Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Fun!!!

We had a blast on memorial day. The Pratts called us in the morning and asked if they could bring their boat out to the lake and use our beach, they came and invited us to come and join in the fun... You will see Sam in the pictures of the day... He suprised me with a visit and I was super happy to see him. We picked him up at the airport at 2 am and did not get to bed till almost 4. I ended up waking up at 7 and could not return back to sleep. DANG... I was pretty tired, but had a great time. We also got to go over to the Pratts for a BBQ later that afternoon. What great friends... Sam and I on the CHARIOT!!! Erin with the Kiddios!!!
President Pratt doing what he does best and Nancy too!!!
Nate and the Kiddos
Erin and Parker
Ella and Anson

Jake and Lisa Sparkman-Wedding Reception

It was so fun to attend the reception of my friend Lisa and her new hubby Jake... It was a fun luau/beach theme... My mom and I helped out some in the Kitchen and decided to wear our matching easter shirts because they were the only shirts we had with flowers on them. So below are some photos of the main event...

My Mother and I!!!
Beverly Brown and Mother Dear
The Kitchen Crew
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Sister Bright- THE HEAD HANCHO

Pedicure With Erin and Nancy!!!

Last week our friends Nancy and Erin Pratt took my mom and I to get prdicures. It was for my bridal shower present and for my moms birthday. We had a blast and our toes looks so so nice. We got to sit and talk and the chairs are massage chairs that are super nice. We had such an enjoyable time, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!



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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

What a great mothers day we had!!! It was fun to celebrate my mom!!!

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wedding Shower

I had my bridal shower on Thursday night and it was a blast... It was put on by some women in the ward and we had a great turn out, over 40 women... We had a taco salad bar and some desserts... YUMMY... It was so fun to see people that I have not seen in a while. They also played a little game, Beverly Brown called Sam and asked him some questions and then she asked me and she had his answers recored, so we got to see if we answered the same. We did a pretty good job... Below are some pictures of the festivities.

Eva and I !!! Let me tell you how awesome she is... I watched Rye her son earler in the day while she went to the school for a Mothers Days tea party and then after she came back, we went to wal-mart and then she did my hair again. At walmart she helped me pick out the shirt that i am wearing here at the party, it was a random shirt that she just pulled out and it totally was perfect, matched my colors exactly... She put in more highlights in my hair and we finished less then an hour before the shower. So nice to help me out. She even came for just a second, she left the kids in the car, eating and watching a movie. So Eva, THANK A TON!!!

I just wanted plain white plates and registered for some, but then I went with my mother to the store and she convinced me to register for a little fun set to and this is the one that I wanted and recieved, so so CUTE!!!

The Whole Gang, minus some that left!!!

My mother and I!!!
After bringing all the stuff in the house!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trip to Utah!!!

I had a blast on my trip to Utah...It was filled with so much family time. I cant get enough of it. I also cant believe that the next time I am in Utah is for my wedding. Thanks to Krista for getting married so my mother and I could come to Utah and celebrate. We also got alot of wedding plans finaliazed... I am glad that I have a few more week to prepare... Below are just some random pictures... Some of them were from my cute new little cousin Nate's blessing. Thank You for being born!!! (and to Wendy and Alan who made it all happen)
The Mackay Clan, plus the awesome Cliff at the Wilkins after Nates blessing and an amazing meal!!! it was fun to sit around and just talk!!! Such great company!!!
Nate and Mamo!!!
Nate and his grandpa!!!

Nate and Me!!
Nates Blessing Outfit!!!
My Beautiful mother!!! Who can rock any outfit!!!
Ready for Krista's reception... I decided to wear my hair in a side bun with a flower and fell in love with it... It is in the running for the hair due on Friday June 12th...
baby nate with his mamma!!!

Little Ila... My cousin Ameilia 5th child... she looked good!!!

Mom and I at the temple!!!

Cute Little Nate!!! I love when he is wearing Green!!!
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