Saturday, August 28, 2010


Tanner spoke in church the 11th of July... Guess who was the other speaker me. My topic was becoming more like the savior and tanners was being a disciple of Jesus Christ. I think that they went well, Tanner did an exceptional job. He had such a great crowd of friends and non members come and some even stayed the whole time. He has been such a great influence on his friends and their families and he will be a great missionary...

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Beach Day With the Harts

It was fun to spend a few days with the Harts when they came down for Tanner's temple and speaking in church... We went to the beach one day and it was divine... I went into work early and was able to take off a few hours, I am so glad that I did... We always head out to Cocoa Beach and hit up the Holiday Inn pool and access to the beach... It is such a wonderful place...

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Temple Day and Birthday

What a great day July 10th 2010 was. Yes it was my birthday, but it was also the day that Tanner went through the Temple. It was so nice to all be together, we missed the Bates, but we cherished the time together with those who were able to make it. Blake was even able to come down and my husband was able to get off work...

It was one of the best birthday's ever...
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4th of July

The 4th of July fell on a Sunday this year and it ended up being such a wonderful day. My father gave an amazing lesson during the third hour of church on religion and freedom and flags and the significance of all of them. I helped him the night before set up this huge flag in the cultral hall of the church, it was awesome. Our good friends the Jacobsen's have a son Christian who had his eagle court of honor that night too and we brought the flag out to the church ranch and set it up at their church as well... Below are some pictures of the day

We made huge sugar cookies and decorated them like flags and brought them around to our neighbors... Tasty!!!

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