Thursday, February 4, 2010

Here Comes Santa

Christmas Eve was so fun this year. We got a visit from Santa (Samta, from our ward christmas party) and the boys had mixed reactions... Braden loved it...

Gavin had the same look the whole time... and

Benton- not so much!!!

Each person got to take a picture with Santa... Thank You for Visiting the Clark Home!!

Sam and the Boys

So the day before Christmas my sisters all went out to finish the last minute shopping and Sam and I volunteered to watch the boys. We had a good time. One of the projects was to mow the grass at the home that we live. Well none of the boys wanted to be left out so Sam took them all on the lawn mower. They had a great time. Braden and Benton took a break half way through and came inside for a snack but G stayed the whole time. By the end they were all on the mower again. They even got to ride with him back to my parents house, which is about 10 houses down.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

For my dads birthday we had a great party. We had a few famlies come and celebrate with us...

We all got to sing Happy Birthday and since it was close to christmas we sang come carols too... It is always so fun when we get out the instruments and all the kids get to participate. Even the young boys...
Speaking of young boys. They fell in love with the horsey, AKA Uncle Sam... or as Benton calls him Sham!!!
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Get Together

We had the annual get-together with Tanner's friends families. We had an awesome dinner and a fun gift exchange. It is great to spend this time of year with Friends and family!!!

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