Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tanner's Birthday!!!

Tanner's Brithday was back in August!!! I just found these pictures and thought that I would post them... I cant believe that he is 18... It was right before we left for Hilton Head and Ashlee was in town... So fun to celebrate...

Styling the sunglasses... He also got some cool head phones for when he mowes the lawn...
The Whole Gang!!
Some friends over for a party... a pinata was a fun part!!!

Last year Tanner and Shawn gave Robert a huge picture of Hilary Duff for his birthday and they show up with this huge package for his party!!!

It ended up being them and Nolen with a picture, wishing him a Happy Birthday, too funny!!!
We are grateful for Tanner, he is such a great kid and smart too!!! YAY for him!!!
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Monday, September 28, 2009

So a few weeks back we had the Mortensen family over for dinner. Their son Jordan who is good friends with Taylor just got home from his mission and as we were at the dinner table we were all talking about the BYU-Oklahoma game and who was going to win, I really did not care, secretly I was rooting for BYU just so Sam would be mad but really to me its just a game and all (but I guess I like it when BYU wins as well).. Sam is a big OU fan and we were making bets at the table... Sam said that if BYU won he would shave a Y on his chest... So as most of you know, BYU ended up wining that game and on Saturday Sam came down stairs with a Y on his chest... CRAZY BOY!!! He was complaining of his shirt stiking to his chest for the rest of the evening...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Work Day!!!

WHAT A DAY!!! This past week we had a man come down to Saint Cloud to clear our his office. He was going to use a commerical shredding company to shred all of his offical papers and documents (My fathers trailer and back of his suburban is full of boxes and boxes of papers). He was going to pay this shredding company and we said that we would do it instead of the company. But the only way for us to do it was to burn it. There is a member of our ward that has a burn pile and said that we could use it. We got up and went there around 8 and we stayed a few hours, just piling papers and puttin on more wood and just doing hard labor. We came home for lunch and I took off my socks and my legs were BLACK... I took some pictures...

Our riding lawn mower is broken too so we had to do it with the push mower. My dad did some last night, I did some early this morning and Tanner finished it while we were gone. It was a team effort today...

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Hilton Head

In the middle of August we met Ashlee and the Harts -minus Blake in Hilton Head, South Carolina for a quick trip. We left on a Sunday morning and came back Tuesday evening. It went way to fast but we had such a great time. Monday we spent at the resort (Crowne Plaza) at the pool and Tuesday we went out to the beach.

Chillin by the Pool!!!

Sam and the Boys!!!

We went out to a pier and walked around. Mom is in a wheelchair because her feet were sore and we did not want her to have to walk all around...

We found this great Mexican/American/Italian food place... We had such a variety of food at our table from Seafood, to Enchalada's, to hamburger!!!
Tuesday Morning we rented bikes for an hour and we had such a great time.

Gavin did not like the back of the bike... he wanted to get off...

So Braden got on the back of the bike...

and Gavin got his own little thing that he loved... he just chilled!!!

Youth Conference

So I am now catching up on some of my pictures... Sam and I participated in Youth Conference as Youth Leaders. It was great. The theme this year was We Believe and the main focus was the 13 Articles of Faith. Each Group got an AoF and we got number 2... Thus we were the Garden of Eden group!!! The pictures are from our service project. Our Stake really wanted to have our youth participate at Give Kids the World. It is a place here in Florida that is somewhat like the Make a Wish Foundation. It is a little village where kids with terminal illness and their families get to come and stay for a week. It is a place where they can leave the world behind and get a little piece of paradise. So they planned the youth conference around this and then found out that you have to be 16 to volunteer there and some of the youth are 14 and 15. So they came up with different projects and ours was to clean up an retirement communities yard. They were sweet people and we were able to do some good. I do not have any other pictures, I hope to be able to get them from the photographer.
We brought the people there stuffed animals and they loved it. We got a letter in the mail from them a few weeks later, thanking us for our service. Yay for the youth and their hard work...

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Piggy Back

Ok, so one night before Taylor left I told him that I could give him a piggy back ride and he did not believe that I could... so we tried it out... At the bottom I am going to try and upload a video as well... The first time we tried to take a video I did better of carring him but for some reason it did not tape. This time was not the best he ended up crossing his legs in front of my legs and I could barly move, when he moved his legs I was able to walk better!!! I have this weird black thing on my head too, I had been cleaning all day and I found this sash that came with one of my skirts and I tied it on my head and wore it like that all day. Yes I am weird...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Photo Booth Family Style

So before the wedding we stayed at my aunts home in Orem and we got to play with Photo Booth on her new mac... She did not have internet at the time and I never thought I would be able to get the pictures... I am not in Utah at her home, I was the third string person to drive out with Taylor to college and now I get to post them... YAY!!! They are in no particular order...