Monday, March 22, 2010


When everyone was home we decided to go to Gatorland. We had a great time, the weather was nice, it had been super cold but this day it was only small jacket that was needed.

Christmas Cruise

For Christmas this Year we all went on a cruise. There were 14 and a half people. Tiffani was pregnant and not technically suppose to go but she hid her baby bump well. I have been on two other cruises before our first was on the Norwegian Cruise Line and the second was a Carnival Cruise. This was the first time on Royal Caribbean. It was a short trip but very fun... We ported out of Miami and went to Nassau. We visit the Atlantis and just spent quality time as a family. Here I have captured some of the fun with colleges. This was Sam's first cruise and he absolutely loved it and would like to go on one every year. At least that is what he proclaimed as we were walking the deck late one night. Well see how that goes, but I would say we will be going on some throughout our lives.

The food was great and they said we were sitting at the Captains table, but I don't think that meant what it sounds like. We got our food last and were the last ones out of the dinning room most of the nights. But it was pretty good.

The boys of the family braved the water in the Bahamas. I cannot tell you how cold it was because I did not attempt to touch it, which is different than the younger me who would always be the first and the last one out of the water. I am now starting to enjoy just observing. The waves were so so so big. At one point one of the waves got the best of Sam and my brother in law Blake. Sam came up to us with blood all over his face from a far it looked like some of his teeth were knocked out, but it just happened to be a bloody nose which is not a rare occurrence for him. It looked a lot worse than it was. Blake got trashed around on one wave and said he somersaulted and thought he would not be able to get air. CRAZY, anyway it was a beautiful day...

We also found a Jamba Juice that was so refreshing. That is one thing that I miss about not living our West, NO JAMBA Juice. We do have a Planet Smoothie and the smoothies at Natures Table are good, but not as good as a Razzmatazz... I had to add pictures of the little boys, they seemed to love every minute and take it all in. I love them...
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