Sunday, August 9, 2009

What Happens When Taylor Comes Home!!!

Well I called home today on my way home from church, I needed to ask my mom a question and Taylor answered the phone. I did not recoognize his voice at first but then it clicked and I was like Tay, what the heck... He has been gone for the past few weeks in Lousianna on a job, so it was fun to have him back... So for a long time Sam has wanted to cut his hair, but I always tell him to keep it longer, cause I like it... He was going to shave his head, but decided not to. Until tonight when he comes downstairs with hair like this...

Toupee anyone...

Wish he could keep it this way... but alway we are going to be leaders at youth conference in a few days and I doubt the stake presidency would like it...
I think it will stay like this till my parents get home...
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Putt Putt Golf

We had a great time last night putt putt golfing with My Parents, Tanner and his friends families (The Buxtons and Barclays)... They call themselves the BBC's... and now it was the BBCP!!! I started keeping score for myself and was doing so bad that I stopped... Sam was not on his game, but hey we were just having fun!!!

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Lunch with Friends

We went out to lunch with some friends and had a great time....
Tanner put some things on his head to entertain Hinton, my friends son!!!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Date Night

Sam and I have set Tuesday as the day that we will go to the temple. So we have been going in the mornings and yesterday we decided to go later in the afternoon because of some conflicting things in the morning.

So after the temple we usually go out to eat, and the place of choice is always Chick-fil-a, just because there is not one closer to our town and usually my mom is with us who loves to get the nugguts, and yes so do I. but today we decided to go out to eat at this mexican resturante called Agave Azule, which is right across the parking lot from Chick-fil-a. I had been there one time with some ladies and we decided to go again. So at this place they bring our chips and three different kinds of dip. A salsa, a ranch sauce and a green chili sauce. They are pretty good. We ordered some queso dip, which was very yummy... NOW TO THE MEALS!!! I decided to get some nachos that I had to bring home in a box... It was great, not to sam's meal, which is what I got the first time I came to this place...
This is the biggest burrito that I have ever seen. When I got it, I only ate less then half of it and I was so completly full... I look over at Sam after like 2 minutes and this is what I found on his plate... NOTHING LEFT!!! HOLY COW, I was amazed at how fast he ate it... Our conversation went somewhat like this. SAM "I ate that kinda fast", CAMILLE "UHH, kinda fast." HOLY TOLITO!!!
Any way, it was a great date night!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Alligator Alert

I really wish that we had the camera at the house this morning, but my father had taken it with him to work. Let me explain what happened...A few weeks ago my mom came home to see some neighborhood kids in the lake swimming and jumping off the dock, they were having a grand time. One of the fathers also pointed out that there were also two alligators not too far off that were just out there as well. They were not bothering the kids, but hey thats still a scary thing to see.

So my mom called the county to see if there was anyone who could come and remove the gators. They actually have guys that do this for a living, how would you like to be known as the gator hunter. On the phone they made sure to let my mom know that if they came to the lake and caught the gator, they would not remove it and put it in another location they would infact kill it... She told them that she was fine with that.

So a few weeks have past and nothing has happened, but we have not seen any gators. On Saturday I took out two neighbor kids on the jetski and the tube and after we were done we just sat in the lake and talked and picked up clams and I did not think twice of alligators or anthing like that...This morning I was at my parents house helping my mother with something, when there came a knock at the door... It was two gator hunters that had been out this morning on the lake, searching for the gators... GUESS WHAT, they struck GOLD!!! As week looked out of the house and into the boat that was behind the truck we could see an alligator head pearing out over the side. They had actually caught two gators this morning. There was a seven foot gator in the lake to the west of ours and then the gator that they pulled out of our lake was nine feet. It was huge...
Dang, why did my dad have to leave so early this morning, when a picture was needed so badly. But it got me thinking of being in the lake on Saturday and we were just out there and its kinda weird thinking that there was a gator across the lake, but we had a good time. It will not stop me from going out and playing in the water and having a good time, really the gators stay to themselves...