Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ice Scuptures at the Gaylord Texas Hotel!!!

They have an amazing Ice Sculpture presentation at the Gaylord Hotels across the country, some friends went to the one in Florida and I heard that it was pretty cool. We ended up being able to go here in Texas... It was pretty neat... Before heading in they have these huge ski jackets that you can put on. They keep the place at nine degrees and it was pretty cold. Overall it was great, beautiful sculptures, including the one below of the nativity. I was amazed at how they could also have colored ice. They had a cool room with Ice Slides and I had some pictures but they are not included. I tried to go down it and got stuck, pretty funny...

Sara and Marshall...

Ian with Santa!!!
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Christmas in Texas

Ian, Sams nephew with all his presents!!!

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From left to right: Sam, Callan, Davy, David, Marshall and Pip, with Ian in front!!! All the boys got Football jerseys for their NFL favorite players... Sam got Peyton Manning (Colts) and there are four cowboys, a 49er and a saint!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Celebrating Christmas a Day Early!!!

Sam and I had to head back to Texas the day before christmas and so when we got home from celebrating my dads birthday we celebrated more of his life and then also had a little christmas celebration too... It was fun to talk about what we liked about Dad and just have a good time... It was hard to say goodbye especially after going to bed at 2 and waking up at 5, but it has been nice to get to be here with Sam and his family. His parents and all five of his brothers are here!!!
Christmas eve Sam and I got to open our jammies and that was fun, we also had a little family time where they talked about their favorite memories of christmas's past and there was alot of laughter and memories, we played a fun game where we had to look at a paper that had the first letters of the first phrase of a christmas song and name the song. Sam and I got 23 out of 34 and his sister in law got 22... It was fun to think about all the songs that we have been singing this season, and some that I had no idea about...
We went to bed pretty early, well earlier then I have in the past 2 weeks and this was the first time in a long time that I actually got to sleep in. This morning was opening all the presents and it was different then the structure of the Clarks, we all just got to dig in here... FUN FUN FUN... I got some earings, lotion and this real cool stainless steel fondue cooker... Overall it has been great, I miss home but I am now realizing that my life is split and it will be FOREVER... yeah!!!

Tanner and I gave the same gift this year, well sorta, we each got new sweatshirts... Tanner gave me a GAP sweatshirt and I gave him an Aeropostal sweatshirt... It was perfect, thank Ner, I love it...

Same Color!!! For Christmas Sam and I got my mom new sunglasses, or a certificate for a new pair...Since we did not know what she wanted we put her old sunglasses in the present with a printed out things taped on...

Polynesian Luau: with Tanner on Stage!!!

Polynesian Luau

We were invited to a luau at Universal so we went on my dads birthday...It was so fun... The foot was different but very good and the show was great. The MC is a member of the church, actually he is the high counselor for our ward and that is how we got the hook up... Dad, Christina and Tanner were called up on stage and got to dance... Tanner was the last one up there and he really suprised me by dancing and shaking and just being outgoing... It was a fun way to end our time in Florida...
Tanner on stage!!! He put on a great show!!!
Christina can really shake it too!!!
A great birthday picture!!! Now he only wished that Sheri could be up there too!!!

Dad's Birthday Lunch at Abuelos!!!

For my Dad's birthday lunch we tried a new resturant that people have been telling us about...You know our family and mexican food get along real well...The whole meal we were comparing and contrasting this new place to Cancun and there were pro's and con's to both... Over all we still love Cancun, but I would come back to this place too.. AND I ALSO ABSOLUTLY LOVED THE FLAN HERE, so fluffy and just great.

The whole crew!!
Mom and Dad!!! Happy Birthday

Ash and Tan!!

The Human Swing: AKA: Sky Coaster

This was a Saturday night and Sam and I got to ride the 300 foot sky coaster, it was a blast!!! I had gone in Februrary with some of my friends from Florida and we had kept the ticket stubb and got to ride for twenty bucks cheaper, this was my 6th time going on the human swing and I could do it everyday all day. Now that I have done it so many times and the gentleman there said that it was suppose to be 500 feet instead of 300, NOW THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO AWESOME... So afterwards we went to Cancun for dinner... It was so so fun!!! I have posted a video after these pictures!!!

All of Us!!!

Getting ready to Go!!!

Look at that View!!!

300 Foot Human Swing!!!

Samuel and I rode the human swing while we were visiting Florida... It was so fun!!! My mom got this footage on her camera, she had some technical difficulties and was going to get the whole flight but just got us coming down and the swing part... Come and you could go on it with me!!!

Celebrating Dad's Birthday and Fun with Friends!!!

The Browns and the Jobs over for dinner and FHE!!!

The Jacobsens over for Dinner to celebrate Dads birthday!!!

Jacobsens and Munns over to sing and have a grand time!!!

Caroling at the Nursing Home!!!

The Whole Group!!!

Tanner and I had to pick up the slack because we were missing Blake on the guitar...I have to say that he would have done a better job!!!

Can you spot the missionaires!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm a Esme! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!

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I love "Texas" and I love "Sam"

I decided to tweek!!! YEAH

I did this in my last area on my mission...We found a little beach on the bank of a river and I thought it would be fun!!! I remember my sister doing the same thing!!!

Eternity with Sam!!!

Well Sam invited me to come down to Utah on the weekend of the 25th of October and it proved to be the best weekend ever and I was suffering from a cold and it was still awesome... We ended up going to the BYU football game and they won, it was way to close for me, but a V is a V... So after the game we headed up the canyon and went to a park...Sam had wanted to go on a hike and in my mind I was not feeling all that up to walking up a mountain, but I was like, "lets go"... We made it a little ways and then stopped at the river bank and just started talking... The trees were so beautiful, there were so many different colors and it was just so relaxing... We listened to the water run and surrounding things too... I then looked at him and could just tell that he was up to something he had that look in his eye... He told me that I was his best friend and then went on to stand and pull something out of his pocket!!! A RING!!! He simply asked me to marry him and I gave him a hug and said YES!!! So thats the story and i'm sticking to it!!!

Well WOW, lookie here!!! I am engaged and just so so happy... We went to my aunt and uncles house afterwards and they took this picture and now that I look back on that day, I forgot that I did not even wear make up... Thanks hon!!! I dont think I will forget again!!! Well probably sometime but hey, its all good...