Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rock Springs Take 2

Ok, so a few post back was titled Rock Springs and so this one is Rock Springs Take 2... The Jazzies and us decided to try Kelly Park one more time before Taylor left for college. We went the Saturday after school started and made sure to get there before the crowd. Saturdays are usually busy and you have to get there early to be admitted. It had rained every afternoon that week and I was praying that it would not rain the day that we went and it did not until after we had left. We had a blast and it was so nice and pleasent... I even tried to get some sun during lunch... overall it was a blast

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August 2010

Ok... there is no order to these pictures... I posted so many and I do not want to go and put them in order so I will just explain as I go... First up, celebrating Tanners 16th birthday in proxy... Gavin was the person who got to blow out the candles, with my help... Next was saying goodbye to Shawn who is now at Johns Hopkins University!!! We had a little going away party for him at Beef O Bradys...

Next Up is the weekend of fun followed by the week of more fun... As you can see Braden and Gavin are in many of these pictures... Lindsay drove down to Florida and then headed out to Hawaii to shoot a wedding and we got to watch the boys for a week... It was a team effort with my mother, ashlee and myself. It was so fun!!! One weekend we had a sleepover at my parents house with the Jacobsens, some of the Munns and cute little Jordan and Joy Forte. Joy has been begging to come over for weeks now and we finally set the date and it happened to be the weekend that we had more and more people over as well, including the nephews... My parents house was full of love and laughter...

We played the Wi!!!

We ate Ice Cream

We went fishing!!!

We had a huge sleepover in the bonus room!!!
JOY looked so peaceful sleeping
And Happy in the Morning
Gavin fell in love with Jordans shoes... he wore them all night!!!
The sleepover was on a Friday night and on Saturday Morning we headed over to Ranier and April Munns home to use their pool... We had a blast, they have a super fun splash for the kids too... Gavin and Porter had a blast and so did Braden too

More Fishing...

Saying Goodbye to Elder Stader..
AND THATS IT!!! What a wonderful month!!!

Britney and Ezra!!!

My good friend Britney and her new little baby Ezra came to town in the beginning of August... I say new baby but he is now 4 months old. It was fun to throw a little shower for her and spend time with friends and family. It was a nice change to have a shower after a baby has already been born..Sister Danley ordered the cake, Ashlee made the cookies and Eva did the decorations (which were awesome by the way)... So fun to celebrate

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Tanner is OFF!!!

July 28 the was the day Tanner reported to the MTC!!! Here are a few pictures, wish I could have been there... The morning before he went to the MTC he got to go speak to an EFY group. Brad Wilcox a close friend of the family asked if he wanted to come and talk to the youth, I hear he did a great job

The Beautiful Temple!!!

The last Huggs!!!

AND HE IS OFF, see you in 2 years!!!
They have changed what happens when you arrive at the MTC since I am everyone else in my family has been. They now do not have the parents and family come in and have a meeting. It is a curbside drop off... quick and easy... Posted by Picasa