Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We had a fun time at the serpentarium on Friday. Uncle Tanner was able to come before his soccer practice and that was fun... We got to see the workers there milk some snakes and we jus got to walk around and see the different animals or I should say serpents that they have there. We got to see Turtles, a Pariot, many different snakes and lizards, iguanas, and alligators. I have to say that going through the snake place was kinda creepy and one of the big boa constrictor glass case has a HUGE dead rodent in it. I am glad that I was not there when he was eating it...

The boys loved the turtles and we got to feed them as well. The were all piling on eachother to get the food... It was fun to watch.Posted by Picasa

Green Meadows Farm

Last week we went to the Green Meadows Farm in Poinceana. It was a blast. I had never heard of this place before... Below are some picture collages of the day. We got to hold little chicks and ducks... Gavin loves saying "my baby ducks." Both the boys tried kissing them...

We got to see pigs, goats, lambs and ostridge's... I have to say that they are pretty ugly close...

We got to go into the duck pen and try and catch one. I got one and it was fun to have the boys try and hold i...

We also got to try and catch the chickens and they were ALOT harder... We have pictures of Lindsay trying outside and I was in the chicken coop wanting to get one so bad. I finally grabbed one by the tail and pulled it in. VICTORY!!!
It was fun to see Braden and Gavin ride the horses. They rode big horses in Wyoming this summer!!!

Overall we had a GREAT day... It cost about $20 per person even Braden but it was worth it...

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Harts are Here!!!

Well the Hart Family is now in town and life has been on super high speed!!! We have loved having Lindsay, Braden and Gavin grace us with their presence. Below are some pictures of some of the adventures so far... This is a birthday Celebration that we had for the two boys. Gavin turned 2 on the 10th and Braden turned 4 on the 20th of this month. We made a cake and the boys got to blow out their candles. They opened their present from Ama and Ampa... It was a voucher for a trip to Walmart to pick out some fishing poles. More pictures to come...
So Thursday morning I came home from the gym to find Braden ready to go on the Jet Ski... A few weeks back we went out in the water and it was so warm and today it was cold. Notice I have a sweatshirt on under my life vest. It was fun though, Gavin even joined us for a short ride, he was calling Ama the whole time we were out. We also have baby ducks that come aroud a few times a day... Gavin loves to say "my baby ducks" so so cute. They are growing bigger and bigger every day. In one of the pictures, the ducks are crossing in the water, we had to make a quick turn on the jet ski to avoid them...So so fun! We also have cat fish that we feed off the end of the dock. Uncle Sam is also so fun, the boys love him. I think his knees are a little sore from being the horse... I love the picture of Saturday morning where the boys were such big helpers. They helped Sam mow the whole entire lawn...

Baking time at Ama's is a highlight, so far we have made Pizza dough and sugar cookies... No matter what is being made, Gavin loves to eat it.
We love love having them here!!! Thanks Blake for letting them come!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Sunday was a great day. We had the primary program at church and the little kids did such a good job. There was one little boy that just blew it out of the water... For dinner we had a few extra people over and just had a great night. We had the missionaries (Elder Summers and Elder Delluchi), Shawn (Tanners Friend) and the Mitchell's (Linnie, Connie and Linnea )... Connie and Linnea were baptised this past month and are such great women... We had a roast, potato's and the whole enchilada... It was yummy...

Today was Elder D's last sunday in our ward... he has been here for seven and a hald months and has been a great missionary. They have had 8 baptisms since he has been here and they are all great people. We will miss him!!! Here is the family last night!!!Posted by Picasa

Trevor and Christina!!!

My cousin Christina who has been living here in Florida with my parents for the last year or so is ENGAGED... Her boyfriend Trevor came into town and proposed on Saturday night. We had been talking for the past little while on how he was going to do it, but it did not go as planned but it went good. They are so cute together and it is just exciting. Christina was here to help me plan my wedding and now I get to be close by to help her. She is commited to Disney through the end of the year!!! YAY for Christina and Trevor!!!

