Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Matching

Since I can remember we have matched at Easter and this year was no different. Last year there were only 4 of us though and this year we expanded our group to 10 including Mom and Dad, 4 Harts, Ashlee, Camille, Tanner and Christina... SO SO FUN!!! We were missing the Bates and Taylor and Sam, but we are excited to all be together soon... We just love love family time and always have so much fun. It always ends to fast.
The Gang.... Thank You Eva for coming and taking the pictures. Cant wait to the the darling ones of your family all matching in Green...
The Girls

The Boys!!!
The Happy Grandparents... missing Benton

Christina had to work early on Sunday and was not able to make it into the pictures at the house, but she was able to make it to Sacrament and we were able to take a picture at the church inbetween classes. The Harts had to leave right after this and it was super sad...

Lucky we are all meeting back together in less then two months... YAY
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Easter Morning

We had such a great Easter with Ashlee and the Harts here for a visit. We did miss the Bates, Taylor and Sam, but also had the great feeling of thinking that in two short months we will all be together...(minus Dan, and cant wait for Christmas) But anyway, it was so fun to watch Braden and Gavin, hunt for easter eggs and eat empty toumbs (a bisquit role with a marshmellow inside that melts leaving an empty hold) for breakfast and then found our baskets. I for the gazilenth year was the last to find my basket, but I did and I had some great things inside, including body wash, some notecards and eye-make up remover. Over all we has so muc fun!!!
Eating Breakfast!!!

Coming down stairs!!!
Watching the boys out in the yard was so cute... they had a great time!!!
Gavin ran and ran and sometimes got ahead of himself and fell... so cute
The whole gang with their baskets....

Fishing at the Munns

We had so much fun heading over to our friends house who have a pond out in the front of their house that is stocked with fish galore... Braden had a blast, he did kinda freak the first time a fish was caught, but ended up loving it. Gavin did get in on the action too...

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blizzard Beach

On Monday my cousin Christina and I went to Blizzard Beach... It is a fun water part on Disney Property. She works in the entertainment industry at disney and was able to get in free and was able to get me in half off. So that was a bonus. We spent most of the day there and just had a blast. We rode some of the slids and then just hung out in the wave pool in tubes and layed out some. I get board just laying there most of the time, but it was just nice to relax. I did get some sun and I am so so happy. Next Monday we might go again and bring Tanner and a friend for spring break. We are planning on doing something together every Monday that includes the sun, so we can look good. If I keep this up, then I am going to look golen broze for the wedding. YAY!!! So below are just some pictures from the day, actually the end of the day!!!

Burr... We are at Blizzard Beach!!!

Lunch with Friends

Today we got to have lunch with some friends and it was so fun... We went to Chimento's, its a small italian resturante here in town. The owners of the place are so nice and it is great food. I got the Pepperoni Calzone, what I get most every time I go. The last time I went it was the day before the Triathlon, so I had to get pasta, but I went back to my roots today. My mom went the healthier route and got the chicken salad salad, which is super good too... Anyway the pictures below are of our friend Cortney's little boy Hinton. He is one and such a great little boy. He had so much fun with the bread basket.

The gang: Shelly Job, Cortney Howes, Me, Hinton and Beverly Brown. My mom had just come from the hair dresser and had wet hair, she was happy to take the picture, to forgo being in it!!!
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