Thursday, November 6, 2008

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I love "Texas" and I love "Sam"

I decided to tweek!!! YEAH

I did this in my last area on my mission...We found a little beach on the bank of a river and I thought it would be fun!!! I remember my sister doing the same thing!!!

Eternity with Sam!!!

Well Sam invited me to come down to Utah on the weekend of the 25th of October and it proved to be the best weekend ever and I was suffering from a cold and it was still awesome... We ended up going to the BYU football game and they won, it was way to close for me, but a V is a V... So after the game we headed up the canyon and went to a park...Sam had wanted to go on a hike and in my mind I was not feeling all that up to walking up a mountain, but I was like, "lets go"... We made it a little ways and then stopped at the river bank and just started talking... The trees were so beautiful, there were so many different colors and it was just so relaxing... We listened to the water run and surrounding things too... I then looked at him and could just tell that he was up to something he had that look in his eye... He told me that I was his best friend and then went on to stand and pull something out of his pocket!!! A RING!!! He simply asked me to marry him and I gave him a hug and said YES!!! So thats the story and i'm sticking to it!!!

Well WOW, lookie here!!! I am engaged and just so so happy... We went to my aunt and uncles house afterwards and they took this picture and now that I look back on that day, I forgot that I did not even wear make up... Thanks hon!!! I dont think I will forget again!!! Well probably sometime but hey, its all good...

Weatherford with Sister Stevens (AGAIN)

Temple Trip in October... What a beautiful day with beautiful sisters...

Out front at a members house... Their driveway was a mile long, so thats a long shot... We were ok with going up though...

This is WASH AWAY YOU SINS hand soap at a members home... AWESOME

Making my HORNS... so so fun!!!

Colleyville with Sister Cardinal

On exchanges with Sister Hendrickson, who is now married.. WOW

My shirt fell in the tolit on preperation day and I had to play outside in a black think sweater, UGH... Always be careful around an open tolit...

At a High School Football, you know how those games can get... We got permission to go and watch one of our investigators daughters dance at half time and the first half went so long that we almost had to leave before she danced... It was funny to see the members look at us and be like what are you doing here... It was fun...

First Sunday with Sister Cardinal!!!

Colleyville with Sister Lambrechtsen

Wearing Andy's neckalce and trying to act like a thug!!! Andy is now on a mission in Philly and is just tearing it up!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Coppell with Sister Stevens

Me and my BLOND hair!!! Wow, what was I thinking... it does not look that bad...

This is the aftermath of a tornado that riped through the area... I was actually in another area on an exchange when this happened here, but I still was able to expierence a tornado in that area and have to sit in a closet for 4 hours with a sister that I had only met an hour before...It was a neat expierence becasue the next day I was called to move to the area that I had been on exchanges too and that sister who I got to know better after 4 hours in a dark closet was now my new companion...The Lord works in mysterious ways...

Sister Henderson and I met at the temple again... It was fun to see her again, it has been a long time...I think 6 months...

Coppell with Sister Thorpe

Zone Conference March 2007

I like Snakes...

Cleaning a kitchen!!! WOW

My packages at the Christmas Zone Conference, I have a family that loves me... WOW... I did feel kind of bad having the Elders carry all my things out to the car, I felt loved but bad for the others that did not get anything...

Joshua with Sister Carter!!!

GO TEXAS!!! The members were not home, so we just put the camera on a ledge and set the automatic timer!!!

Sister Carter and I!!!

A very heavy roof on the grahm cracker house and fell apart!!!
My adopted little sister that I have always wanted... KATIE!!!
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Joshua with Sister Henderson

Riding a guys bike in a very thin Jody dress in 110 degree weather, really really far... This picture was taken before we went out on our adventure, I was not smiling by the end!!!

Finding "Texas" and "Mission" Streets that Crossed!!!

With Sister Henderson at the Dallas Temple

All the beautiful sisters... Sister Hicken and I stand out as the only sisters not in the traditional black skirt and black jacket... I was most of the time the sister that stood out with all the different colors!!! I was fine with that!
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Well since the previous entry was pictures from my mission reunion, I thought that I would post a few of my favorite pictures from each point in my mission, starting here with the MTC!!!
This is my district!!!!

These are all of us sisters!!!

Sister John and I!!!

I love this picture of the Savior with John the Baptist!!!

Conference Weekend and Mission Reunions

Spending Time with Scott and Brittney and Jake and Lisa... So So FUN!!!

Mandee Henserson and I... My Trainer!!!

All of us at the misssion reunion it is kinda dark and you cant see anyone all that well, but it gives you a nice vision of what it was all about... It was so fun to see my companions and those Elders and Sisters that I served with and especailly so fun to see the Crocketts!!!
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hanging out in Rexburg

Lisa is so so cute, she was so nice to let us come over and visit...

Look at that cute fake dimple!!! I dont know what I was doing in this picture, I guess I was just being me!!!
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