Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bipolar Texas!!!

Well I have to say that I really do not like the bipolar Texas weather... One day it will be 75 degrees and then then next in the 30's, then back up and back down...My body does not know what do to!!! So yesterday we had an ice storm, all the school districts in North Texas were closed yesterday and today. WOW... I took a test yesterday at the college and I was thinking about changing it from the scheduled 9am to 1pm, but then the college closed at 12... I am glad that I did not change it.

When I got up this morning, I finished packing my things and went out to my car, only to find MY CAR FROZEN SOLID!!! All the doors were frozen shut and not with just a thin but a super thick sheet of ice. I was sitting there contemplating what to do and a guy walks over and asked if I had anything to pry his door open. He used my ice scraper and jared his door open.. Note to self- where ever you live always have an ice scraper, I am watching the news just now and they just said that most people are going to be going out and ended an ice scraper today... So this nice guy then came over and helped me open my door. I let him use my scraper to get his car cleared, I actually had a second scraper that was half broken off and we worked together on my car. It took over 45 minutes but its better now. We had to use the edge of the scraper to get through the ice and then just chop away at the windows. WOW!!! Ashlee had to wait at work for her defroster and clear her windows because she does not have a scraper, I think I am going to leave one of mine with hers... When she gets home we will finshing out preperations and then leave to head HOME to FLORIDA!!! YEAH!!

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm Leaving!!!

Well I got a call from my dad a few weeks ago and he asked me if I wanted to come to Florida and work for him and live at home. I could not reject an offer like that. So this Wednesday Ashlee and I are heading out on a road trip... We are driving my car home and then she will fly back... She was planning on coming out to Florida anyway for a visit and it is just perfect timing... Lindsay and the boys are also coming and it is just going to be so fun. I am Sad to leave Sam and Ash in Texas, but I am also happy to be with the family for the last months of my single life. I will be there when Taylor gets home and that is just going to be so so fun!!! I am finishing up my application for the dental hygiene program here in Texas. I have to take a test this Tuesday and I am so not looking forward to it. It is an appitude, spelling and some other weird things. I dont know what it has to do with cleaning someone's teeth, but you have to do what you have to do. Other then that I am just packing and getting ready to go!!! BELOW I SHOW YOU MY MIXED EMOTIONS...



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Visiting Eden and Her New Dogs!!!

This is Eden, whom I met while serving in Texas!!! She is so wonderful and let me come and visit her today!!! These are her new dogs Mellow and Hirschy (they already had these names before she got them). She had been looking for some time for the perfect dog and found these two at an animal shelter... They have been together for the last few years and she did not want to seperate them so she got them both... So cute and mellow, wait thats the black dogs name... and he other cool thing is that Eden's last name is Hirschy and that is the name of the other dog!!!

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WARNING: When Hot Glass meets Cold Water!!!

I was in the room reading when I hear something crack and Ashlee hinda gasp... She had taken her food out of the pan and put it in the sink and put on the cold water and the it shattered... SO SAD IT WAS HER FAVORITE PAN!!! NOTE TO ALL: DONT PUT HOT PAN IN SINK AND POUR COLD WATER...

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Seeing Dawna in McKinney

Dawna Jo is such a wonderful woman. She was living in Coppell when I served there over two years ago, I got to go with her to the temple and then she moved to Oklahoma... Her ward is part of the McKinney Stake and she is the Young Womens President, so she came down for a New Year activity and we got to see her... It was so great!!! I cant believe how fast time flies!!!

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Phillips Family Photos

Last Sunday we had a girl come and take some pictures of the family... This has been the first time in a few years that everyone has been together at one time and Dave and Marilyn thought it would be nice to take some pictures together... I have to say that no one ended up crying, as we were posing for pictures and getting situated, I would often think back to the many photo sessions as a child and most every time there was someone who ended up crying and it was most of the time me... but this time around I did better... Just scroll down and there are some individual pictures and then some more of everybody.... I cant believe that it is 2009!!! WOW... Heres to a new year!!!The Whole Family!!!
Mom and Dad and the Boys!!!

Dave and Marilyn!!!
Sam and I!!!
Marshall and Sara!!!
Callan, Karey and Ian!!!

Whole Family on the Stairs!!!

Just the Boys!!!

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