Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cleaning the Fridge!!!

One morning Lindsay woke me up at eight and she went back to bed for a few hours. Gavin had gotten up real early and she needed some rest. I decided to clean out her fridge. It is one of my most favorite things to do. When you are done cleaning and putting everthing back in, it is just the best feeling. Today after I got all the food and shelves out I got a little help with the cleaning from two little boys, I had to grab the camera and take some pictures.

Such great helpers!!!
Notice all the condements!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I did it!!!

I was going to say that after a long time contemplating I decided to cut my hair, but that would be a total lie... Lindsay and I were in the bonus room late on a Saturday night and I out of the blue said that I would love a new hair cut. I told her that I really liked having long hair and would love to keep the length but would like some layers. She mentioned bangs and I thought it would be something I would do eventually. I told her that in the morning she could do whatever she thought would look good. I have a tendency of going back on what I say, so I told her that in the morning even if I did not want to she could cut my hair. So Sunday morning we decided to... Scroll down and see!!!
The first few pictures are of my hair as it has been for a long while!!!

and the NEW HAIR!!! DA DA DADA

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Boynton Beach

While we were home we decided to take a quick trip down to Miami...There is a store there called Last Chance and there have been so many people that have told us that it is such a great store. It is actaully a Nordstroms place, just the last stuff... It is located in an outlet mall that is really ghetto, but it is a cool place. Lindsay found some great deals for the boys and for Blake and actually a cute outfit for herself. I on the other hand was really not in the shopping mood, dang... Maybe sometime soon... But anyway after the afternoon of shopping we drove an hour north the Boynton Beach where we stayed the night. Lindsay's friend Marliss and her two adorable girls met us there and we just had a great time. Picture us in a small hotel room... Three adults and four small kids.. The night was not all that bad and the next day we got to go to the beach.. The weather had been bad for the few days up until we went and this day was pretty nice, it was 70 degrees, but the wind was super bad. We lasted and hour and then made out way back home!!!
Braden got brave enough to go to the waters edge and when the water would touch his feet, he would take off running!!!
Lindsay and the Boys... so cute!!!

Braden bought a bucket and shovel from the dollar store the day before, it got alot of use...

Wavvey was so cute in the sad, when I first put him down in it, he just sat there and did not move, but after a while he got use to it and had fun, he would get up and try to run and would always just fall over, it was so adorable to see him get up and try again... We had such a great time...
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I just had to post the washing of the blanket or the "bank" "bank" as Gavin calls it... It had gotten very dirty and needed washing... Gavin loves the washing machine; putting things in and watching them when we put in this load he was more then willing to help!!!
he found out that his blanket was in there!!!
He was so so sad!!!
The waiting seemed like forever...
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Monkey Joes

I dont know if anyone has heard of Monkey Joes, there are probably tons of places like this but it is a big room with tons of slides and blow up things!!! Actually as I recall there use to be a place like this in Orem Utah where we went a few times before it closed... But anyway we have gone tons of times to the one in Charlotte and did not even know that they had one in Florida. We went to the movies one night and saw it on the way. Lindsay and I decided to take the boys one day and we just had a blast... The boys faces are priceless on the big slides...

Braden and I on the Pirate Ship!!!
Gavin and the Whale!!!

Linz and the Boys!!!

Gavin absolutly loved this slide...this is his face everytime he went down!
Gavin and his "Pretty" smile..
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Walt Disney World

Christina was able to get us into Disney one day and we had so so much fun. We got there around 10 and by 8 that night we were so so tired, really Braden fell asleep in the car between the parks and we ended up having to carry him, he is such a big boy and was very very heavy... We had so much fun and it is just so nice to be able to take the boys when they come and have them expierence the fun. I just cant imagine the people that come for more then a day, some as long as a week. WOW!!!
Gavin and I on the Buzz Lightyear Ride...
In Jail!!!
After a little while Gavin got droopy eyes and was bobbing his head in the stroller... My mom put his head back on a sweater and he was out!!!

The one ride that I will NEVER go on are the tea cups... Braden and Lindsay braved the spinning and actually Christina went too... I just can not handle them...

Braden had been watching Aladian and Return of Jafar alot and the magic carpets were the ride that he wanted to go on the most...
The Rollercoaster the was a tad bit scary, but he liked it!!!
Braden the Race Car Driver!!!
The Whole Crew!!!
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Gavin at Disney!!!

Little Wavvy!!! He is just so cute!!! and then there is Braden, who is also cute!!!

Gavin and Hi Ya!!!

At the end of this video is something that Gavin has just begun to do. He has been watching Braden and hit Karate class and has started doing some of his own. If you say Hi Ya, Hi Ya, Hi Ya... to him he will move his fist and do it too!!! SO CUTE!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ashlee's Birthday

This is the cake that we made for Ashee, Braden was the frost man!!!

We had a fun night planned we decided to go the cheesecake factory for dinner and then head over to a comedy club downtown. We had been to this place over 8 years ago and thought it would be fun. We got a baby sitter for the boys and that was so nice. We were running a little late and had to wait for dinner and we ended up staying at the table for almost three hours eating and talking. Mom got lettuce wraps and shared with all of us. Tanner for little hamburgers or something like that. Dad got a salisbury steak that was very yummy. Ash and Linz got a pasta dish and I got orange chicken. It was fun to try everything and just be together. We ended up getting three cheesecakes that we so so yummy and we really just rolled out.

Sharing the Lettuce Wraps: Thanks MOM!!!
After opening the fun gifts!!!
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Fun at the Clarks!!!

Making Monday night dinner!!!
What happens when Braden helps Ama make brownies!!!

It was fast sunday and I wanted to take a lick so bad, but restrained!!!

Wavvy and Ama!!!

Braden and Uncle T!!!
What great Brothers!!!

Making bread with Ama!!!

Fishing on the dock with the new fishing pole that Braden got for Christmas!!!

Don't you love the outfit!!! The life vest and boots are so so cute!!!

G always wants in on the action!!!