Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wi Bowling with the Adams!!!

We were able to go over to the Adam's (Tom and Edna) home on Saturday night. They are a cute older couple who my parents are working with to sell a home. They had some dear friends that passed away and in the will they were named as the people responsible to see their home. They had invited some friends over for dinner, but the friends cancelled at the last minute and we got to go over. Lauren and I had spent a day shopping and hanging out and we almost did not go, but ended up accompanied my parents over to their house. We had a blast... They gave us a long tour of their home and just chatted and chatted, before we ended up getting to play the wi. It was so so fun, it was the first time that I have ever played it, o wait scratch that, I did sorta play with my cousins kids at thanksgiving time, but I had no idea what the heck I was doing. We got to play bowling and golf and then I got to play my dad in baseball and I totally won by the mercy rule. WOW, so fun... I found my mom on the computer the next day looking on craigslist for a wi... HAHA!!! It is definently on the list of things to get sometime in the future. I have included some picture of the night.

Having so much fun!!!

Wi Bowling

This is a video of Tom Adam doing his booty shake before he bowled his ball!!! So cute, I also added a video my good ol mom!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Time of the Year for...?

We ran out of jam a few weeks back and my mother has been wanting to go and get stawberries to make some more... Well this Saturday she got some. There were two women (Rosa Reynoso and Jacque Leon)from the ward that came and helped out. I was actually gone shopping with a friend (Lauren Solomon)and made it home in time to help out at the end... There was also whole wheat bread and rolls too... YUMMY!!! I have also fallen in love with this soft spreadable honey that I use to get in Utah and they have not had it here in Florida until now... It was HEAVEN!!!

Posted by Picasa the Church Ranch!!!

We headed out the the Rodeo at the church ranch a few weekends back and had such a great time. We got to sit by the Forte Family and the Sorrough family!!! They had the drill team, bucking horses, roping and some things that the teams had to accomplish, there was also my two favorite... muttin bustin and the grease pigs (that is where children go out and try to catch greased pigs, the prize for catching one was a dollar).

Getting ready for the fun to begin!!!

Our Friend Renee from the Ranch was one of the women that brought out the flag. She did such a great job and even allowed her horse to poop during the National Anthum, bum facing us!!! (below)
Sheri and her Seminary Best Friend Renee!!!

Dad and Little Joy Forte!!!

Drill Team!!!
Kids lining up to catch the little pigs!!!

Rodeo: Bucking Horses

Just had to add some videos of the guys at the rodeo ridding the bucking horses... There were some men that held on for the eight seconds, but the two below got pretty rough horses... can you say.............. OUCH

Muttan Bustin at the Rodeo

Just had to add these video's from the rodeo... these are some kids muttin bustin... that is children ridding a sheep... Our good friends son JP was a participant, but I did not get good footage of him. The two here are so so funny... There is a tiny girl with a red helmat and bright green pants and then a bigger girl who won the whole thing... SO SO FUN!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tanner the Tennis ACE!!!

Just had to add some pictures of Tanner and his tennis!! Sam and I were able to go to a match, we got there at the end, but it was fun to get to see him play!!! He usually plays and single and a double match and ROCKS!!!
Not touching the ground!!!

Evan (doubles partner), Miss Moss the coach, and Tanner
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Temple Day

It was so fun to have Sam visit for a week and it was sad to see him go... We had a real amazing thing happen to us one day while he was here. While Sam was on his mission he served in Daytona, Florida and met a lady named Linda Miller. Sam was able to give her father (who was not a member)a blessing a few minutes before he passed on and she told him that that was a miracle. She then went through a divorice and some hard times. When we were visiting at Christmas time were were able to go up there and I was able to meet her. She told us that she met this great guy who was at a single adult activity. She seemed happy and right after the beginning of the year she told us that she was engaged and planning on getting married in April. So my parents volunteer at the temple one a month on a Friday morning and I had wanted to go to the temple so I told Sam that we were going to go. Turns out that Linda ended up calling Sam after he arived here and told him that she was getting married on Friday (she was sad that he would not be able to attend) but then he was able to tell her that he was here in Florida and that he would be able to go and infact we would be there anyway. It was so neat to see her sealed, her first husband was not a member, she had joined after her marriage. She looked so happy and it made me excited for June 12th... I am loving my time here though... Just preparing!!!
The wind was so bad this day and I got the timing mixed up and was not able to do my hair, bummer!!!
Sam, Me, and introducing the newly married couple Jerry and Linda Hariel!!!
My beautiful mother!!! (UGH, WIND... NOT FUN WITH BANGS)

Mission Bound Friend!!

Lauren is a girl from my home ward that is preparing to go on her mission. She got called to the Boise Idaho Mission and reports to the MTC on April 15th. She is the first child to go on a mission. I have been super excited for her since she told me that she was going and then yesterday she asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her. She and her mom had been out a few times, but were not having any luck finding anything. Well the time we spent together on Saturday was so fun and it brought me back to 3 years ago (WOW, yes it has been that long) when I went shopping with my own sisters for my mission. We started off at Ross and found a cute skirt and a pair of pants, but I was not happy with the selection of things there. We were looking for the over shirt vests things... We then hit the jackpot at KOHLS and we came home with more then enough stuff. It was fun to have her do a little fashion show for me and this outfit that you see is the one that we choose for the first day at the MTC. HOW FUN!!!

I found my name tag that I have kept in a drawer and had her put it on!!! We also spent some time going through some of my mission stuff and I had a great time recalling some stories and giving her advice and stuff like that!!!

Me and Sister "Lauren" Solomon

She is all set to hit Boise and tear it up!!! I am so happy for her!!!
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jam Session Sunday

Sunday night we had the Melick family and the missionaries over for dinner. Hanna and Maddie are usually very very shy and Sam told us that when he was a missionary and was over at their house they would perform for them. We asked them if they would and they did not at first, but ended up putting on a great show. We sang I am a child of God and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... SO SO FUN!!!
Sam, Maddie and I!!!

Christina, me, Hanna, Maddie and Samuel!!! Jamming!!!

This Elders in our area are just great. It was Elder Crystal's (standing) last Sunday in the mission field. He actually started his mission in Saint Cloud and is now ending it here too. Two years ago he took a picture in this room at our house and then here again. Maybe I will try and find the other picture... But anyway, we had a fun Sunday and love love having friends and family come over...


I got engaged in October and since we are not getting married till June I decided to have my sister Lindsay make a little save the date card for us... It turned out so so cute and I just wanted to share it. There are people who print out hundreds and send them out, but I have decided to just email it and post it on the internet so people will be able to just see it!!!

Thank You Lindsay, you are so Talented!!!
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Crazy Photographer Assistants!!

So in November Sam and I got to go to California for a few days for my Aunts wedding and while we were there Lindsay was able to take some engagement pictures. The pictures turned out great but we were wearing the wrong color for the announcement for a summer wedding. So this weekend we had a lady from the Church ranch come and take some more pictures... Each time we had a photographer assistant who just had to jump in on the action... It is pretty funny to look at!!! Our faces in both of the pictures are similar... =)

Sam, I and..........................................Candace

Sam, I and..................................................Eric
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Flowers

We had a freeze come through a little while back and did not cover up our flowers in time, so the cold killed them, not fun!!! This past week my mom went and got some new flowers and we planted them. They look so so good, just wanted to post some pictures of how beautiful they are... We planted some out in the front area and then in the pots... Come and See!!!
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