Hair Cut

So I decided a while back to let my hair grow out... I love long hair!!! Well it got to the point where it was too long. I did not ever think that I would say that but it was. I have a particular hair up bun thing that I like to do and it would not work with longer hair. So I decided to get a trim. I had her cut 3 inches off at the beginning but then with the layers she did about 1 and a half or two more. I also had her put layers in which is something that I was not intending to have her do. I am liking it so far, but I always like my hair right after I leave the salon but can never get it to look the same when I do it. I am going to try though!! Below are some weird before pictures. I forgot to actually take some pictures before I went so I went through my pictures and saw which ones showed my hair longer and then I have some new ones as well!!!

O The Cleaning!!!

My dad owns a home where there have been tenets in it for the last few years and they just left... Guess who was the one who go to go in and clean... ME!!! and let me tell you what, it was so disgusting. We walked in and I could barly breath. The floor looked like it has not been vacumed and the bathrooms looked like they had not been cleaned in the whole time that they had lived there...I grew up in a home where we cleaned the house twice a week and made sure everything looked good. It was just a shock to see how it looked... I have to say that after some deep cleaning it now looks pretty good...
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Jazzies Come for Jet Sking!!!

Last Friday we had the three youngest Jacobsen kids over as well as little Maddie Munns, who lives down the street. We went jet-sking and had some dinner. We started watching a movie but were not able to finish because they had to leave. But we had such a great time. While I was on the way home from town it started raining and I thought that we might not get to out, but the rain stopped a few minutes after I got home and we were all ready to go. There was a beautiful rainbow that appeared and we had such a great time.
JP and I!!!
Maddie, Lizzie, JP and I!!!
All Ready to Go!!! and we added Mary to the pack!!! The Jet Ski was beached and I tried to pull it free but I did not have any luck, so Sam was very nice and helped me get it unstuck!!! THANKS A TON!!!
Maddie and Lizzie are best buds and were inseparable this day!!! And I have to say that they are inseparable even when they run... 5th Graders are able to run in the middle school track meets. These two girls go out there and run their hearts out and they do really well. Their moms say that they are funny to watch and they are so much smaller then all the other girls. My mom gave me these pictures today and they are so cool to look at. Maddie and Lizzlie are in step with eachother and there is one where they are both airborne... YAY
Way to go Girls... keep up the good work!!!
We fit all five of us and it actually worked...

Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is the juicer that my mom has. We have taken it out a few times this year but not as much as we should have. It just takes a long time to use it, the preparation, the juicing and the clean up. We usually juiced some carrots, apples, celery and other things and it was pretty good tasting all but we have found a better solution.

I mentioned in the long post about visiting a family in Denver that have been trying to eat healthy and they introduced Taylor and I to the Salad Shake. The first time we tried it, it was a different taste, but actually good and something that I could get use to. Most of you know that my mom has been sick with a Kidney Disease and she is on medication that is suppose to make her gain a lot of weight but after I got home from the trip we told her about these shakes and she tried it and liked it as well.. and the best part is that she has not gained that much weight, the doctors are amazed at how she looks and we have to think that these shakes are helping her immune system and her body. We make them everyday and my dad has some too... My mom tells everyone she sees about them and Many of you have come and even tried it... but for you that don't know I will let you know what we do...

So before I showed you the juicer because you don't need one of those anymore. You can just use a blender. Which is totally awesome since most people have a blender in their home.

First of all you add your lettuce and spinach. That is why they are called salad shakes. You are making a salad in the blender. Then you add your vegetables and some fruit. We put in Carrots (not pealed), celery, broccoli, cauliflower, apples, peaches, cucumber, and my mom puts in Zucchini. You can probably add anything you want...
Next you add the juice. We usually use orange and apple juice as the main base. I will put in some rice milk and my mom will sometimes add some acai berry for added antioxidants. You can put in whatever juice you would like.

After add the juice you mix all of that together. It should be rather runny!!!

Then you add the frozen fruit. That is where it gets the shake consistency. We usually buy the big bag of strawberries and the bag of mixed fruit (mango, strawberries, pineapple and peaches) from Sam's Club. We also add blueberries and whatever fruit we have. You then mix that all together and wala you have a healthy healthy breakfast and a treat for any other part of the day. I usually have one in the morning and in the evening. It is very nutritious and it tastes pretty good too.
If you try and make one just remember that it is a different taste having so much vegetables in it, but it is so healthy and so good for you and I really do love the taste. ENJOY and let us know if you make one.