was gone. I went in the following week to my actually doctor and he said that the tissue was still quite large and would take many silver nitrate applications to remove and if I wanted to do that I could keep coming back but he gave me another option. If I wanted he could simply just cut it off and then cauterize it and it would hurt for a week or so but it would then heal faster and I would not have to keep coming back each week till it was gone. I went with the cutting it off and ouch, he applied local/topical numbing stuff but it was very painful...overall I am glad that I took that option. It took a week to heal and I have only had a few times where it has been really painful. Things seem to be getting better and like I said at the beginning Granulation and Silver Nitrate are two words that I never want to hear again, but I would go through it all again to have my little man and any future little lads or ladies that await.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I put on this camouflage outfit on little boy today and I found this little visor as well...Our house was really cold so I put on these socks too...he looked so cute...he is getting so chunky

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I went back to work after two weeks...It was the first of the month and I wanted to do my reports...I have worked with these properties for over a year and I did not want someone coming in and changing things up and disrupting my flow...I wish I did not have to work and I could hold my little man all day long but I have to do what I have to do for my little family right now. Maybe someday when we have more kiddos running around I wont have to but for now, I will do my best to support my family.
I had to find a way to feed baby boy and still work, that is where my chin came in handy...if I was reading a document I was fine holding the bottle with my hand but at times I had to click or type, I would just prop the bottle with my chin...I have gotten pretty good at it!!!
The day of Teddy's blessing he got a cough and congesting and started wheezing...My sister is a nurse and checked his lungs and she said they sounded fine and since he did not have a fever they really could not do anything for him, his is too small for medication. He did not feel good the whole week and many days all he wanted me to do was hold him. It made work a little hard but many times I just walked away and spent some time with him. I love this picture...he had been crying and I turned him around and started singing to him...I looked at the reflection on the computer screen and saw this...I had to take a picture...SO SO PRECIOUS!!!

2 Months

OK, I cannot believe how BIG this boy is getting. I still call him little but I am starting to say little big guy!!! He weighed 12 pounds at his appointment and has such scrumptious cheeks...It amazes me how fast time is flying by!!!

He is starting to slobber all the time. I have to keep a bib on most of the day

This was us one morning at 2 am...he still has his days and nights mixed around. It is great that I can get some work done during the day, but I get so tired as well.

We try and get some tummy time in during the day...he does not like it most of the time, but he is getting stronger...I had to include the picture on the changing mat because this is one place where he LOVES to be. He could be screaming and we lie him down on this mat and he stops...for a little boy who hates getting his diaper changed, I am suprised he loves lying on the diaper changing mat =)...

I cant believe my little big boy has been here for a whole two months...TIME FLIES!!!

Phillips Visit

While my husbands parents were here, we left little boy with my sister and mother and headed to the golf course. I really did not want to go and leave my little man but I wanted to be supportive and I know he was in good hands. We had breakfast at Sweet Mama's and the headed out to play a round!!! Last time I played with my husband it was a miserable experience; today was ok...better but not great! I love sports and am pretty good at the ones I play; golf is something that I can be good at and can stink at. One shot is perfect and goes far and the next can be a blooper like a foot in front of me and then sometimes I miss altogether. I will have to keep practicing. We did play 18 holes which was so long and time consuming and I was super sore at nights end but I am glad I was able to be supportive

It was very nice of Grandpa and Grandma Phillips to come for Teddy's is Ama and Grandma and Teddy...he is LOVED by so many people!!!
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Friday, November 18, 2011


We blessed Teddy at church two Sunday's ago. It was a very special day. Thank You to my sister Lindsay for letting Teddy borrow a blessing outfit. There were many ladies in the ward that let me look at their little boys outfits and in the end I choose a little nit one that my nephew Gavin wore on his special day.
My husband gave a very sweet blessing. I can only remember two things about it. He blessed our little boy to be happy and to serve. My friend Renee wrote the blessing down, I just do not know where it ended up; I am going to have to find it!!!
So nice to have Ashlee here!!!
My husbands parents came into town for the blessing. It was very nice to have them here

The Jazzies came all the way from the ranch to support us and baby Teddy...we invited Erik to be in the circle...the others that participated were of course my husband and his father, my father, Richard Danley, Joseph Snider, Scott Sager and Nathan Schmoe (our awesome diligent home teacher) was a special day!!!