Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jacobsen's for FHE

Monday night for Family Night we invited the Jacobsen family over. We had a great time. We called them earlier in the day and their little 6 year old son JP answered the phone and before he hung up asked if while they were here they could swim in the lake... They all brought their swimming suites... We also got our jet ski back on Saturday and we took those out as well... I did a short ski run and that was so so great...

Jessica, Papa and McKenzie!!!

Looking at pictures from their trip... They just got back from a 2 week trip touring the American and LDS history sights!!!

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Sunday Dinner

On Sunday we invited the Solomon's over and also Lou Olsen (who's wife is out of town for three weeks)... We had such a great meal, steak and chicken tacos or burritos, which ever you wanted... We had so many yummy add in's and also Cancun Salsa to top it all off... We had Lou bring the drinks and the Soloman's bring the desert and let me tell you what.. You should ALWAYS have the Soloman's bring the desert... The picture below is only two of the 4 things that they brought. Can you believe these great great gigantic deserts... The one of the right is a yellow cake with strawberries and mandarin oranges... and the one on the left is a chocolate cake, with chocolate pudding (with peanut butter added in) and MnM's and Reeces Peanut Butter Cups... WOW... There were also cooking brownies and my favorite KEY LIME PIE...

We had such a great night!!!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Furnishing Ashlee's Apartment

What a fun time we had in Texas... My parents were leaving Monday afternoon and so in the morning we decided to help Ashlee furnish her apartment. She had been doing traveling nursing and the agency that you are contracted with will provide you with housing and also furnish it. She signed on full-time at the hospital that she was working at, so she had to move apartments and go buy new furniture. We were eating at Sam's parents house on Sunday night and his father (who is the vice president of a small bank) told us of a customer he is working with that works at a furniture warehouse (wholesaler, where you can purchase furniture for way cheaper then you would find in a store). We had a nice to picking out the best things for Ashlee and we got so many things in such a reasonable price range. We were able to get a dresser and night stand, a table and chairs and a real nice couch... The pictures don't do justice on how nice these things are... YAY for Ashlee and a big Thanks to Sam's Dad!!!

This is the table that was the heaviest things to carry... My dad and Sam had carried the couch up and while he and Ashlee were putting the legs on the couch, Sam told me to come down and help him carry the table. I did not know at that time that it was super heavy... Well we made it up to the third floor and it really took all my strength, I think that Sam was really carrying most of the weight, but it felt like I was helping out a lot too... YAY

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Saturday, July 25, 2009


It was so fun to go over on Sunday and visit President and Sister Thurston... They were my mission president for the last 6 months of my mission. I had the oppturnity of serving in their ward for three months and it was so fun to get to know them more. They woud come on teaching appointments and would take us out to eat at the Celebrity Backery... Such amazing people whom I love and adore... Before the mission, President Thurston was a motivational speaker and did some things with Real Estate... My dad remembers going to a convention in Kisssimme where he was one of the speakers. It was fun to hear them talk a little... It was just a great visit...

Showing my wedding Pictures... I only had them in the frames so I packed them up and brought them all..

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Open House in Texas

We had our open house in Texas last weekend. We had a blast... We drove on Thursday all day and made it to Sam's house around 9!!! It was fun to spend some time with Ashlee on Friday and then my parents flew in on Saturday morning. There were three other parties that night in Sams town, but we had a steady flow of people come... So fun to see some friends from my mission... The cake was a replica of our announcement and that was neat... and YUMMY

This is sister Ross, the lady that made the Cake... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It was the best!!!

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Dont let the FUN end!!!

Ashlee, Tiffani and Benton left us on Sunday and Lindsay and the boys were the last to leave on Wednesday... We were having a hard time believing that it was going to be till christmas that we were going to see eachother again... My brother Taylor said that he wanted to see Ashlee, Lindsay and the boys before he left for school in August, so we are now going to take a quick trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina before he heads up to Rexburg. YAY WE ARE DEFINENTLY GOING TO MISS THE BATES...

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kappe the Monkey

While Sam was tracting on his mission he knocked into a Man who owned a monkey... He remembered this and took Braden, Gavin and I to see it... The monkeys name is Kappe and he is super cute. He also loves CANDY and other random things. We brought a coke and a candy bar, that this monkey opened and drank and ate... It was so cool!!!

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4th of July

This year marked the first annual Oak Shore bike... We all met at the Gazebo that is next to our home and just had a fun little bike ride with ice cream after... The boys were so so cute...

We had fun doing some fireworks... our box was the $29.99 box... Then our neighbors started setting theirs off and they must have had the 39.99 box and there were also some more across the lake that must have been the 49.99 box and then there were more and so on, they just got better and better... We live in the best location...

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Wedding Reception in Florida

My sister put collage's on her blog and I decided to put together a little one of the reception here in Florida... We had a blast and it was just a big party... The bridal part was supose to arrive on a pontoon boat, but as we were about to get out on the boat at 6:00 it started to rain and so that did not work but the rain stopped at exactly 6:30, right when the reception was to begin and it did not rain the whole rest of the night. It also brought a nice breeze and cooler air, YAY!!! The bottom pictures are so cute of my nephews who could not resist the lake...Braden at least changed first, but Gavin could not wait, he just went out in his nice sunday clothes...

Gavin finally got to change!!!

Yacumba and Lizzette

You never know what is going to happen when night time falls at the Clarks... My parents always do something to intertain the grandkids, especially Braden... This night my dad came down in a funny dog hat and super huge sweat pants... We were laughing so so hard...
Introducin Yacumba...
These are the same pants that two years ago Tanner and I fit in together... Wish I could find the picture of that...

Introducing Lizzette...
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